The Herectics (Gamer X DxD)

Chapter 7: Completing the Quest

Why is my body so heavy? ”

I said before completely opening my eyes as was greeted by the warm heat coming from the sun. As my body laid down on the soft bed.

I tried to get up, but couldn when felt something heavy was resting on my

chest. I looked down at the source and saw a giant bump on the blanket

”What the hell is this? ”

I pulled the blanket off of my body, and froze when saw a cat girl with long

”…kuroka ”

black hair pressing her body against mine.

I called out to the girl that was sleeping on top me causing her to wake up from her deep sleep before she slowly sat up while rubbing her eyes.

”Good morning nya~ ”

”What are you doing in my bed? ”

”I wanted to sleep with you last night nya, but when came here last night you were already sleeping soundly so invited myself in your bed nya

”… ”

”By the way, who is she nya? ”

She asked while pointing at my right followed her finger and saw a black haired loli laying down beside me wearing a gothic lolita staring at us with her expressionless face ”Who are you? ”

”Ophis. ”

”Um… Ophis-chan, what are doing in my bed, wait, how did you even find

this place? ”

”I followed, you back, last night ”

”Why did you follow me? Don you know its dangerous to follow strangers ”

”Your sudden, continuous increase, in strength and power, has pique my

interest, so followed, you back, here to watch you ”

”So shes your stalker nya ”

”Kuroka please get off me before the others come in

”Boo… You
e no fun nya ” She pouted and complained before standing up on the bed and sitting down beside me as we both looked at Ophis, staring at us with her expressionless face.

”Ophis… Why me? There are many like me who are rapidly growing in strength, some are even faster than me, so why follow me?

”Your aura and power is, strange, can tell what it, is but, it feels like, your aura is connected to, everything, its strange, but powerful ”

”It must be related to your ability nya ” Kurska whispered into my ear

”I know, but its strange how she is able to find out about it

”What are you, two whispering, about??

”On nothing important, Ophis-chan, its really dangerous for you to follow us,

tell me where your home is and Ill return you back ” ”My home, is occupied by, baka-red, he is very noisy, and annoying so can stay stand, staying there

”Then lets go back to your home, Ill help you try and convince him to tone himself down a bit for you ”

”You can , youll instantly, die ”What? ”

I asked with a confused expression while looking at her expressionless face i couldn sense anything from her so assumed that she was just a normal child but remembered that she was able to infiltrate this place without any of us noticing, So cast appraisal on her which made her twitch a little bit while looking at me with her empty eyes


Race: Ouroboros Dragon

Sacred Gear: None

Title: Infinity Dragon God

Level: 777

Hp: Cannot be determined Mp: Cannot be determined

Strength: 7??

intelligence 777

Endurance: 777

Agility: 777

Luck: 777

Charm: 777

What the **?

I stared at her status bound with wide eyes as was shocked by her status. Almost everything is unknown but based on her title. She can kill us all easily

like ants.

”… ”

”… ”

”Why are you staring at her nya? Did you fall in love with her? ” She teased with a large grin on her face while she poked my left sh It shoulder with her finger

”Of course not, be careful and try not to offend her. She can instantly kill both of us with a flick of a finger ”

I warned her causing her to look at me with a serious expression on her face.

”Lucias, you are no good with both women and jokes, do you want me to teach you nya? ”

”Im serious? ”

”Really nya? can feel anything from her

”Shes hiding it all like how we hid ours when we roam the streets ”

We whispered at each other while occasionally glancing at Ophis who was tilting her head while staring at us with her empty eyes.

”You are, interesting so, Ill stay here, with you ”

”Its not like we can stop her from staying here anyway, so just let her stay here nya ”

e right, she looks stubborn and wouldn take no for an answer ”

I then turned towards Ophis who was looking around the room

”Okay, you can stay here, but please get along with the others ”

”No problem, the girl with, blond hair, like her, she gives off, a warm feeling ”

”You mean Asia? ”

”Asia? ”

The girl with blond hair and green eyes ”

Ophis nodded her head from my description of her, Maybe its because of her Dragon Tamer skill? Ophis, even though she is ridiculously powerful she is still a dragon. Thank goodness we have a way to keep her at bay, well probably

”Then let me introduce you to the others ”

I said before leaving the room with Ophis in hand as we made our way towards the dining room where we met the other a sitting down on the dining table with pancakes in front of them.

e awake ” (Asia)

”Good morning everyone

”Morning ” (Yami)

”Good morning master ” (Lily)

”Good morning as well. Lucias ” (Asia)

”Who is the child beside you, master? ” Lily asked while looking at Ophis who was observing them while holding my hand tightly

”Her names Ophis, she will be staying with us for a while due to her


”Won this make her parents angry? We should have called her parents first for their permission ” (Asia)

”That is

”I have, no parents, was created, from nothingness

She causally answered cutting me off my sentence but her sentence caused Asia and Lily to go near her and hug her while comforting her with tears in their eyes:

”You can stay here with us as long as you want (Asia)

”We have plenty of rooms here so you can stay here with us if you want ” (Lily)

Ophis who received their warm hugs, was confused about their actions but didn push them back, she just looked at their eyes while tilting her head from confusion

”You must be starving, just sit down on one of the seats, i ”II come back with your share Asia said to Ophis before going to the kitchen

”Strange ” (Ophis)

”Whats strange? ”

”I feel, calm and at, ease, when Im, with her

Ophis answered while looking at the kitchen where Asia was in

”Do you want to stay in her room? ”

”No, I want to, stay in, yours

”I don think

”I will, stay in, yours ”

”…Fine ”

”I also want to stay in your bedroom nya ”

”Kuroka, don suddenly crawl in my bed again ”

Then you don mind me staying with you nya? ”

”…Sure, just don cross the line ”

”Really?! will nya ”

”I also want to stay with you master ”

”…why? ”

”To protect your chastity from her She said while pointing at Kuroka, who for some reason had a guilty look on her face.

”Kuroka… ”

”I won , I won do it again nya. I promise nya ”

”…Lily you can stay as well in my room. My bed is pretty big and spacious to

support us ”

”Not fair I also want to stay with you! ”

Asia shouted as she came back with a plate of pancakes and a glass of milk on her hands with a slight frown on her face.

”…There are too many people in my room ”

”Please? ”

”… ”

”Please ” the pleaded with a slight tear at the comer of her eyes as she looked at me with her green eyes that has a I won back down look in them. I

”Fine ” I accepted helplessly causing Asia to smile brightly as she placed the dishes in front of Ophis

Ophis who smelled the fragrance of the dish drooled from her mouth as she eagerly took her fork and placing a small piece of pancake in her mouth

”Delicious ” (Ophis)

”Thank you ” (Asia) Ophis just nodded in reply while she munched down the pancake on her plate. The others also started eating their own portion of food while looking

at Ophis expecting at least a smile on her, but unfortunately for them, Ophis

didn show any reaction and just kept eating with an expressionless face. ”Asia, where did you learn to use puppy eyes? ”

”Kuroka taught me


”Im sorry nya ”


[New Quest!]

[Quest: Save the Dhampir Valerie Tepes from the Tepes Faction, a descendant of King Tepes and a human female, holder of the unawakened Longinus Sephiroth Graal

Difficulty: S

Rewards: ???s Affection, Job section, Assassination skill

Limit: 10 days.

Failure: Death)

[Quest: Capture or Kill the being entitied Nightmare that roamed around Europe for the past months, and stop her massacre

Difficulty: SS

Reward: 5,000 Shop points

Limit: 1 month

Fallure: Death)

[Quest: Ally with the 3 factions against the terrorists faction, Khaos Brigade.

Difficulty: Ex

Reward: 100% increase in all status, (The Bible sacred gear.

Limit: 15 years

Failure:Worlds Destruction]

[Quest: Annihilate the terrorist faction Khaos Brigade

Difficulty: Unknown

Rewards: 7??

Limit: 15 Years


”What? ”

I muttered in surprise for the sudden quests given to me by my ability. Several days have already passed since received a quest, but to my

misfortune, all of them were ridiculously difficult to accomplish. ”Lucias, be carefull ”

I heard Asias scream waking me up from my daze as the giant horned beetle tand a clean hit on my chest.

”Master! ” (Lily!)

”Lucias! ” (Asia and Kuroka)

”Lucias Frey ” [Yami)

”… ”(Ophis)

I was thrown across the flower field crashing against the giant pillar on the

entrance of the dungeon [You have taken 1276 damage]

”Fuck me, let my guard down

I cursed before standing up and dashing towards the beetle with my full speed as black flames covered my katana

The beetle who saw this, used his skill Swarm causing hundreds of different species of beetles charged against me.

”[Incinerate] ”

I shouted as black flames came out of my open palm burning the incoming beetles to ashes. increased my speed while brandishing my flame covered sword as charged at the giant beetle.

The beetle aimed his hom at me while both of us were charging towards each other but before made contact with its hom. used blink and appeared at below him, striking its body with my sword causing the black flames to spread below it.

I quickly used blink away from his to not get trampled by the rampaging

beetle as it tried to turn of the flames on its body

”it weren for the shell, this battle wouldve been much more easier ”

Without waiting for the beetle to regain its composture, placed my hand in the ground, injecting most of my remaining fire attribute mana on the

ground casting one of my most strongest spells.

”Crimson Flame Purgatory ”

A large magic circle appeared below the giant beetle as blood crimson flames swallowed the beetle as it shot towards the sky, burning a large section of the flower field beside it.

[You have leveled up]

As I heard the notification immediately relaxed as look at the situation of the other girls. Kuroka and Asia were fighting a giant venus flytrap monster

that was thrice their size while Lity and Yami were fighting high leveled giant centipede

”Should, help? ” Ophis asked while sitting down on the giant rock, watching them fight their respective opponents ”Don , we can handle this

I assured her while continue watching their fight.

”The battle is almost over anyway ”

I muttered while using appraisal on the monsters and found that they are both at the critical health.

”Yami, destroy the broken armor on its head! ” (Lily)

”Understood ” (Yami)

Lily who was holding its giant pincers with her bare hands shouted at Yami who created giant maces from her hair, pummeling the broken armor from

its head as Lily held it in place Finally the armor complete broke creating a giant hole above its head. Lity who saw this jumped around it while holding its giant pincers before

releasing it and landing on its head.

She then brandished her claws injecting large amount of mana into it before piercing the head of the giant centipede, ending its life as it fell down on the ground.

[You have leveled up]

[You have leveled up]

”Good job you two ” I praised both of the heavily injured girls as they walked towards the rock me and Ophis were sitting at

”That gave us a lot of exp ” (Lily)

”But it almost killed us ” (Yami)

”That was, an interesting, fight ” (Ophis)

”How are Asia and Kuroka? ” (Lily)

”They are still fighting but its almost over ”

I said before continued watching Asia and Kurokas fight.

”Asia nya, buff me one last time, Ill end it with this attack

”Haii ”

Asia responded as she started casting (Augment Spell] and [Boost Damage] multiple times on Kurokas wheels of black flames, increasing its damage by 500% beform Kuroka launched at the head of the venus flytrap causing it to be bisected in half before pulling the wheel back to her slicing the stalk just below its head.

”We did it nya! ”

She happily shouted as she pounced on me, pressing her large breasts on to my chest.


”Great job, Kuroka ”

I said while patting her head as she snuggled in my hug comfortably. ”I want a hug too, Lucias ”

”Come here ”

I reached out my hand towards her, signalling for her to come closer to me as Kuroka moved and hugged me from behind as embraced Asia into at a tight

hug while smiling sweetly as she buned her head in my chest

”Lets go back, its already late ”

”mn ”

Fraised my hand breaking the instant dungeon around us as we returned to the floating mansion.

”Master, why were distracted during the fight? That is so unlike you ”

”Oh its because received a quest

”A quest? ”

”Yeah, you know those task that NPCs give out to the players ”

”Master, what kind of quest did you get! ”

”Uh… All of them are ridiculously dangerous and are of high difficulty, but if i

don complete it, Ill get the penalty ”

”Whats the penalty? ”

”die ”

”Eh? ”

I unconsciously answered her causing the girls around me to look at me with

shock and fear from hearing tll die from the quest.

Asia started crying while hugging me tightly, while Kuroka cried loudly while cling on my feet. Ophis and Yami had a frown on their faces from hearing my words. Lily on the other hand had a determined looked on her face while facing Lucias with a serious expression.

”Master, please tell us the quest, we will do everything we can to complete it ”

”-t do everything can to help you ” (Asia)

”Me too nya ” (Kuroka)

”Ill do my best ” (Yami)

”I want, to help ” (Ophis)

”Thanks girls, don worry I won die, trust me

assured them before we sat down across each other on the living room as they waited for me to explain the quest.

”Okay, the first quest is saving a girl called Valerie Tepes, that is caged inside the Tepes Faction since she is a dhampir from an unnamed human mother

I started to tell them every information that the system has given me about the quest in full detail. ”Yami, Lily, you two are two of the most adept in terms of infiltration and stealth so both of you will take on this quest, the limit is 10 days

”Understood ” [Yami

”Lets do our best, Yami-san ” (Lily)

”The second quest is a kill or capture mission. We have to capture or kill a spirit named Kurumi Tokisaki also known as nightmare. Her abilities revolve around her ”angel Zafkiel that grants her the ability to clone herself and manipulate time in the form of bullets but withe cost of her own life force. She has other abilities such as shadow manipulation, one of its function is that it acts like a pocket dimension like my inventory, she uses that to store her clones inside so she can summon them anytime during battle. Its other function is a stomach that devours living beings, once the being is inside the takes their life force and use it to fuel its ability ”

”Can we just kill her, why do we need to, capture her? ”

”Killing her is almost impossible since she can summon her past self to fight for her and take her place, giving her the ability to cheat death itself. Also

have an item that can turn her loyalty to us, she will be a great ally to have for

the next 2 quests ”

”What are the other 21 ” (Lily

”Before we can complete the other 2, we need to clean Kurokas and Yamis name first ”

”Why? ” (Yami)

”Because it involves us creating an alliance with the 3 main factions ”

”Oh! Then can finally meet Shirone nya ” (Kuroka) ”I don mind as long as they don get in our way ” (Yami)

”Well, we need to form an alliance with them to accomplish the last one ”

The last one is us destroying the terrorist group Khaos Brigade ”

”Oh you, mean those, idiots who tried to pull me, in to their side ” (Ophis)

”Yes, them, they are a bunch of battle junky and psychotic idiots that aims to potentially destroy the world/ prove themselves to the other factions ”

”Whats the plan nya? ”

”You, me and Ophis will go and capture Kurumi Tokisaki, she is in Italy right now hunting devils, humans or fallen angels alike ”

”How can we find her nya? ”

”Well, the system gives me a kind of tracking ability that tells me where she is hidden, well move tomorrow. Ill trap her inside a time distribution instant dungeon so we can fight her at ease without attracting to much attention ”

”How about me Lucias? ”

”Asia, youll guard this place and wait until we come back to heal us. Since ! know most of us will be heavily injured after this ” ”-t understand ”

”Good, then Ill order take out for dinner, after that we rest to preserve our energy for tomorrow ”

”I want, donut and, cookies ” (Ophis

”Alright, everyone can go and watch TV in the bedroom while you wait, Ill go

down to take our orders

”Come back safely ”

Asia said as she hugged me tight, giving me a kiss on the cheek, while Kuroka

and Lily copied her and kissed me on the cheek.

Yami seems to be hesitating for something while Ophis was looking at the

dishes on the flyer that we took back yesterday

”Then Im off ”

I waved my hand before disappearing at the entrance of the mansion.

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