Stupid Little Liar

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It’s impossible.

I must be dreaming.

I couldn’t have become a beast overnight.

That’s right.

This is all a dream.

It’s because I caught a very bad cold.

Right! Now, close your eyes again.

Let’s count to 10.

Then everything will be back to normal.

1, 2, 3······.

Kkang! It’s the same!

‘What the hell happened?’

I looked around quickly.

​It was difficult to adapt because I became a wolf and had a low vision.

An empty cup caught my eye.

I approached and smelled it.

A foul scent stung my nose.

It seemed that my sense of smell became more sensitive after I turned into a wolf.

‘Is it because of this? I think I told them to make herbs with what I had?’

I stomped my nose and searched for the herbs.

I saw a basket lying alone on one side.

At that moment, I suddenly remembered the herb that the merchant gave me a few days ago.

A rare plant that cannot easily be obtained because it cannot be found in the North.

‘Is that what I took?!’

​I rummaged through the basket with my paw.

There was only one herb left with a blue tip.

It was all messed up too.

I guess…It seemed that what I took was the herb.

‘Damn it!’

If you can’t obtain and find it easily, why would you give it to me?


The irritable thoughts spread like a wolf’s howl.

I quickly shut my mouth.

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It would be a big deal if anyone else heard it.

‘Come to think of it, where did everyone go?’

When I was asleep, I think I heard that they were going to get water.

It was great timing.

But what if they return before I go back to my original body?

I remembered the dragon siblings.

If you see me in this state right now, maybe…

I’ll burn it to death.’

I got goosebumps.

I shuddered like a shedding puppy.

I have to go back as soon as possible.

However, it was the first time I had turned into a complete wolf because when I was in my human form, I could only transform my ears and tails, so I didn’t know what to do.

If it’s really because of the herb, then I’ll have to wait until it loses its effect.

What if I meet Noelier before that?


Just imagining it, I felt like all of my fur was ripped out and stood on its own.

'Let's get out of here for now.
I’ll go out and come back when the herb’s effect runs out.'

I approached the door and stood on my feet.
I tried to grab the doorknob, but no matter how hard I tried, it wouldn’t open with my soft paw.

‘Please open a little….!’

As I whined as if begging, another reached my ear, which had become sensitive since I transformed into a wolf.

“Do you think she’s awake?”

“She’s probably sleeping.
They said it’s better to rest well when you’re sick.”

“I hope she gets well soon.”

It was the voice of the children.

It was even getting closer.

‘Damn it!’

I quickly fell out of the door.
And I went round and round, like a puppy who had just started potty training.

No matter how much I think about it, there was nowhere to hide in this narrow house.

Shall I take advantage of the door when it opens and run away?

No, they'll think it's a bigger deal since I'm gone.

This couldn’t have happened if there was a god.

What did I do wrong?!

Was it such a big sin to read such novels* in my previous life?

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(TL/N: Erotic, smutty, R-16 or R-19 novels)

While I couldn’t do this and that, the sound of snow-soaked footsteps stopped in front of the door.

The door opened without resistance.

​”······ “

I met Rachel's eyes.

“….What is this?” Rachel murmured in a cold voice, narrowing her eyebrows.

I jumped at the ferocious look in her eyes.

‘It's not the Rachel I knew!’

The heroine, Little Red Riding Hood, who was infinitely adorable and cute to me, was merciless to wolves.

I faltered and stepped back.

A frightened wolf was reflected in Rachel’s red eyes.

‘I don’t want to die like this…!’


A dog’s sobs leaked out of my throat.


Zion stuck out his head over Rachel.

Zion, who had blinked like Rachel, widened his eyes.

‘Zion, save me!’


I barked at my one and only blood kin.

However, Zion only looked puzzled as he shook his head.

For a moment, I forgot how ignorant Zion was.

‘Now that it has come to this, run away! Run away!’

I pounded hard with meaning.

Even if Rachel burned me down for being loud, I had to help Zion flee.

​“Ruby, what is this?”

At that time, Zion, who ignored my cry, asked in a voice full of curiosity.
Having lived only in this forest, he had never seen a real wolf.
The only appearance of the wolf that Zion was familiar with was the ears and the tail.

So the first ‘complete wolf’ he saw was fascinating.


Rachel did not answer Zion’s question and remained silent.

The bloodthirsty red eyes remained.

I was scared even more!

I trembled.

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“Let's show it to Sister!”

Wanting to show it to me, Zion shifted his gaze to the bed.


But, ‘Eve, who was suffering from a cold,’ was not there.
There was only ‘Eve who turned into a wolf because she took the wrong medicine.’

“Ruby, my sister’s gone!”


Zion pulled Rachel’s hem with a tearful face.

Rachel, who was staring at me, shifted her gaze and looked at the empty bed.

“She isn’t here, but instead…”

Rachel stretched her words slowly.

“There’s this.”

My body trembled at the frightening low voice.

“Did we come too late? Huh? Ruby?”

Zion drooped his eyes as if he was about to cry.

“Or my sister….!”

His small mouth stopped as he brushed away his worries.
At the same time, the finger pointing at me slowly fell down.

“Huh? Those ears…”


Startled, I jumped in place.
I shook my head hastily.

Don’t tell her.
Don’t say it!

Kung! Kung!

I looked up at Zion restlessly.

Zion looked at me with a face possessed by a famous eyeglass wearing detective.

“No way, my sister….”

​“Wolf….! Urk!”

“It’s a puppy.”

It was then.

Suddenly, Rachel opened her mouth and shut Zion up.


Zion, who had his mouth covered, rolled his eyes.
The widened eyes were filled with question marks.

Rachel, with a faint frown, glanced at me with a sour expression.

“I’ve seen it.”


“This is a puppy.”

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Rahel looked down at me, saying so.
As if she was asking back, ‘Right?’


'Come to think of it, wolves are canines, aren’t they?'

I looked down at my feet.

There were no sharp claws.

Even if I looked at it repeatedly, I didn’t look like a wolf.

‘Does Rachel think of me as a puppy?’

I cautiously lifted my head and looked up at Rachel.
She was still covering Zion’s mouth.

“Poo-ha! I thought I was going to die!”

Zion, who managed to escape Rachel’s hand, breathed heavily.
Then he pouted his lips and pointed at me.

“That’s a puppy? But the ears….”

I remember seeing it before.”

“Huh? Are your memories back?”


Rachel closed her mouth when Zion asked a sharp question.

No, this mouse drop!

Usually, you would go, ‘Oh, that's how it is!’ and move on.
Why are you so sharp today?

‘At this rate, Rachel will notice!'

I hurriedly stepped next to the mouse drops.
The children’s gazes were drawn to me because of the sudden movement.

…There was no other way.

With my eyes closed tightly, I lay flat on my back and showed my stomach.
Then I looked at the children and waved my paw as if seducing them.



“So cute!”

My innocent and tactless brother approached me with his eyes shining.
The little detective had long since disappeared.

As Zion bent down and sat, I quickly put my front paw on Zion's lap and wagged my tail wildly.

“Cute! Ruby, try touching it, too!”


Rachel came up to me with a slightly reluctant look.

There was still a subtle doubt on her face.

She said it, but she still seemed to be determining whether I was a dog or a wolf.

Damn it….!

With tears in my eyes, I rolled over to the floor again.

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