The street was empty.

The tall victorian houses looked weird and silent as if they might all be empty inside, like the houses on an abandoned movie set. They looked as if they were empty of people, but full of strange watching things.

The air was thick with the smell of dry leaves and dust. As Lili walked down the sidewalk, the wind blew through her hair and made her feel like she was walking in a dream. The harsh wind and white snowy weather made her feel like it was trying to tell her something, but she couldn quite hear its message over the sound of her shoes clicking on the sidewalk.

A light breeze picked up every now and then, making the leaves rustle and dance across the street like people dressed in black capes spinning around on invisible strings high above them.

But that wasn what caught her attention—it wasn even what caught her eye—it was a woman standing at one end of the sidewalk who had her back turned toward her as she gazed out into space with her arms crossed over her chest.

She stood there for a long time just staring ahead into nothingness before finally turning around slowly to look at her. She looked tired Lili felt sorry for whatever this lady had to go through. But, those eyes suddenly shimmered with the spite of a thousand years as she turned fully towards her and pinned Lili with her gaze.

She leaned her face towards her and Lili could smell the mildewy and sickly passage of her breath. ”Demons will be out ”, she whispered. The storm of snow came and then in the blink of an eye, she was out of her view, thumped like smoke.

Lili looked at the spot blindly and didn stay there. She started walking towards the bus station. Not minding and going curious about where the lady went and what she whispered to her.

Lili waited for the bus to arrive while standing there for a while like a snowman. She boarded the bus and it soon came to a stop. She was thinking about something else while seated in the middle of the bus.

She was considering how she would get along with her uncle and how her new life would go there. She was considering many scenarios for what might occur. Things had changed dramatically, and she was well aware of it.

Her train of thinking was interrupted when the bus arrived at the nearby station of her university. She stood up and began walking towards her destination, sighing.

MOU (Mountain Oak University) had a terrifying total of only twelve thousand and fifty-seven, now fifty-eight pupils; back home, her junior class alone had over seven thousand students. Mostly wealthy students come to study here, some for the grades, some for the money. Her uncle had brought her here.

”Hey! ”

A manly voice made her startled she hasn seen anyone there but suddenly someone come and shouted making her scared. She looked around no one was there but trees were facing both left and right. Moving her hand away from her chest, which was being seized by his abrupt outburst.

”Who are you? ” Asked Lili looking at him strangely he was looking up and down at her which make her scared who was he? Is he a kidnapper? Did her uncle send help to her if something happened to her? Many thoughts were interpreting her which she ignored and walked backwards.

”Don be scared kitten. I am here by the order of Mr Wyatt. ”

So uncle sent him, but why didn they inform me? Lili mumbled and looked around again because he was alone and there was no car. Was he about to accompany her to the university? She can also walk by herself. Lili rolled her eyes at her uncles assistance.

”Are you going to accompany me on my walk? ” Lili turned to face him when she noticed him staring at her with a strange smile. Why is he smiling right now? ”Can you tell me your name? ”

”Zaiden Martinez. Nice to meet you, Liliana. ”


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