Isabella was at her workplace when she received a call from the hospital saying her sister was admitted. She immediately finished her work stood up from her chair, she was about to leave the building when someone called her name and she turned and saw Adam running towards her

”Adam whats wrong? ”, Isabella asked hurriedly

” I just wanted to ask where you where going in a hurry ”, Adam replied trying to catch his breath

”My sister was admitted ”, Isabella cried

”its fine she will be alright let me drop you off ”, Adam suggested

”thanks you
e a life saver ”, lsabella said and walked to the car park with him.

The ride to the hospital was silent as the rain poured heavily Isabella kept checking the time and she sighed at every passing minutes finally they arrived the hospital Adam helped her out of the car as they entered the building, Adams phone rang so he had to leave. lsabella rushed to the reception where she was told the room her sister was. lsabella used her remaining energy to run to the room and stood in front praying for nothing bad to happen to her sister. she opened the door.

”Alice are u okay how did this happen? ”, Isabella asked as she sat down touching her sisters hand.

”I….. ”, Alice tried to speak

”Miss, the doctor wants to have a word with you ”, a nurse who peeped through the door spoke.

Isabella stood up and went out from the room heading to the doctors office where the biggest news was to be reviled

” Miss Isabella right? your sister has leukemia and it kind of rare but will try our best to cure her but she will have to undergo her first therapy between this week and next week ”, the doctor said waiting for her response

”Doctor where will I find such money from? ”, Isabella wailed. What she feared the most actually happened their father died of leukemia and she also feared her sister will also die and leave her. she was the only family she had left. she looked up to see the doctor as he handed her a paper which looked like a bill. Isabella took it and left the office walking back to her sisters room she opened the door and saw that she had already slept. she went closer to the bed and gave her sister a peek on the head. She went out of the room and closed the door walking towards the reception and out of the building, where she waited for a cab in the stormy weather. she held her bag tightly as she walked along the path she cane suddenly she heard noises from behind as five men in rags ran past her and three men in black chased them from afar suddenly she felt frightened and started to run but luck wasn on her side as one of the men caught her arm and dragged into the van. Isabella screamed but to no avail and suddenly something hit her head and she became silent.

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