I was blinded by money and suddenly said yes, but I had to ask for the children's opinions.
Once I sent Noelier out, I sat down in front of the children.
Looking at Zion who had a wrinkled face and Rachel who seemed a little confused, I slowly opened my mouth.

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“What would you like to do?”



When the children asked at the same time, I glanced at the door and said, “About that man.”

“…I don’t know.”

“I don't know either.”

The children pouted their lips and shook their heads.
If I just said no, I would have refused and sent Rachel back.

The vague answer made me even more frustrated.*

(TL/N: Her response, not the children’s.)

I let out a weak sigh.

Perhaps apprehensive about my appearance, Rachel looked at me with an anxious face and cried, “…Sister, do I have to go?”


“Do I have to go with my brother, or that man?”

“That, that’s…”

Her eyes drooped as if she was about to cry.
The corners of her mouth sunk down and her eyes flushed red.

I shook my head in a hurry.

“Oh, no.
Well, it’s not like that…”



When I didn’t answer, Rachel pouted her lips as if she was about to cry.

Whoever sees this will think I’m abandoning her… Even so, I couldn’t keep Rachel with me.
One way or another, Rachel was Noelier’s little sister.

There was only one answer.

I looked at Rachel and said, “Let's do this.
Why don't you spend time with him just once a week?”


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“No matter how much you dislike him, he's your brother.”

“How are you sure?”


“It seems like you know everything.”

I was startled by the sharp question.
I smiled and shrugged my shoulders.

“That, That's because he looks like you.”

​“If we look alike, are we family?”

“Well, that fire…”


Oops! Another forbidden word! I slapped my lips and approached Rachel.

She clung to my side as if she had been waiting.
She rubbed her cheeks against me as if she didn’t want to fall off.

“Me, too!”

Then even Zion, who was on the other side, clung to the empty side.

Why are you sticking to me, Zion?

I looked at my brother, who was nothing but innocent and pure, with empty eyes.


At that moment, I heard Rachel’s voice.

I looked down at her.
Rachel, who had been biting her lips, reluctantly nodded and said, “Okay.
Brother…No, that person, I think we should meet about three times a week.”

“Three times…?”

Obviously, my proposal was once a week, but Rachel extended the date by two more days.

Rachel said, looking at me mazed, “And please stay by my side, too.”

“Me, too?”

“I'm scared of being alone,” Rachel said, lowering the corners of her eyes.

When I saw that face, my heart began to ache.
I understood what Rachel was doing.
Who wouldn’t be afraid of a man who arrived so suddenly, spewing out fire and claiming that he’s the older brother?

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I also nodded with a tearful look.

​”Of course, I'll stay with you.”



“You're the only one I have.”

This kid likes me so much.

Rachel smiled brightly and hung beside me.

Read only at Scaredy Bunny Translations please.


I barely managed to pull out of the clinging children and leave the house.

When I opened the door, I saw Noelier staring at the snow-covered forest.
The cold wind ruffled his black hair.
The contrasting colors made his beauty shine even more.

‘It is a magnificent view.’

As I was admiring him, Noelier looked back at me as if he felt my gaze.
I organized my composure quickly and approached him.

“The children said it's all right.
Of course, it’s hard to meet each other, but I think three times a week would be fine.”

“…That’s good.”

His face was stained with relief.

Every time he smiled like that, I felt like the sun was shining down on me.

‘But how would he dwell here? In this small place?’

I said to him with a worried face, “By the way, I don’t have a good place to sleep… As you can see, our house is very small.
We wouldn’t be able to sleep comfortably without hugging.”

“…I wasn’t planning on sleeping here.”

“……I see.
I asked just in case.”

I pretended that nothing happened, and added it hastily, but I was the only one who was frustrated.

Damn wolf instinct!

All the books I have read were in that shape*, so I can only imagine that.

(T/N: Mature-themed/erotic novels)

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For the first time, I longed for an uncensored ending.

‘This is why background knowledge is important.’

When I realized another truth, I wrapped my cheek and let the cold air cool off the heat of my face.
When my head went to the ground, I felt like I was coming to my senses.

Noelier, who had been staring at me, spoke carefully.

“…..It's too late, but I apologize again.
What I have done to you is entirely my fault.”

Noelier bowed politely and apologized.

How many times has he bowed his head?

I looked at him with a slightly bemused eyes and shook my head.

“It’s fine.
I think I would have done the same.”

And I have some lies to tell you.

Now, as I was slowly about to lay the groundwork for my existence, Noelier spoke.

“…Excuse me, can I hold your hand for a moment?”


I looked up at him, slightly startled.

Noelier nodded with a serious look.

Why all of a sudden? More than that, I've never met such a handsome person before, so I'm a little nervous.
I put my hand on his large ones.

A scorching heat touched my palm.
But it was only for a short time.
Soon after, his hands were filled with lukewarm heat.
It seemed to be because of the coldness of my body.

He, who fell pensieve for a while, spoke long afterwards.

“…I have a question.
May I ask you a question?” Noelier's voice sank low.

His red eyes flashed like that of a wild beast.

Have you noticed already?

Death flag!

In a hurry, I shouted in a loud voice, forgetting the lies I practiced countless times.

“I, I’m human!”

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Noelier blinked a couple of times as if surprised by my sudden shouting.

“Why, all of a sudden….” He asked with a puzzled face.

“…Why are humans in such a rough place?”

“Well, it's a long story.
I was born here.”

I couldn't help but be nervous about telling lies that could change my life.
I tried hard to pretend to be okay and waited for his questioning to continue.

His face darkened.
Did I get caught?

My heart began to beat like crazy.
I closed my eyes tightly, imagining the fire that would pour down.

“I see.”


But what came back to me was a sweet and soft voice.

I slowly opened my eyes.

Noelier was looking at me with a gentle smile.

“You must have had a hard time surviving among the ferocious wolves.”

“A hard time…”


“…Yes! I did! Ugh, don’t even say it.
How hard it was.” I trembled mildly and smiled.

He smiled after me.
As if he understood everything.

Seeing that smile convinced me.

Even if the lie I came up with was a bit too much, it worked.

‘You’re still a chief, aren’t you too naive?’

It was to the point that it was disrespectful to write a plausible scenario.

We were smiling facing each other like that, and suddenly, I felt a warm heat.
Only then did I realize that we were still holding hands.
If I had held on to this much, I would have confirmed it.
It was when I was trying to sneak my hand out.


Rachel poked her head out of the door and called me with her big eyes wide open.

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