The Herectics (Gamer X DxD)

Chapter 5: new party members

Timeskip (2 months later)

”Asia, go heal Lily now, 1ll distract the boss! ”

I shouted before charging at the earth golem that was walking towards us.

”Hai! ”

Asia answered as she made her way towards Lily who was heavily injured

from the earth spikes made by the earth golem.

I ran at him while dodging his giant fist as I slid below him while I slashed

murasame across his foot severing it. The injury quickly healed as the stones

around it started to gather at his missing limb attaching his severed foot back

to his body.

”His regeneration is more annoying than Dracula ”

I complained while firing spinning mana spears at his legs to keep him still

while Lily was recovering

”Lily?!I need some help here ”

e almost done just distract him for a few more seconds ”

”Hurry up! ”

I shouted at Lily who was being healed by Asia as the golem fell down on his

front. I instantly blinked on top of him, while I dodged the earth spikes that

he saw creating as he tried to stand up from the ground.

As I came on top of the golem, I charged my mana at the palm of my hands

creating a concentrated ball of mana, firing it at a form of a beam at the

golem who was struggling to stand up on its feet.

The beam penetrated the body of the golem creating a giant hole at its chest,

revealing a giant red crystal at the location of his heart. I started to bombard

the crystal with spinning mana spears before blinking away from him as his

body quickly regenerated.

Earth Golem

Level: 501

Hp: 2,311,200/100,000,000

Mp: 12,300,000/50,000,000

Bio: One of the 4 protector of the temple of Gaia, the Goddess of the Earth.

”Fuck me ”

I cursed while casting bind on the golem, as I saw Lily dash from its back

creating a giant axe of pure darkness and swinging it down the golem, slicing

it in half. While Asia came towards me casting High Heal to recover my lost

mana and health.

”Asia, I want you to use your balance breaker, we
e going to launch an all out

attack on him ”

”Hail [Twilight Saint Affection] ! ”

Asia activated her sacred gears balance breaker while Lily and I distracted the

golem with barrage of attacks.

Asia followed us in the front lines wearing a golden dragon armor decorated

with red jewels. The earth golem who sensed a sudden spike in magic on As

charged at her, raising its giant fist in the air and smashing it towards Asia,

but his fist was crushed to pieces as a protective barrier was around her.

[Healing zone has been activated]

Recovers 10% of total mana and health every second]

”Lily ”

”You didn have to tell me ”

She shouted as we both covered our weapons with our mana. I slashed the

golem in half while dozens of spinning mana arrows attacked its chest area.

While Lily bombarded it with powerful punches, crushing its upper body to


”Lucias, Lil, I can hold this form any longer! ”

She shouted while maintaining his balance breaker as occasionally fired

mana arrows at the heart of the golem.

mana arrows at the heart of the golem.

”How long can you hold it?! ”

”2 Minutes! ”

”That should be enough! ”

I said before distancing myself from the golem and aiming my palm towards


”Lily, Asia distract him as long as you can and keep him in one location! As

send my signal, both of you jump away from it! ”

”Hai! (Both)

I then started to gather all of my mana into my palm creating a small sphere

of concentrated mana as I slowly injected more and more of my mana into

the sphere causing it to enlarge.

After a few more seconds the sphere became 10 times my size and prepared

to fire it at the golem as I shouted at the two girls.


Both of them jumped back as they broke of its legs and bind it on the ground

with magic. I launched sphere on my hand towards the immobilised golem

causing a large explosion to occur after it hit.

You have leveled up] x10

Ifell down on my butt after I heard the notification, heavily panting in

exhaustion while Asia laid down on the ground exhausted from using her

balance breaker.

After a few minutes of resting, Me, Asia and Lily stood up from the ground

and went towards the corpse of the Golem to get the drops.

Like before, there is a stack of money which I placed inside the inventory.

534,000,000€ has been received)

And a bottle of Mana and Health potions on the ground.

There are 3 more drops on the ground so I used appraisal on each item, while

trying to decide how should they divide the rewards.

First is a necklace with a beautiful design of sea serpents on chains of the

necklace while a book is engraved on the blue jewel of the necklace.

[Athenas Necklace

Grade: Mythical

One of the many accessories worn by the goddess of wisdom herself that she

obtained from the God of the Sea, Poseidon.

Increase Mana regeneration by 100%

Passively Enhances all spells casted by 100%

Passively creates 3 layers adamantine barrier around the wearer.

Can be repaired by injecting mana into the necklace.

Grants the wearer Athenas Blessing

Athenas Blessing – Passively increases intelligence stat by 100%.

Increased Talent in all types of magic.

Durability: 100/100]

”Asia, come here ”

Imotioned my hand while asking her to come closer to me. As soon as she

stood close to me, I lift up the necklace and went closer to her, placing it on

her smooth milky neck causing her cheeks to blush red as she played with

her golden hair with her fingers.

”It looks great on you, Asia ”

praised before giving her a kiss in her forehead while Lily looked at us with

envious eyes

patted her head before appraising the last two items. Which is a golden

boots with wings and a short dagger with collar and chains engraved on its


[Hermes Boots

Grade: Mythical

Shoes worn personally by the herald of gods as he traveled from the mortal

and divine realms acting as a divine messenger for the olympic gods.

Increases Agility Stat by 1


Increases the effectiveness of ll agility related skill by 100%

Can be repaired by injecting mana into the shoes.

Grants the ability [Realm Travel]

Realm Travel- Grants the wearer the ability to travel to different realms that


Durability: 1000/1000]1

[Contract Dagger (one time use)

Grade: Chaos

Created by the primordial being of Order, to control a powerful being from

rampaging at the mortal and divine realm.

Any being that is stabbed by the dagger will receive:

Absolute Loyalty to the attacker.

Admiration and Love (female) towards the attacker.

Respect (male) towards the attacker.

The effects can never be removed no matter what means are used.

Durability: None]

”A one time use item? The effects are great but I have really have to think

wisely before I use it or it might go to waste ”

Imuttered while carefully placing the dagger in my inventory, while I helped

Lily wear the shoes on her feet.

We prepared to go back but we first assigned our status points that we had

before leaving.

Lily Frey

Race: Noble Vampire

Sacred Gear: None

Title: Baron


Hp: 1,756,000/1,756,000

Mp: 1,005,000/1,005,000

Strength: 1,670

Intelligence: 1,005

Endurance: 1,765

Agility: 1,783

Luck: 357

Charm: 1,640

Status Points: 0

Skill Points: 0

New skills:

Detection (lvl maxed)

Supreme Reflex (lvl maxed)

Supreme Senses (lvl maxed)

Cooking (vl maxed)

Asia Argento

Race: Human

Sacred Gear: Twilight Healing

Title: Loved by the Dragons

Level 282

Hp: 63,600/63,600

Mp: 100,000/100,000

Strength: 284

Intelligence: 1,000

Endurance: 636

Agility: 635

Luck: 310

Charm: 480

New skills

Support Magic (lvl maxed) – Grants the user the ability to cast various spells

of buffs and debufs towards his target, along with the mastery of different

types of barriers.

Unarmed Combat Mastery (lvl maxed)

Mana arrows (lvl maxed) – Creates an arrow made from concentrated mana

that deals 500(+100% per intelligence point) magic damage towards its

targets.(Consumption: 1 mp/arrow)

Ultraspeed Mana Regeneration (lvl maxed)- Recovers 10% of total mana per


Ultraspeed Health Regeneration (lvl maxed) – Recovers 10% of total mana per

minute and removes the ageing from the body as they reach their desired


Supreme Senses (lvl maxed)

Detection (lvl maxed)

Supreme Reflex (lvl maxed)

Poison Nullification (lvl maxed)

Curse Nullification (lvl maxed)

Lucias Frey

Race: Human

Sacred Gear: None

Title: Undead Hunter, Vampire Hunter

Level: 410

Hp: 100,000/100,000

Mp: 110,000/110,000

Strength: 685

Intelligence: 1,100

Endurance: 1,000


Luck: 420

Charm: 455

Currency: 25,550,370,300

New skills:

Primordial Flame Magic (lvl maxed) [evolved from Fire magic bought from

the store with 100 shop points- Grants the user the ability to rule and

control all fire that exist. Grants immunity to fire-related attacks.

No Attribute Magic (vl maxed) [acquired when the requirements of learning 3

no attribute spells]- Grants the user absolute control over pure mana that

can take any form that the user desires.

After we distributed our status points we went back to the floating mansion

that I bought for 800 shop points. It was a simple modern mansion complete

with furniture and electronics. It has another feature of auto-cleaning, that

cleans all corners of the mansion every week and a stealth option that hides

the mansion from plain sight.

As soon as we got inside Asia and Lily left to the respective rooms to get bath

while I did the same by going into the masters bedroom.

As I got inside my room | threw my clothes into the laundry and went inside

the bathroom the wash of the sweat and blood on my body from our

previous fight.

”Ahh that hits the spot ”

I muttered as my body relaxed as I sat down on the giant bathtub filled with

hot water after I washed my body.

In the past few days we did nothing but grind our levels for Asia to catch up

with both me and Lily.

The fallen angels from before stopped bothering us when Asia became more

powerful than them, it was quite annoying how those 5 followed us

everywhere we go, trying to ambush us and capture Asia, well.. because I

was in a good mood, I didn kill them and let them go 3 days ago… After that

they never came back here.

”I wonder how powerful we are compared to the strongest beings in this

world. From what the black haired fallen angel said, we are strong but not

strong enough to completely defeat a high-class fallen angels or devil alone.

According to them… we can handle a single high-class angel from heaven,

even if the three of us worked together ”

I muttered to myself before standing up and leaving the bathroom.

Iwent in my room and dried myself by increasing my body temperature as

took out a simple T-shirt and pants on my drawer and wore them before

going down stairs.

As I went downstairs I sensed them inside the kitchen wearing a pink apron

on their body, probably preparing our dinner.

”Ah! Lucias, can you buy some ingredients from the store please? ”

”No problem ”

I then left the mansion using blink in a secluded spot on the streets of Italy.


”Well, thats everything ”

I said while checking the grocery bag in my hand. Luckily I was able to make

it on time before the store closed.

I walked down the streets not bothering to use blink since l enjoyed the

quietness that the streets have during the night… It is relaxing for me andI

always go out at night to enjoy this moment of peacefulness that the dark

streets bring me.

I slowly walked down the road, but immediately stopped when I sensed

several presence fighting close to me.

Iquickly used blink to go to their location and found a stealth and sound

nullification barrier surrounding the area.

lused my no attribute magic to smoothly go inside the barrier without

breaking it and found 2 girls fighting off several men.

One of them is a 13 year old girl with black hair and hazel eyes wearing a

black kimono, a yellow obi, a set of golden beads, and an ornately detailed

headband. She was fighting 10 mid-class devils by herself as her body

The other girl is a child with a long golden hair and dark red eyes wearing a

gothic leather outfit with a star shaped hole on her chest. Like the girl before

she was fighting off the rest of the devils using her blade imbedded limbs,

while grabbing and punching them with her golden hair.

”Hmm.. Looks like they
e struggling ”

I noticed several burn marks and cuts on their body as they tried to fend of

the devils.

”I hope they won hate me for interfering ”

I muttered before blinking between the two parties causing them to both

became vigilant while looking towards my direction.

”Stay out of this human or youll regret it ” one of the devils warned me while

pointing his sword at my direction

”Stop trying to reason with him and just kill him, he already saw us ” one of

the devils suggested as he charged towards me raising his sword over his

head as he swung it down towards me.

”Slow ”

I turned my body dodging the sword slash as Igrabbed his arm, slowly

pulling him towards me before punching him at his chest and destroying his

heart causing him to puke out blood and drop on the floor.

3rd Person POV

The other devils were shocked by how easily the child in front of them

disposed their comrade. All the devils ignored the two woman as they all

charged towards his location.

The two girls who saw no hostility from the boy in front of them, decided to

assist him in dealing with the devils, but before they could move, the boy

raised his hand stopping them from their track as he flashed a confident

smile towards the two girls.

The boy took out a katana out of nowhere injecting his mana into the blade

causing it to burst into flames as he swung it towards the incoming devils.

”DIE! ”

One of the devils shouted as he came close to the boy swinging his sword at

him. The boy responded by ducking his head, dodging the slash before

Swinging his own blade in fast speed bisecting the devil into two as his body

burst into flames. The boy didn stop and charged towards the other devils.

He moved at high speed appearing behind two devils as he swung his sword

side ways decapitating both of the devils before disappearing again and

cutting a nearby devil into pieces.

The boy continued his massacre until none of them was left as he placed his

sword in his in empty air before looking at the two shocked girls with a smile

on his face.


”Why are you girls being chased by this guys? ”

I asked while kicking the ashes of the fallen devils on my feet.

The girl with cat ears first woke up from her daze and answered his question.

”W-we… we are chased by them since they wanted to capture us and bring us

back to the council nya ”

”Why? ”

”Because we have a bounty on our heads nya ”

”So you girls are criminals ”

”T-that is.. yes we are criminals, but their is a reason why we became one


She not lying based on her expression, more like… desperate, Iguess. And

the blond girl beside her is just staring at me with her deadpan expression.

”Im listening ”

”W-we killed our master nya, b-but we did it for a reason, he tried to hurt my

Shirone nya, like how he did with me, so I killed him while Yami destroyed the

cells and free the other experiment subjects from his laboratory ”

She tried explaining frantically while I observed her expression to find if she

is lying to me, but to my surprise, looks like she isn lying and telling the


”.Okay,I believe you ”

”Really nya?! ”

”Yeah, you don seem to be lying to me ”

”T-thank you nya! ”

”Yes, thank you mister ”

The girl called Yami finally spoke, thanking me like how Kuroka did.

”My names Lucias Frey, you can call me whatever you want ”

”Tm Kuroka Toujo Nya ” The cat girl introduced herself energetically.

”Konjiki no Yami ” The blond girl said with her usual deadpan expression.

”Then, you said you girls were criminals right? ”

”Thats right nya ”

”Then, what do you girls plan to do after this? 1 doubt that you have any

money in your pockets since you girls escaped ” ”

”T-that is.

”. So you don have any plan ”

”Hehehe- ” (Kuroka)


”Please take us in nya! ”

Kuroka pleaded as she charged towards my thigh, hugging it tightly and not

letting go.

”.I don think- ”

”Please nya, we have no place to go nya

She started to cry while hugging my thigh tightly as her tears started to wet

my pants.

”Please take us in, Lucias Frey ” (Yami)

Why is she calling me by my full name?

”Tll do anything you want nya, Ill even warm up your bed nya! ”

”Okay, Fine, just let go of me ”

l accepted while shaking Kuroka off my thigh. Kuroka who heard that

accepted them showed a bright smile as she cling tightly on my waist.

”I said Ill take you in, but be mindful, there are others with us in the house,

understand? ”

”I understand nya ”

”Understood ”

”Then Yami, hold on to me ”

”Why? ”

”Well, we can travel to my house by normal means ”

She looked at me suspiciously for a moment but decided to cling on my back

while Kuroka is hugging me tightly at my front.

”Kuroka your suffocating me ”

I patted her back while Kuroka was burying my head on her developing

breast causing me to suffocate on her tight hug, motioning for her to let go of


”Oh,I thought boys like this nya ”

”Personally I like it ”

”Pervert ”

”But it depends on the occasion, unlike now ”

”Then tell me when you want it nya, Ill even do it for you nya ”

”Ahem… We just met you know, I don think that its okay to just offer

yourself to somebody you just met ”

”Don worry nya, I know we
e going to be together for a long time because |

am not planning on leaving you nya ”

”How about you Yami? ”

”I don care, but lll be with you as long as you don reach my bottom line ”

”Don worry about that, I have little interest in you ”

As I said that Yami suddenly formed a giant fist with her hair and punched me

in the sides.. Even though I don feel any pain, I pretended that I was hurt

from my punch to not make things awkward.

”Ouch why did you hit me Yami? ”

”Nothing, Ijust felt like it ”

Isighed before using blink while carrying the two girls on my back towards

the floating mansion where Asia and Lily were waiting for me while I was

appraising their status.

Kuroka Toujo

Race: Nekoshou

Sacred Gear: None

Title: Stray Devil

Level 102


Mp: 19,000/612,000

Strength: 306

Intelligence: 612

Endurance: 452


Luck: 102

Charm: 300


Devils Physique (lvl maxed) – Increases the ratio sp point to mp/hp points

into 1000:1.

Nekoshous Physique (lvl maxed) – Increase all status points gained for

leveling up by 2. Increased talent in Youjutsu and Senjutsu.

Bioengineered Physique (lvl maxed) – Increases intelligence by 100% and

experience gained by 2x.

Youjutsu (lvl 67/100) – Magic Unique only to the Youkais. Grants the user

mastery over lusions and Poisons.

Senjutsu (lvl 55/100) – Grants the the power to control the flow of life energy

or ki in living beings.

Demonic Magic (lIvl 34/100) – Grants the user the ability to use or inject

demonic attribute into their mana. Grants the ability to use demonic

attribute spells.

Teleportation (lvl 12/100) – Allows the user to use teleport to herself or others

to any location that user has seen or been. (Cost 1000 Mp/teleport)

Space and Time Manipulation (lvl 10/100) – Allows the user the ability to

manually control both space and time.

Unarmed Combat Mastery (lvl 61/100)

Enhanced Senses (Ivl 70/100)

Pain Nulification (lvl 95/100)

Enhanced Reflex (lvl 43/100)

Detection (lvl 20/100)

Flight (vl 45/100)

High Speed Mp Regeneration (lvl 11/10o)

High Speed Hp Regeneration (lvl 34/100)

Konjiki no Yami (Eve)

Race: Unknown

Sacred Gear: None

Title: Protessional Assasin

Level 220


Mp: 40,000/1,340,000

Strength: 890

Intelligence: 1,340

Endurance: 850

Agility: 910

Luck: 440

Charm: 500

Status Points: 1,100

Skill Points:0


Genetically Engineered (lvl maxed) – Increase all status by 100% and

increased talent in all types of combat skills. Increases the ratio of Sp to

Mp/Hp into 1000:1

Transformation (lvl 40/100) – Grants the user the ability to transform any part

of her body or anything that she touches into anything that she desires.

Hair Manipulation (lvl maxed) – Grants the user the ability to control her own

hair like controlling her limbs.

Assassination (vl 70/100)-Grants mastery of efficient and silent killing

methods. Grants increased insights in vital spot detection. Grants increased

stealth ability. When in stealth, the first attack of the user will increase by

100% in damage, accuracy, and speed.

Mana manipulation (lvl maxed)

No attribute Magic (lvl maxed)

Bioengineered Physique (lvl maxed)

Unarmed Combat Mastery (lvl maxed)

Enhanced Senses (lvl 89/100)

Enhanced Reflex (lvl 91/100)

Stealth (lIvl 90/100)

High Speed Mp Regeneration (lvl 25/10o)

High Speed Hp Regeneration (vl 64/100)

Detection (vl 70/100)

Flight (lvl 75/100)

(NoteI changed her ability to create energy based weapons like her

planet slicer to Mana Manipulation since with that she can inject her own

mana into the weapons she creates to turn it into energy/mana based

weapons like how Lucias had done it with his flame magic, and I also

removed her darkness transformation. Now she can use the ability of

darkness even she is not in that form)

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