Snow Queen

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In the North where darkness fell, a man wearing a black cloak stood in a deserted place.
A cold wind brushed his cheek, accompanied by a snowstorm.
The cloaked man took off his hood with an annoyed face.

Black hair in contrast with his fair skin.

Blood red eyes.

It was a man wearing a restraint; a collar around his neck.

He never thought he’d come to the North.

A sneer flowed through his twisted mouth.

Noelier was in a bad mood at the moment.

No, to be honest, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that he wants to destroy everything because of the unpleasantness.

The heat hovering around his body was running wild, asking for more cold air.

The heat in his body grew stronger with anger.


His headache came again.

It was because he hadn’t slept for a few days.

Life flashed in his red eyes.

“Sir.” A man in a black cloak approached him and greeted politely.

“Did you find it?”

“Well, not yet…”

“What on earth do you do?” The cold, low voice and cloak trembled.

“Ha, but I got a clue.”

“What is it?”

“There was a man who had something similar to the Miss’ ring.”

Noelier's eyes sank darkly at the words.

“Are you sure?”

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“Yes, I am.
I heard that they’re asking for 50 million gold for it.”

A brief laugh broke out.
Who do you dare to judge? As expected, it was a Northern man who lost his cowardice.

However, he could not just blame the Northern people.

Noelier let out a moan like a sigh and touched his forehead.

He recalled that day.

It was a day that was no different than usual.
It was always the same day, the same heat that tormented his body.

His only sister was suffering from a severe fever.
The scorching heat swept over her small body.
The heat was so great, even he could not touch it.

At the first cry of his sister, Noelier urgently called for a doctor.

But there was nothing he could do.

“Chief, prepare your heart…”

​It seemed hopeless enough for the doctor to recommend it.

Rachel’s condition was serious.
Noelier did everything he could, but there was no hope.
He was in despair, desperate not to lose his one and only sister.

“Older brother…”

Rachel awoke.
She, who had a hard time due to the fever, shed tears.

Noelier blamed himself for not being able to hold his sister to his heart's content.

Because he didn't want to lose Rachel like his parents because of his uncontrollable power.

When asked if she was hurting or if there were any other abnormalities, Rachel only shook her head.

“…I just had a nightmare.”

A terrible nightmare.
That's all Rachel said.

‘I should have noticed something strange then.'

Noelier bit his lips.

Rachel woke up due to her opposing feelings of joy and discomfort.

‘I didn't expect you to be aware of the legend.’

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He put his hand on his chest.
His heart was still hot and still.

The little miss secretly left the South to find a way to save her brother and did not return for days.

Noelier didn’t think she would have gone to the North, so he had been so late finding her.
He could not imagine what the wolf cubs of the wicked North would have done to her.

“Where is he now?”

“We've been tracking him, but…” The man muffled the end of his words.

At that hesitation, Noelier narrowed his forehead.

“Did you lose him?”

“……The ability of the wolf is excellent…We can't get close to him easily.”

“That's ridiculous.”

​Noelier quickly cut off his horse's waist.*

The man, who bowed endlessly in front of the head much younger than him, was biting his lips as if he had nothing to say.

“I'm sorry.
No matter what happens, we'll….”

“That's enough.”


“I'll go myself.”

At Noelier's words, everyone standing around bowed their heads.
Those in black cloaks retreated, as if guiding them.

The white cold breath that flowed out of his beautiful lips scattered through the air.

“You insolent wolf,” muttered Noelier softly.

The man who said that seemed to have no problem when he breathed out hot fire. A single heart. He lived so long without a companion.
It was a miracle just to maintain life for this long.
This miracle was proof of his power.

But what about now? The fire burning from his fingertips seemed to devour this Northern part at any time.

The Chief seemed intent to unleash his own fire to kill the insolent wolf.

Those watching swallowed their dry saliva.
One of the men in cloaks thought, Perhaps the precarious relationship between the South and the North will be completely cut off as of today, and this place may be ruined.

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“Hey! It’s about time you came out!”

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Eve breathed heavily and wiped away the sweat from her forehead.
She heard the sound of the apple hitting something, but no one could be seen.

‘Didn’t I clearly hear the stone breaking?’

How hard is his skull? Eve thought so, and counted the number of apples left in the basket.
There were only about three left.

“If you're not a strange person, why don't you come out?” Eve said politely, as if conciliating, but no one showed up.

The sound of the wind engulfed the silence of the forest.

‘I didn't want to use this power.'

Eve let out a small sigh and slowly stretched out her hand.
A blizzard swirled in her palm.
As the blizzard cleared, a sharp icicle formed on the palm of her hand.

Eve concentrated on searching for foreign sounds that did not usually exist in the winter forest.
In order to catch another sound in the silence of the forest she had lived in for a long time, she listened closely.

It was then.
A faint rumble was heard through the snowstorm.

‘There!’ Eve threw an icicle toward the place where the sound was heard.

​A shadow quickly disappeared over the tree.
It wasn’t a single movement.
It was quick and agile.
Eve didn’t lose and threw her ice at where she could feel the movement.

At that moment, she heard footsteps approaching her from behind.

“This bastard!”

Eve turned quickly and swung the stone, her frozen apple, hard.
She likes icicles, too, but she has better accuracy when attacking with apples.

‘I won’t apologize for breaking your head!’

It was the result of her body being accustomed to dealing with numerous intruders.

The thrown apple disappeared into the darkness.

​Eve smiled.
It was a triumphant smile that knew the result.


Soon after, she heard something breaking.
Heat accompanied by a groan.

‘I hit it right!’

Eve exclaimed inside.

‘Even if I look like this, I had the best record of shot put in school!’

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Of course, that’s in her past life!

Eve took out another apple to continue this momentum.

She saw a figure quickly hiding through the trees.
It was time to throw an apple at it.

Eve's movement suddenly stopped.


The blue flame* that she only read in the story began to fill the dark winter forest.

“What is this….?”

Rachel was the little sister of the Southern chief.
Of course, she thought there would be more than one or two people aiming for her, but this number was too much.
It’s like–

‘Like Rachel in the novel, when she annihilated the North.’

A huge blue flame.

Eve unknowingly faltered back.

Suddenly, she remembered the single line* in the novel that described her demise.
Eve had burned to death.

The blizzard-blown winter forest melted helplessly in the raging flames.
The fire was getting closer.

Then, when I gave strength to the hand holding the apple…

“It’s nothing but an apple.”

A cold voice rang behind her.

Eve turned around in surprise, but he was faster.

Two serpents larger than her, and a man in a black cloak were looking down at her.

He had bright red eyes.

As far as she knows, those eyes are probably…

“Where is she?” he asked in a low, subdued voice.

Eve wanted to answer, but she couldn't speak easily because of the heat radiating from his body.

soliven’s Notes:

I changed blue light into blue flames.
It seemed more fitting. Eve’s death was mentioned briskly.
In just one line.

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