“…Is there something on my face?” he asked cautiously, touching his cheek.

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“Oh, no, I'm sorry.
First of all, come in.”

He bowed his head to greet me politely, then he came into the house.
With his large stature, the man occupied much of the space and there was no more room to move in.
So, I faced the man with the children on both my sides.
With his strange red eyes, Zion looked at him with vigilance.


Feeling the children's stinging gaze, he opened his mouth after a while.

“…My name is Noelier Ramiere.
I have so many questions for you, but before that, I would like to apologize first for what happened in the forest.”

It was a more polite greeting than I thought.

….It’s surprising? Don't you know that I'm a wolf?

I waved my hand carefully, indicating that it was okay.

Actually, it wasn't that I didn't understand.
It was natural to think that the situation was kidnapping because he found a stranger with his little sister in the North, which is the enemy of the South.

Of course, that didn’t mean I wasn’t angry.
I almost died.
I mean, I almost left the world, leaving the children behind.

When I thought of that, I became angry and the cold air lingering around my body disappeared in an instant.
So I thought I should get a little more compensation for this work, but it would be okay to get a little less than I expected.
And that’s because of his face.

‘A handsome face and so-so attitude…’

My nostrils fluttered arbitrarily.
It was only half-hearted, but my wolf instincts were running wild.

Then, with an anxious face, the man asked again.

“…Is there something wrong? The expression on your face doesn’t look too good.”

I quickly came into my senses.

“I'm all right.
In the end, I survived.
If I were in your position, I would have done the same thing.
Well, but….” I slowly blurted out the end of my speech with the nuance of ‘You, don’t you have something to say to me?’

Noelier, who understood the meaning, spoke quickly.

“Ah, again, I’ve committed another rude act of not explaining.
I’m sorry.
I’m Rachel’s older brother.
Rachel left the house and disappeared, so I came here to look for her.”

“If it’s Rachel…?”

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I frowned with a brazen face, pretending not to know.

“The child in your arms is my sister, Rachel,” said Noelier, glancing at Rachel in my arms.

“Who are you?”


​He didn’t seem to know yet the condition Rachel was in.

Noelier groaned and touched his forehead.

“Why are you pretending not to know…” he murmured in a worn out voice, but Rachel only shook her head as if she knew nothing.

​ “Sister, this brother is strange.
He's been calling me his younger sister since earlier.”

Rachel sobbed and dug into my arms.


Noelier seemed quite shocked by Rachel's behavior.
Otherwise, that handsome face wouldn't look so daunted.
I pretended not to know, and pulled Rachel into my arms with a serious face.
As if I was really the guardian of the child.

“…Really? But she’s so scared, how can I believe it?”

I'm scared.” With a tearful face, Rachel dug more into my arms.

He hastily added words to my wary eyes.

“I'm not lying.”

Noelier reached for Rachel as if to prove that he was her brother.
His white, smooth finger touched Rachel's fingertips.

“It is proof that we are brothers and sisters.”

A small spark broke out of Noelier's fingertips.
Then, as if in response, a flame broke out in Rachel's hands.

It was then.


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Rachel, who uttered a short scream, wept and dug into my arms.

“Hands, my hands are on fire! Sister, I'm scared.

I hurriedly grabbed Rachel and hugged her.
Rachel lost her memory and seemed to not know whether the fire was her power.

“Oh, my God!” I cried with a startled look.
Actually, I wasn't that surprised because I expected it, but it's weird to pretend that it was nothing.

“Are you surprised? It’s okay, it’s okay.
Come on, hold my hand.” I patted Rachel's back as if to calm her down and held her hand as usual.
The cold air from my body cooled Rachel's heat.


“Ah, Zion.”

At that time, Zion called Rachel with a confused face.
I turned to where Zion was.

‘Wouldn’t this be scary for you?’

Zion was purity itself.* It was not unreasonable to be surprised to see fire, something he had only seen from the furnace, spewing out of a hand.
It was when I was about to add an explanation to help Zion understand.

(T/N: Zion is very innocent.)

“Zion…” Rachel stretched out her hand toward Zion.
“Hold my hand, I’m so scared.”

Rachel spoke with a frightened look on her face and drooping eyes.
Her face also showed a hint of little desperation.
It seemed that she was relying on us that much.

​ Zion pointed at himself with his hand and asked like a fool.
“Me, me, too?” Rachel furrowed her eyebrows.
Then, Zion trembled.

‘Is it because you're afraid of fire?’

I said soothingly.
“It's all right.
Everything's going to be fine.
Hurry up and hold her, Zion.
Ruby's scared.”

“Sister, I'm scared…”

It's okay.”

“Why am I….”

At my urging, Zion held Rachel's other hand with a puzzled face.
Rachel held our hands tightly as if she was handling an attachment doll.

In this ridiculous situation, Noelier could not easily continue his words.

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“What the…”

In an instant, he, who had only come to look for his sister, became a fire-breathing monster who came to destroy the peace of the three.

Read only at Scaredy Bunny Translations please.


Noelier was looking at us with a bewildered face.

‘Somehow, I’m feeling sorry.’

In the end, I explained what had happened.
I was around the time when I found Rachel lying alone in the woods, not being able to remember anything, and I had finished telling that I had no choice but to take her with me.

“What the hell happened….”

Noelier’s red eyes made it difficult to live for a moment.* At first glance, it seemed like I heard the words ‘Damn wolf cubs,’ but I tried to pass it off as an auditory hallucination.

(T/N: I’m guessing he had a look that made it difficult for her to be in the same space.
If looks could kill, something like that.)

I couldn't make it obvious that I was flustered.
I'm “a human being who happened to live here,” not a wolf.

Well, then.

​ While I was hypnotizing myself, Noelier spoke carefully with a fierce look on his face.

“…Are you okay?”


Shaking his head, Noelier closed his mouth.

I noticed the meaning of his silence.

He mistook me for a kidnapper and tried to kill me.
I was able to read in his red eyes the determination to burn me until death.
But Noelier couldn't kill me.
The flames that surrounded me subsided as soon as I caught him.
As if nothing had happened.

‘How the hell?’

​I remembered Noelier in the original.
His life, which was a little longer than my one-line death.
As the chief of the South, Noelier was described as a person with a power no one can match.
Born with a single heart, he used his natural magic to control his heat.
This was the reason why he, who has one heart, could live without a companion up to this point.*

(T/N: Just in case y’all forgot, the dragon clan has two hearts in this story.
One, for companionship.
Two, for something I forgot.
For stabilizing the power, I think..? Sorry.)

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In other words, however, it also meant that control was impossible after the emotion collapsed.

‘I put out the fire that even he, the master, is struggling to control.’

No matter how much I thought about it, it was obvious that it was a strange thing.

‘If I had to think about the possibility, was it because of my ice magic?’

But all I did through ice magic was to bloom ice flowers and make icicles.
That's why I attacked people with frozen apples.
With the magic I have, it was even difficult to protect even one body.

‘Besides, there would have been more talented ice wizards.’

What's the reason? I was lost in thought.

​Noelier seemed to feel the same way as I did, narrowing his forehead and thinking deeply about something.
While fiddling his wrist, confused emotions blossomed on his face.

I slowly parted my lips.

“Maybe it's because of my ice magic.
As you know, there are many wolves with ice abilities in the North.”

“Then, you……” His eyes sank darkly in an instant.

I organized my expression pretending that nothing happened.
If I panic, it would be like saying, “I'm a wolf.”

“I know what you're thinking.
But I'm not a wolf…” I slowly blurted out my words.

When you deceive your opponent with lies, you have to be careful and maintain a confident attitude for it to work well.
I remembered the line I had practiced countless times.

‘I'm not a wolf, I'm a human.
Both my mother and father were human, and I was born here.
Because of the wolves, my hands are tied and I can’t get out of this forest easily.’

Just a white lie.

Even if he thought that something is strange, he couldn’t point out the problem easily because I had been taking care of Rachel.
This is the savior buff!

When I was about to lick my lips and reveal my false existence.

“Oh, Sister……!”

Rachel pulled the hem of my clothes in a hurry.
Thanks to this, the lies that had been circulating in my mouth were suddenly cut off.

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