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Rachel held onto me.

Warm heat enveloped my body.

Rachel’s body was getting hotter day by day, as if she had been awakened since she came into contact with the fire from Noelier.

However, Rachel looked as if she was overwhelmed by the forgotten fire.

“It’s too hot.”


“Yes, I think fire’s going to come out at any minute.”


Warning! It’s the roasted ending!*

(TL/N: For context, this line was referring to how Eve died in the OGnovel.
She was burned to death.)

“Hey, come this way! Hug me!” I quickly opened my arms to Rachel.

Then Rachel clung to my arms as if waiting.
As the coldness of my body touched Rachel, she let out a sigh of relief and a blush appeared on her cheeks.

Because of this, Noelier and I were hugging each other’s respective siblings.

Zion was chasing the warmth he had never felt before.

“It’s warm…”

Seeing his pleasant limp face, I was restless with an anxious mind.

I didn’t know when his ears would stick out.

Our mouse drop was like a time bomb.

Our cutie…


“I wasn’t.”


Was the sibling relationship not good?

But in the original story, Rachel killed all the wolves to avenge her brother’s death…

It was around the time when I was looking back at the original work, feeling curious.

“I like this brother…”

Zion, intoxicated by the heat, murmured as if talking in his sleep.

“Besides, it’s Sister’s style…”

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…What are these mouse drops talking about now?

Why did you suddenly reveal my taste like this?

Noelier looked at Zion in his arms, puzzled by the sudden remark.
I opened my arms to Zion with a flustered expression.

“Zion, are you sleepy? Would you like to come to Sister?”

But my cute and sweet little brother did not stop talking.


“Zion talks a lot.
He isn’t usually like this.”

“My sister likes a man who cries prettily, but what about Brother…”


I screamed reflexively and jumped up, holding Rachel in my arms.
Rachel hurriedly grabbed my arms as her body suddenly moved.

Noelier looked at me with eyes wide open.

“Haha! Zion is talking nonsense today!”


“Zion, won’t you come over here? Let’s have a talk with Sister.”

I put Rachel down and pulled Zion away.
Zion shivered as warmth escaped his body.

“No, I want to stay with this older brother.”

Zion struggled and tried to get away from me.

You mouse drop.

Where are you going?

I hugged Zion tightly.


Zion made a small sound of pain, but I couldn’t let it go.

Who dared reveal my taste?


How can you say that crying guys are my taste?

It was a mistake of making fun of Zion whenever he cried, giggling and saying, ‘I like a man who cries~’

‘Well, of course, it was my taste.’

But why are you talking about that now?

It was also said in front of Noelier!

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I let out a silent scream and hugged Zion.
I had no face to show them, so I bowed my head.

“A man who cries prettily…”

I could hear the dragon siblings murmuring.

It was all the more shameful to hear the sentence in a serious voice.

I’d rather pretend that nothing has happened and say, ‘Let’s take a nap!’ If I had done that, I could have moved on, but since I screamed with numbness in my feet, I couldn’t.

As I was sobbing silently, Zion blinked and asked innocently.

“……Sister doesn’t like that?”

Somebody please look for my brother’s wit…!

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“Well, I'll be on my way.”

​Noelier, who stood at the door, looked at me and said.

I saw him off in a wrecked state.

Please go quickly…

Because I want to die…

The children, who didn’t know my heart, looked at him and held onto my legs.

He smiled softly and waved to the children.

“See you next time.”



The children kept their mouths shut and buried their faces in my skirt.
They said they didn’t like it, but they seemed okay with it.
Zion, in particular, seemed to like him quite a bit.

Pretending to be stubborn, his mouth, which had been tightly closed, was moving up and down.
This naughty mouse drop.

You’ve made your sister in this shape*, but if you like it, then it’s all right…?

(TL/N: Her wrecked state)

I looked at Zion with an empty expression.

Yes, all of this is my karma.

It was my fault for having a man who cries prettily as my ideal type.

I saw Noelier off with a half-face look.


“…See you again soon,” Noelier said politely.

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I waved my hand weakly.

But he seemed to have something to say.

As if hesitating a little, he shook his head.

“Do you have anything to say?”


Noelier only repeatedly clenched and unclenched his fist, not answering easily.

Are you trying to say that you can’t leave the children with someone with such taste?

No, a taste is just a taste!

I waited in a state of great nervousness for what he had to say.


Noelier blurred out the end of his speech.
His red eyes fell down.
I followed him and drew my eyes.



Zion and Rachel were looking up at us with their eyes shining.

This is too much pressure.

Noelier seemed to be thinking the same thing as me.

Our eyes met.

He shook his head and said, “I’ll talk to you later.”


A faint tongue clicking was heard.

Thinking that it was Zion, I pressed the child’s head down but not to hurt him.

“It wasn’t me!”

I heard a small grumbling voice, but I ignored it lightly.

See you again.

After bidding farewell to the children, he turned around and left the forest.

'What was he going to talk about?'

I nodded and brought the children into the house.

Read only at Scaredy Bunny Translations please.


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The cold Northern wind brushed his cheek.
Noelier looked up and looked around the snow-covered forest.

The snow kept pouring down so that no footprints could be found.

Noelier, who was left alone, looked down at his palm.

Because of his single heart, he had never held hands properly with others.
Born without another heart to control.
For him, contact meant death.
He unintentionally killed a lot of people.
Among them were his own parents.

Noelier was also afraid of his own power.

When his power goes erratic, he didn’t know where he would carry himself.
He couldn’t do it to Eve.

No, rather, she calmed down his raging heat.

Even right after Eve’s hand touched his, there was nothing wrong with making contact with others.

Was it because of the ice magic she has?

That said, there were plenty of people with ice magic.

Even the king of the human world, who was said to have many abilities, could use ice magic, and among the wolves, there were those who had ice magic.

But even a brilliant wizard couldn’t control Noelier’s fire.

She had told him that her ice magic disappears before she even touched him.


Noelier thought of Eve.

Her silver hair, which was warm in color, was like snow in the forest.
It was transparent and shiny, so much that he wanted to touch it without thinking and smell its scent.

“Eve,” he murmured a familiar yet unfamiliar name.

His heart was burning as if on fire.

The throbbing seemed to be painful.

Noelier recalled Rachel who had clung to Eve’s side until the end.

He promised to bring her no matter what.

Now, he was so happy that she* was able to meet Eve.

(TL/N: Rachel)

A small smile appeared on Noelier’s lips.

When the dragons see it, they would think, ‘The Chief is angry!’

His smile was uncommon.


Then his smiling ceased.

It was because he himself recognized his own smile.

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