The Herectics (Gamer X DxD)

chapter 6: New Quests

e here, so both of you can let go or me now ”

I said to the two clinging girls as we arrived at the entrance of the mansion.

Kuroka was shocked by how large my house is as she excitedly pulled myhand towards the door while Yami just followed us from behind.

”Wow, Its so big nya! ”

”. ”(Yami)

”Ill go call the other girls, so you girls stay here for the moment ”

I placed a cookie jar in front of them that I took out from my inventory beforeleaving the living room and walking towards the kitchen.

”Lucias, you
e back ”

Asia greeted me as I went inside the kitchen, handing the grocery bags to herwhile I looked around to find Lily.

”Wheres Lily? ”

”She in her room playing her console ”

”Hmm…Can you please call her for me Asia? Tell her to meet me at the livingroom ”

”Of course ”

She smiled sweetly before taking off her apron and leaving the kitchen.Iwent back at the living where both Kuroka and Yami were staying at.

e back nya ”

Kuroka waved her hand at me while eating a cookie that she took from thecookie jar while Yami nodded her head as she saw me while munching on thecookie in her hands.

”Yeah, the others will come here to meet you girls, don worry both of themare kind so l can assure you that they will accept you girls ”

I assured them as I sat down on the sofa across both of them.

After a few minutes Asia and Lily came inside the living room but stopped intheir tracks when they saw two unknown girls sitting on the sofa.

”Lily,Asia come here and sit down Ill introduce you to them ”

Both of them sat down beside me facing Kuroka and Yami who became tenseas they saw both Lily and Asia.

”Okay,Let start with the introductions ”

I said before motioning for both Lily and Asia to introduce themselves.

”Im Asia Argento, pleasure to meet you ” Asia politely introducing herself toboth of them.

”Lily Frey,you can both call me Lily ” Lily said energetically.

”K-Kuroka Toujo nya,nice to meet you ”

”Konjiki no Yami, nice to meet you as well ” ”Master,why did you bring them here? ”

”They will live in here from now on, I know its a bit sudden but they have noplace to go like the 3 of us from before ”

”I don mind them staying here ” Asia said without hesitation with a kindsmile on their face.

Lily stared at the two like she was observing them before agreeing in lettingboth of them stay.

”Thank you ” Yami bowed her head while thanking them.

”Really?! Thank you nya! ” She energetically thanked both with a bright smileon her face.

”Then, Im going to send a party invitation to both of you ”

I said before opening my status board and giving them an invitation to joinmy party together with Asia and Lily.

”Party Invitation? ”(Both)

Both of the asked in confusion before a window suddenly popped up in frontof them, shocking them both as they read the words on the windows.

”What is this nya? ”

”A party invitation, basically this will allows us to monitor each other andknow when the other is in danger,and with this we can share the experiencewe get from killing monsters from my instant dungeon ”

”What? ”(Both)

They titled their head from confusion as they heard unfamiliar terms comingfrom me.

”Master, you should first explain to them your ability ”

”Oh you
e right, then first let me ask have you played an rpg game? ”

”Rpg? ”(Both)

”..This is going to take a long time to explain ”I sighed before explaining to them everything in detail like I did with Asia .

” Oh , so everything about is represented by numerical value is it ? ” ( Yami )

” Yeah ”

” Wow , thats a strong ability nya ”

” Then how strong are we compared to the 3 of you ? ”

” To put it in perspective , Lily here can both kill you with case while Ill have a hard time fighting both of you but I can defeat you . Asia is a support and her skill set isn based on combat so she can defeat any of you two ”

Both of them nodded from understanding while listening to Lucias explaining everything to them .

They then accepted the invitation without hesitation as their name appeared on the party section .

” Welcome , I look forward working with the two of you ”

” Me too nya ”

” Likewise ”

They both said as Asia started to heal their injuries with her scared gear , healing them back to their full health .

” You can both wait here for a moment . We
e going to cook our dinner for tonight ”

Asia said while pulling Lily into the kitchen to cook leaving the 3 of them alone in the living room .

” They
e so nice nya ”

” M ”

” Both of you Im going to give you something and I want you to accept it ”

I said before donating 1 million skill points to each of them .

” I want you two to max out all of your skills and designate your status points . Tomorrow , were going inside the instant dungeon to grind our levels . Since your battle experience is already enough for both of you to enter high leveled instant dungeons ”

Both of them nodded as they called out their status board and assigned all of their points like what Lucias said .

Yami placed most of her status points on agility and strength to balance out her status . Kuroka on the other hand placed most of hers in intelligence , dividing what was left to endurance and strength .

” Then you girls should rest after dinner , Im going to guide you to your respective rooms later after eating dinner ”

” Everyone time for dinner ! ”

Asia shouted at dining room as lily placed all dishes on the table. Seeing the food on table both kuroka and yami let out loud growl in their stomach which made Lily and Asia giggle while both Kuroka and Yami lowered their heads from embarrassment .

” No need to be shy , we
e now a family so go ahead and take a seat ”

Asia kindly said to them before sitting down on one of the chair beside the giant dining table .


” Your ability is really amazing nya ”

Kuroka praised while looking around our surroundings . We were walking through a flower field with giant insects and giant venus flytraps around the fields . They haven noticed us since we were all in stealth as we observed the terrain of the new dungeon .

” Um … Lucias , can we really beat that thing ?

Asia asked while pointing at the giant dragonfly on of the pillars present in the entrance . All of them looked at where Asia pointed before turning pale except for Yami and Lily from the powerful aura that the dragonfly emits .

I turned on my appraisal to check his stats and was surprised that it was a bit stronger than the earth golem we defeated in the past , but has less health and mana than the golem .

Monarch Dragonfly

Level 590

Hp : 60,000,000 / 60,000,000

Mp : 30,000,000 / 30,000,000

Bio : Prehistoric insect that lived along the dinosaurs .

” That is a normal enemy in this area ” ( Lucias )

” Then doesn that mean that there are a lot of them roaming here ? ” ( Yami )

” Yeah actually ”

” Don you think its a little bit overkill to bring us here nya ? This is our first time inside your dungeon nya ”

” This is a great source of experience , right now me and Lily are barely leveling up from normal monsters on the lower floors ”

” Also , a wise man once said , youll truly grow stranger in the face of death both mentally and physically ”

” Who said that ? ” ( Lily )

” Mc ”

I pointed at myself as they all looked towards me with a weird expression plastered on their faces .

” Ahem … Forget I said anything , even though its at least a strong as the golem from before it doesn have that nasty regeneration , but it does have acid spit and 360 Degree Eyes . So it is really difficult to land a hit at it , only me and Lily Asia, I want you to cast stun, paralyze and bind at it. After that inflict curse of

slowness, weakness, and blindness at it ”

”But itll only last for a few seconds ”

”I know, the plan is that I and Lily will attack it and break off its wings so it

would lose its ability to fly, if possible we can also cut off some of its feet to

completely immobilise it ”

”Asia, Lily, Kuroka, cast Silence at it so it wouldn go and call for backup. We

can kill them by batch so we only just have to isolate them one by one. Also

we are not going to risk fighting the boss now, since based on the normal

monsters of this dungeon. The boss can wipe the floor with us easily ”

”Then when are we going to start? ” (Yami)

”Wait for it to lower its guard, after that Asia everythings on you ”

”Hai! ” (Asia)

We sat there hiding behind a giant rock waiting untilit finally relaxed while

laying down on top of the pillar.

”Now, Asia! ”

shouted as Asia casted Paralyze and Stun towards it to make it easier to

target it with bind.

As soon as the dragon fly was immobilisedl injected my flame magic into

murasame while protecting it with a layer of mana to prevent destroying the

fragile sword with the fire while Lily brandished her claws, injecting her own

mana in them. Both of us rushed towards the creature brandishing our

weapons. I swung my sword down its wings, easily burning the thin wings to

ashes while, Lily cut the other into pieces.

Seeing that the dragonfly was still binded, we quickly aimed towards its

many legs, cutting some of it off before jumping away as the dragonfly was

able to break the bind off.

”[Haste), [Boost Strength], [Boost Magic] ”

Asia shouted covering us with light from her mana as we charged at the


Kuroka jumped out of the rock, using time manipulation to slow down the

time around her as she made several wheels of black flame and firing it at the

dragonfly before using senjutsu to control the plants around her and wrap

then around the Dragonfly.

Yami used her transformation magic to create a giant Wormhole below the

dragonfly causing to fall but quickly closed it, bisecting the dragon fly in half.

While her hair turned into blades and placed several cuts on the main half of

the Dragonflys body.

Seeing it immobilised from the barrage of attacks. I covered my sword with

black flames and blinked at the top of the insect. Piercing its hard body

before scattering the flames from inside it, burning it from the inside until it

burst apart, splattering its juices around the flower field.

You have leveled up]

”Oh! I leveled up nya!

”__ ” (Yami)

”Good teamwork guys ”

Ipraised them as we regrouped to find another monster.


”What? ”

You can create golems right? ”

”Yes, but I have to manually control it ”

”Can you create one?

She nodded before creating a mid-sized human like golem while we in


”Why does it look like me? ”

”I need a model to properly create a working golem ”

”Then can you just create a golem with one of the girls as your model ”

”No, your body is well-balanced and built, so your the ideal model for the

golem ”

”Is that so? ”

tis ”

She said with her deadpan expression, I just shrug it off as her telling the

truth while using appraisal on the stone golem.

Stone Golem

Level: 100


Mp: 100/100

Strength: 400

Intelligence: 10

Endurance: 980

Agility: 20

Luck: 0

Charm: 0

”Well its kind of decent actually ”

Imuttered while looking at the stats of the golem. The golem is a good wall

to use, but in terms of attack… not really. It has no skill except High Speed Hp

Regeneration. Its ridiculously slow, so it can be easily destroyed if the enemy

is along ranged monster.

”Yami, I want you to use this golem as bait ”

”No problem ”

She said before creating 2 more stone golems and positioning it close to the

rock they were hiding at.After a few more minutes a giant butterfly slowly descended on one of the golems

As soon as the butterfly landed, it launched razor wind blades from it wings firing it at the golem who stood still to take the attack. ”Now! ”

I shouted as Asia like before casted the 3 immobilising spells on the creature causing it to fall down on the ground as I charged towards it. Brandishing murasame as swung it across the butterflys wings, cutting it from its back before it burned into ashes.

Kuroka immediately reacted by launching concentrated demonic mana shaped like a cross at it while Lily cut her palm and let it bleed to create a giant scythe made from her own blood in her hand as she hooked the lower part of the butterfly with her scythe before swinging it across the butterflys body, Bisecting it from it body.

Yami used her hair and created two giant hands as she held the insects body in place while Kuroka strengthened her body with her X and sent a barrage of punches towards the butterflys body.

”This is funnya ”

She energetically said while sending her fist on the butterfly, creating multiple dents on its body.

”Hmm. This is insufficient ”

I said before piercing the butterflys head with murasame as the curse poison slowly killed the butterfly

”We are taking too much time just to kill a single normal monster in this

dungeon ” (Asia)

”Yeah, maybe your right, we should just go back the floor below us. With that

we can split up in small teams to increase the amount of monsters wekill

”Why didn you think of that before we entered here? ” (Lily)

was overconfident that we could easily take care of the monsters on this floor ”

helplessly replied before breaking the instant dungeon and creating

another one.

”Here we go, now lets split up ”

I said as our surroundings slowly changed as Cherry Blossom trees covered the entire place.

”Me, Yami, and Lily will go solo. Kuroka will go with Asia ”

”The monsters here are shadow ninjas. They are masters in using stealth and ambushing their target, they are immune to poison and curse, remember that, and finally their main method of attack is by the use of a small dagger and shadow walk, so be careful and be alert of your surroundings ”

”Hail/Understood/l understand nya ” (Everyone) ”Then lets split up ”

I said before disappearing from my spot by using blink and went towards the open field.

My power is disadvantageous towards closed space like forest because my spell are far too destructive. It can destroy or burn anything nearby and it is

dangerous to use when Im with the other. But now can use it without holding back since we all split up.

3rd POV

”Hmm? ”

Lucias stopped in his tracks as he felt several presence following him from behind. Without turning his head, he used detection to pinpoint their exact location and found that he was surrounded by 20 shadowy figures

e quite sharp to find me already

Lucias thought as he silently released his katana from its sheath before quickly disappearing from his spot

The shadow ninjas surrounding him was shocked by his speed as they couldn see him move with her own eyes. Lucias suddenly appeared behind one of the figures swinging his flame

covered katana across his neck, easily decapitating him and burning his body into ashes along with the nearby trees around him before disappearing once again,

The shadow ninjas became cautious of their surroundings as they tried to sense his presence but failed. Lucias appeared in front of the two shadow ninjas as he slashed his katana sideways, bisecting their body and the trees behind in half before burning into ashes.

He then charged at the nearby shadow ninja, jumping above its head as he swung his katana down, cutting him in half from his head down to his crotch

The others who finally sensed where he is quickly charged at him using shadow walk as they brandished their daggers oozing with a black aura as they attacked him in all sides.

Lucias increased the intensity of his flames before slashing it in a circular manner, launching scorching flames around him, burning everything in sight.

”6 to go ”

He said before rushing at the tree opposite him where 2 of the ninja shadows were hiding. The two figures who saw this wanted to jump away but Lucias was much faster than both of them as he reached their position before piercing his sword on the chest of one of the figures, slicing it out of his sides, decapitating the other shadow ninja beside him.

”4 to go

Lucias muttered as he opened his palm and aimed it at the tree where the other 4 was hiding.Black flames slowly condensed at his palm before launching it at full speed towards the 4 figured

The ball of fame hit one of the shadow ninjas instantly burning him to ashes as it explodes creating a giant dome of black flames, burning everything inside of it.

”Oh shit, forgot to tell them that Asia has already buffed their attacks with light-based mana, Well, theyll notice it eventually. If not for that killing the

shadows is almost impossible ”

[You have leveled up]

”I wonder how the others are doing ” he muttered while looking at the giant crater that the explosion left behind.

-With Yami

Yami was running in the woods while 7 figures are chasing her while they

jumped from branch to branch. The 4 shadow ninjas increased their speed by using shadow walk and

appeared at the trees beside her.

Yami who saw this created a blade from her hair, injecting it with her mana

before jumping towards the 2 shadow ninjas on her right.

She slashed her hair at the tendons of the two figures causing them to fall down to the ground before she released a giant mana blade, cutting them in half while creating a deep and large cut on the ground that the 2 fell on

Yami repositioned herself before performing a high back flip, appearing above the 3 shadow ninjas behind her as she quickly pierced their chest with her blades before moving the blades that was impaled in them upwards,

cutting their neck and head horizontally in half She let herself fall to the ground as she created a wormhole that teleports her beside the remaining two shadow figures

She used her hair to create two gigantic arms that held their head as she pierced her blades across their chest before turning them into vertical blades. Pulling them towards her at full force, bisecting the two shadow ninjas in half.

She threw the bodies on the floor while picking up the drops with her hair before leaving the area.

with Asia and Kuroka

”Get behind me nya ”

Kuroka said while pulling Asia behind her as she used her illusion magic to create a clone of her and letting it run behind them.

The shadow ninjas who saw her running in front of them with a slow speed. They immediately increased their speed catching up to Kurokas clone before piercing her back with their daggers, but they felt that they were stabbing air rather than flesh which confused them.

Kuroka then fired wheels of black flames towards the 2 shadow figures whostabbed her clone while Asia enhanced her attack multiple times. The two wheels hit their respective target before cutting deep into their chest as it

burst in black flames engulfing them while their felt their body burned to


Asia quickly cast mana heal on Kuroka to regained her lost mana from the

attack she has done. Kuroka then controlled the k of the trees around them as she wrapped them at the other shadow ninjas chasing after them,

Asia created dozens of mana arrows, enhancing their speed and damage multiple times before firing it at the immobilised shadow ninjas, while Kuroka followed her attack by launching black flames towards the shadow ninjas.

”We did it nya ”

Kuroka energetically shouted before taking Asia into a tight hug, burying her face into her large breasts.

”Kuroka-san, lets go before we get surrounded again

Kuroka reculantly let go of Asia from her embrace before they quickly buth

entered stealth disappearing in the forest.

With Lily

”They seem excited ”

Lily muttered while looking at the 5 Shadow ninjas behind her.

”Then lets get started ”

She said before her shadow suddenly stretched, as they reached towards the 5 Shadow ninjas, as it climbed up their leg, preventing them from moving

Lily then brandished her sharp claws out of her fingers as they glowed

brightly from the buff that Asia gave her before they separated.

She dashed towards the shadow figure at the front as she pierced his chest

with her claws, causing black blood to drip down on her arm

She pulled out her arm from his chest before she quickly pierced its head crushing his skull and brain, killing it in an instant

Lily threw its body away as she quickly made her way towards the 3 shadow ninjas in front of her.

She grabbed the head of one of the figures before crushing it with her bare hands as her claws were digging into its brain.

She reached her hand to the nearest shadow ninja before she pierced her sharp claws at its eyes, pushing it all the way through until her entire middle and index finger are deep inside its eye sockets before she forcefully moved her fingers horizontally, causing its skull to break as her finger cut through its face

”I wonder why master say that my fighting style is too brutal for my own good ”

She muttered before making her way at the last 2 shadow figures.She used blood manipulation using the shadow ninjas blood creating a giant scythe in her hand before placing the blade close to the shadow ninjas neck.

”Goodbye ”

She said with a smile on her face before decapitating both of them with the

giant scythe

”I wonder if master is back? ”

She asked herself before running at full speed back to the entrance of the dungeon to meet with the others.

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