”Why didn you wake me up?! ” I yelled at Anastasia as I jumped out of bed without stretching myself. ”I did! ” She simply yelled back. I had no glue as to in which room she was in. ”No you didn ! ” I argued. ”Yes I did,and you said you were awake so I left you. ” She defended,still yelling. ”I never said such a thing. You
e making it up. ” I felt a little guilty and sorry for her. We had been doing the same thing every morning for the past three days. Me oversleeping and her trying to wake me up to only fall back to sleep again. I sighed heavily. ”Try harder next time! ” I said before rushing to the bathroom.

Quickly striping off my clothes, which were an over sized grey shirt and a white thong,I stepped into the shower. The warm water was relaxing but unfortunately I did NOT have time to waste. I walked out after ten minutes of thoroughly scrubbing my body of sleep and laziness. I decided to go for a tight black pencil skirt,white blouse and black heels. I looked like a legit boss lady and it felt good.

Going through the small hallway,I saw Anastasia eating breakfast. French toast,bacon, blue berries, strawberries and a glass of orange juice. Two smoothies were on her right. She looked in my direction, a small apologetic smile on her face. I smiled back walking to her and kissed her on the cheek. I never liked to be the bearer of bad news but it was necessary. ”We have to go. ” I said and took the two bottled smoothies and placed then neatly in my bag. ”Now! ” I yelled at Ana,seeing she had not moved a muscle. She went to the kitchen cabinets and took out something to put her food in. She had a body different to mine. Way different. Tiny waist,curves, thick thighs, the perfect butt and the perfect boobs.

I always wondered how she kept that body so gorgeous and in shape because she ate like a guy and looked like a super model. But I would never tell her that,it would go straight to her head.

It was a Saturday and we were taking Anas black SUV to work and that meant she was the driver. The drive was short,roughly twenty minutes. We found a parking spot very easily maybe that was because the hospital bitch,Elizabeth, decided not to ruin our day. That was shortly after as she packed right next to us. I sighed,and frown made its way on my face. We got out of the car. ”Elizabeth! ” I greeted, with a small smile,surely forced and faked. I was never one to be rude and rude was never a word you would find in my vocabulary but this girl along with her two followers were pushing me.

I thought this kind of shit only happened in high schools. If I knew girls like her still existed in this kind profession, I never would have chosen it in the first place. I should have just opted for business management instead.

Someone talked from the back ground, cutting my chain of thoughts. ” Scarlett. Anastasia. ” She greeted back but with a toothy grin that showed her perfectly white teeth. I flinched back. Anastasia took a step forward, one that would result in a disoriented and unidentifiable face for Elizabeth. I grabbed her wrist before she could do much. She looked at me with begging eyes,ones that begged to beat the shit out of the girl that stood before us. I slowly shook my head no. I did not need to say a word she already knew what it meant,She is not worth it.

We made our way to the door,completely ignoring the women.

Being a surgeon was no walk in a park but somehow we made it work,with Anastasia being a pathologist made life a little interesting. Both our schedules were hectic but we managed to make every Saturday a movie night and today was a movie marathon. The day was a blur ,one that went on very slowly.

I was currently seated in my offi

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