The Power Game

Chapter 1-The Power Game begins


Thomas slept snugly on his bed. It was his birthday tomorrow, but not just any birthday, it was his 18th one. Finally hell be able to do the ton of things on his bucket list. He already had it all planned out. Hell skip school , go out with his friends to a mall , go to a skating ring, party like an animal , and then sleep like one too. Hed made a new friend too today at his football game, so the day was even better.

”What was his name again? ” He thought. ”Alan? Alex? He was younger than me thats for sure. Whatever! Ill ask him to come anyway. The more the merrier. ”

Being an athletic kid, sleep came quickly to him – probably for the last time.


”Wh..where am I? ”

Thomas looked around confused, but all he saw was white. He had already figured out this was a dream – at least he thought it was.

”So you
e finally here! ”, a voice called out from behind.

Thomas turned around and saw an area , whiter than everything else, in the shape of a human.

”H-Hello? ” Thomas said nervously. All this was too weird. He had never had such a weird dream.

”Well kid, save the questions for later. Listen carefully now. This isn a dream. Every single asleep person is seeing this right now. ”

”What do you mean? Who are you anyway? ”

”Like I said , save the questions for later, I only have ten minutes. ”

”Okay. ”

”When you wake up, you are going to receive a power, with both merits and demerits, and so is everyone else on this planet, and tomorrow days a survival game is going to start worldwide. The one sole human with the most points is going to win , and three of his wishes will be granted , no matter how wild they are. You and everyone else on this planet is going to receive access to a terminal which will explain the point system and most of the rules. You get it? ”

”Well actually I don . What game? And what terminal? And who are you? And what power do I have? ”, inquired Thomas, not because he thought this was real , but because he wanted his dream to be as vivid as possible so he could write about it in his diary, because for him , dreams were a rare thing.

”You really did save the questions for later. Ill start answering. The game is a survival game designed by me. And by survival I mean people will have to fight to the death. But its not just that. Theres a lot of stuff the terminal will tell you. ”

To the death. ”As if ”, he thought. ” Its a goddamn dream anyway. ”

”And whats the erminal? ”, he inquired again.

”It is like a floating screen that you can call upon. ”

”Like in the sci-fi movies? ”

”Yes. ”

”And how can we call upon that? ”

”Youll figure it out, don worry. It is as natural as moving your arm or closing your eyes. ”

”Okay….so who are you anyway? ”

”Who am I? Thats a good question. Well I am what you humans call ”God ”-at least I think I am. I have existed for as long as the universe has and- ”

”13.8 billion years? ”

”Yeah, I get it kid, you
e smart, but don interrupt me again or Ill bash your head in. So, as I was saying, I got bored looking over this universe for such a long time so I came up with this game. I even came up with a name : Power Game ”

”Thats a lame name. And Im not a kid so stop calling me that. ”

”Yes you are, until you turn 18, and theres still two minutes till 12 o clock. ”

”Annoying bitch! ”, Thomas thought.

” So anyway whats my superpower? ”, asked Thomas , remembering that he only had 10 minutes , and they had already spent most of them.

”Well its—Oops! Times up! Anyway, look around in your terminal , youll find what your power is. ”

”Wai- ”. Before Thomas could finish the white entity was gone, and he had fallen back to sleep.


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