The Herectics (Gamer X DxD)

chapter 4: grinding and encounter

”Nee, master, why are they looking at us with hostility? Can I kill them? ”

Lily asked while we were making our way towards my house at the church.

”Don worry about it, it was always like this. Im already used to it ”

”Master, why are they so weak? ”

”They are normal kids, unlike us ”


”Here we are

I said while arriving at the entrance of a small secluded house.

”Strange…Its far too quite. I didn sense Asias presence while we were

passing the church, I can sense her presence inside ”

Imuttered while opening the door.

”Huh? Wheres all our stuff

asked myself while walking inside the empty house, everything was gone,

be it our furniture or even our clothes.

”What the hell happened? ”

Istarted to worry and panic, something mustve happened that caused both

Asia and our stuff to disappear from the house.

”So youve come back, you damn heretic ”

A voice behind us called, as I turned around I saw a middle-aged man

wearing a priest robe.

e searching for the witch? Weve already kicked her out of the church,

and so will you. Now that your guardian is gone, you have no right or

purpose to stay here. Now leave heretic, or else well force you to leave ”


I whispered with worry, I felt furious from this ungrateful bastards, but my

worry for Asia overcame the anger that I felt. I have to find her.

”Master, can I kill him? ”

Lily asked as her killing intent started leak from her while staring furiously at

the head priest for mocking her master

”No, leave him be, lets go find Asia ”

”But master he- ”

”I said leave him Lily, its a waste of time to deal with this ungrateful bastard ”


The priest shouted in anger as he walked towards me furiously, raising his

hand and slapped me across the face, is what he expected as I caught his

hand, slowly applying pressure on my grip as I broke every bone in his hand

causing him to cry and kneel in pain while screaming in anger.


”Be grateful that I didn kill you ”

I said with a ominous tone in my voice as I let go of his broken hand.

”Lily lets go

We walked out of the house and leaving the priest wailing in pain on the floor

while holding his broken hand.

”Mn ”

Lily followed me out of the house as we both ran out of the church while

having Detect on fully activated as I tried to find her presence.

”Master, I don know what her presence feel like ”

”Just follow me ”

Isaid in a cold voice while desperately searching the town in stealth. We went

to every corner of the town searching for her, but was unable to find


”Master.. ”

Lily said worriedly while looking at my exhausted expression from running

around the town without rest.

”Where are you, Asia?

continued my search for her but still was unable to find anything, extreme

worry and anxiety ran down my body while desperately searching for her. I

was covered in sweat as my body started to give up from exhaustion. Lily

looked at me worriedly as I pushed myself to my limit searching for Asia.

”There is still one place that I haven checked ”

Wiping the sweat off my face as I hurriedly ran towards the playground that

we used to play at when we were just a child.

As we got there I saw a familiar silhouette of a nun with long blond hair and

green eyes, sitting on the swing, crying her heart out as she desperately

wiped her tears away with her hands.


I muttered as I felt relieved but pained from seeing her cry. I felt a sharp

piercing pain in my heart when I saw her red and puffy eyes

Ihurriedly ran towards her wanting to hug and comfort her but stopped

when a man wearing a cleric clothing with a maniacal smile on his face walk

towards her.

you must be Asia-chan

He playfully said while reaching our towards her. I used detection and found

4 more presence hiding in the trees as I ran towards him.

”Lily, take care of the idiots hiding in the forest ”

”Of course, master ”

Disappearing from my back as I charged towards the priest.

”OH?! Who the ** are you?! ”

pushed him back while l held Asia in my embrace.

”Thats my line, who are you? ”

Oh! Thats none of business, you shitty heretic ”

He said while pulling out a gun and firing it at me at close range. I easily

dodged his gun while I let go of Asia and grabbed his leg.

”What the?! Let go of me! ”

The man shouted while struggling to get out of my grip, I lifted him up and

slammed him on the ground as I cast bind on him.

”What the shit is this?! ”

He struggled to free himself from the mana rope, rolling around the ground

while moving his body recklessly trying to get free.

”Master, I have taken care of them ”

Lily came back carrying four fallen angels with a dark rope around their body

immobilising their movement.

”Who are you?! ”

The woman with long black hair wearing a black strap outfit that barely hid

anything on her body.

”Lily, lets go ”

lordered her as I walked away with the crying Asia in my embrace. Lily who

felt conflicted from his master not killing them, decided to just follow his

commands and left the 5 screaming figures behind.

”L-Lucias, -I thought you left me, Lucias, p-please don leave me

”Asia, don worry, I won leave you behind, sorry for disappearing

suddenly ”

caressed her head as she buried her face on my chest and cried loudly while

she hugged me tightly like I would disappear as soon as she let go of me

”im sorry, Asia, Im sorry left you behind, I won leave your side ever again ”

She continued to cry on my chest, while mumbling how her friends and

priest turned their back on her without hesitation when they found out that

she could heal other beings other than humans.

”T-they, the- ”

”Asia, just let it all out ”

”P-P-please don ”sniff Leave me ”snif Like they did, please, please,

please ”

”Tll never leave you behind anymore Asia, Ill always be byyour side ”

”R-really?sniff* ”

”I promise, so don cry anymore ”

She raised her head to look at me while wiping the tears off of her eyes as she

smiled brightly from relief before falling asleep.

”She exhausted herself from crying ”

”Master, why didn we kill them? ”

”There is no need to waste our time with them, if they come back and tried to

steal Asia away from me again, then I won show mercy on them anymore ”

”Master, what should we do now? ”

”Well irst we need to find ourselves a hotel to rest at, but our money is in

yen, we
e in Greece, so l don think we can use our money here ”

”Can your ability convert it? ”

”I don knoOW… Let me try ”

opened my status board and clicked on the section currency, 3 options

came out as I pressed it. One was withdraw, Keep, and Convert.

”Oh,I can convert it ”

Ichose the convert option, another window popped out and there are two

boxes present in the window. One of the boxes was in Yen while the other box

has a [choose currency] option.

I chose [convert to euro] and suddenly all of the cash the yen sign on the

Currency section disappeared and was replaced by €.

”What the hell… It didn decrease/increase in amount? It stayed the same ”

I said before taking out a stack of cash to see if it really changed.

”So it really did changed ”

I said as I look at the paper money on my hand while walking on the streets,

carrying Asia in a princess carry.

”Master, lets stay in that hotel ”

Lily said while pulling on my sleeves and pointing at the love hotel in front of


”I don think we are allowed inside

”Why? ”

”Because we
e minors, we can go inside until we reach the appropriate

age ”

”Then where should we stay? ”

She asked while I looked around my surroundings finding a proper hotel but

found out that we were surrounded by love hotels.

”Master, why are they looking at us weirdly? ”

Lily asked innocently as she saw the people around them looking at us with

weird expressions on their faces.

”It is pretty weird finding 3 underaged children walking around this district ”

Isaid before speeding up my pace until we ran ata nearby empty abandoned


”We have no choice but to stay here for the night, so Lily can you surround

this warehouse with a barrier? ”

l asked her as she nodded and raised her hands up. Mana started to gather

on her palm as she spread it around the shed, covering it with a layer of


I then placed Asia down on the bench as quietly as possible but woke up

when she couldn feel my embrace anymore.

”Lucias..Where are we? ”

Asia asked while rubbing her puffy eyes as she sat up on the bench.

e in an abandoned warehouse, were going to stay here for the night ”

”Who is she? ”

She asked while pointing at Lily.

”She is Lily, a friend of mine, she has nowhere else to go so she came with


”She is an orphan like us? ”

”Well, yeah you can say that ”

”Master ”

Lily pulled on my sleeve as she went closer to my ear.

”Master, she seems far too weak, right now, I doubt we can protect her

properly especially from the amount of supernatural beings in this area, why

won you let her go inside an instant dungeon to increase her strength? ”

That is true, let me try telling her ”

I said before separating from Lily and facing Asia who was still a bit tired from



”Hmm? ”

”Asia, if l were to tell you that their isa way to make you stronger, would you

accept? ”


”Yes because, there are some chances that we will not be able to protect you,

and our ability is still lacking to fully protect you, so we plan to increase your

strength so if that chance ever happens you can protect yourself ”

”-if thats what you want then Ill do it ”

”No, don do it for me Asia, do it for yourself. You must rely on yourself Asia

Especially now that I might day fighting them to protect you, if they are more

powerful than me.

”T-then Il do it for myself ”

”Good, then [ID create ”

As sOon as I activated the skill the surroundings changed into a more

ominous one as growling of zombies are heard outside of the warehouse.

Asia became shocked and scared at the sudden changes but forced herself to

calm down and trust Lucias.

”Asia, lets go outside were going to teach you the basics ”

I stood up and came towards the entrance of the warehouse.

Lily blended with the shadows as she went to the window on the top of the

warehouse, watching both of them from above.

Icasually opened the gate causing the nearby zombies to go to our location.

Asia was pale and trembling while she clings on my back, watching the

disfigured corpses walk towards them.

”L-Lucias w-what is going on? ”

”This is my ability Asia, I can create a separate temporary space that contains

any monsters that I desire ”

lexplained to her while casting bind to allincoming zombies.

”Oh I forgot ”

went towards the party section and invited Asia to join my party together

with Lily.I clicked confirm and suddenly another window appeared in front

of Asia. She looked confused about what is happening as she click accept on

the notification window.

”Now then let me explain everything. Do you see the board like thing that has

your name, race, and level ”

”Yes ”

Asia replied while looking at her status board.

”That is your status board, it displays your current speed, strength, charm,

luck, and vitality in numerical numbers kind of like the rpg game that we

played 2 years ago ”

”Mn ”

”The Hp is your hit points, it represents how much damage you can take, and

when it hits zero, youll die ”

”The Mp is your mana points, to put it in perspective, when you use your

healing do you feel yourself become exhausted? ”

”Yes, Ifeel kind of tired when I heal someone ”

”Well that is because your consuming your mp, every spell that we cast will

consume a certain amount of mana, and as you use your healing multiple

times, youll exhaust your mana pool causing you to either pass out or

experience extreme fatigue or exhaustion ”

”Your strength is basically the physical power that you have, for example a

human with 2 strength can lift a pebble like its nothing but is unable to lift

something heavier, but a human with 100 points in strength can lifta boulder

like they are lifting a pebble. The same applies for the other stats, intelligence

measures deductive reasoning, knowledge, memory, logic and rationality,

the more intelligence one have, the more mp they have and the more

powerful their spells are. For example right now you can heal simple injuries

like fractures, but if you can increase your intelligence, you can at least heal a

missing limb or reattach a decapitated head ”

”Endurance is basically the measure of how much stamina you have and how

much damage you can take before dying ”

”Agility is the measure of speed, balance, coordination, and reflexes of the

body ”

”Can you follow Asia? ”

”Y-yes, please continue ”

”Now we move on to Luck, to put in simple terms, luck is the measure of how

lucky one person can get. For example, a person with 10 luck have a chance

of winning1 lottery out of a thousand tries. But if a person with 500 Luck

tried the same thing, they will win 9 out of 10 tries. Luck can influence

everything like chances of critical strikes, an attack missing you, or even the

chances of a rarer drop. This stat is most useful in the use of life skills like

blacksmith, Alchemy, or tailoring ”

”Finally Charm, basically its the measure of our social skills, and physical

appearance. The higher your charm is the more beautiful you can get ”


”Now then we move on to skills, basically it displays your ability to do

something, and each skill has a proficiency level. The higher your

proficiency level, the more skilled you are in doing that something ”

I explained while she looked at the skill section of her status board, I used

appraisal on her to take a look at her stats, but I froze from what I saw..

Asia Argento

Race: Human

Sacred Gear: Twilight Healing

Title: Loved by the Dragons

Level 2

Hp: 600/600

Mp: 2,000/2,000

Strength: 4

Intelligence: 20



Luck: 30

Charm: 200



Heal (vi 12/100) -Allows the user to cast a spell that can heal any injuries to

its target. Heals 100 (+12% per point of inte!lligence) hp per second.

(Consumption: 100 mp/sec).

Dragon Tamer (lvl 1/100)-Allows the user to make a pact with any known

dragons with a % (196 per skill level) chance of success in taming a dragon.

Increases compatibility with dragons that rises based on the level of the skill.5

Cooking (vl 34/100)

Tailoring (vl 27/100)

Housekeeping (lvl 47/100)

Praying (vl 80/100)

Mana manipulation (lvl 1/100)

Sprint (vl 4/100)

”Uh… ”

How did she get the Dragon Tamer skill?

”Lucias,I want to see yours as well ”

”I don think..


Fine ”

Isighed before showing her my status screen which immediately shocked her

by how strong l am compared to her.

Lucias Frey

Race: Human

Sacred Gear: None

Title: Undead Hunter, Vampire Hunter

Level: 155

Hp: 22,000/22,000

Mp: 28,500/28,500

Strength: 230

Intelligence: 285

Endurance: 220

Agility: 211

Luck: 165

Charm: 205

Status Points: 285

Shop Points: 1,000


”I know what you want to say but Asia don compare yourself to us. We have

experienced bloodshed and trained ourselves to get where we are now. Asia,

you weren trained by the church at all, but you were taught to follow the

words of God ”

”HIl do my best to get stronger, so I won be a burden to you and Lily ”

She said in a determined expression while clenching her fist, as she steeled

herself to look at the disfigured corpses tied to the ground.

”Asia, when it comes to skill proficiency we have no problem, but what I want

for you to have is the determination to kill when its necessary. Right now

your far too soft, and even ifl did improve your proficiency, it will be

worthless if you lack resolve ”

”K-kill? ”

She asked with a pale face like she couldn believe what I told her.

”Yes, Asia ”

”B-but- ”

”Asia, do you want to get stronger? ”

”Yyes, b-but ”

”Then you have to do this Asia ”

”B-but -H can ”

”Asia please, you can do this ”

I tried to motivate her but she stillooked pale, but their is a slight resolve

from her eyes. I know that its far too much to force a 9 year old to do this, but

we only have ourselves from now on. So I need to assure that all of my

friends are safe.

”You can do this Asia ”

Isaid asI handed her a small knife that Lily hid from her pocket as we left the

instant dungeon from before. She trembled while holding the small knife

with visible tears in her eyes as she tried to move closer to one of the tied



Asias POV

H have to do this for Lucias. I have to-

”I-1 ”

”I-I can ”

I gave u.. I felt fear and conflicted. I was taught to always takes Gods words

by heart,I can resolve myself to kill. I can , I can Lucias… !m sorry, Im

sorry, Im sorry.

Lucias please don hate me,please don leave me, I can , Im so useless,



She cried while mumbling sorry multiple times as her body trembled.

”Asia…Im sorry, I shouldn have forced you ”

I said to her before grabbing her wrist and pulling her into a tight hug as she

trembled in my arms, but slowly she calmed down while looking at me with a

sad expression.

”im sorry, Im sorry, Lucias ”

”Don worry, its not your fault, I shouldn have forced you ”

I caressed her hair trying to comfort her while she was burying her head on

my chest, crying

”Lets leave ”

Iraised my hand into the air as my mana slowly spears out breaking the

instant barrier that I created and returning us to reality.

Lilys POV

How disappointing, I can believe that Lucias let her be.. He should have

pushed her, at this point we can both potentially die protecting her. This is


Isighed before coming down as I had a look of disapproval on my face while

looking at Asia. I knew that she is a kind and caring girl but this is just… far

too much. She will be Lucias greatest weakness. I need to do something to

change this.. I need to talk to her.

Ithought deeply while sitting down on the bench as I saw Asia calm down

from her crying and Lucias looking at her with a worried expression.

”Lily, take care of Asia, Il buy us food at the store, so wait for me here,


”..understood ”

Ireplied as he left the warehouse, leaving both me and Asia alone. Asia was

on the side, looking down with a sad expression on her face.


Asia who heard me lifted her head up and looked at me with her innocent

green eyes.

”..Asia-san. I don know what happened between the two of you that made

her pamper you that much. But I have to warn you, if you continue being like

this, you will be Lucias greatest weakness ”

”W-what do you mean? ”

”It is what I said, Asia-san, master loves you far too much, he wanted you to

grow stronger to ensure your safety, but he didn want to force you into it. At

this point, both of us might day from your weakness. Because I know that he

will do everything to protect you, even if it means dying himself ”

”Asia, please consider, you have to face this now when its still early. Please,I

don want to see my master get hurt ”

”B-but ”

”Please Asia ”

pleaded her as I kneeled down in front of her, bowing my head to the point

that it touched the ground.

”Please Asia. You
e far too important for master, I don want to see you or

him get hurt. Please Asia, please ”

”-I don ”

”Asia, do you want to see the day he dies? ”

”N-no I don want to ”

She instantly answered while looking at me straight in the eyes.

”Then you have to get stronger, if you don , youll be possibly used by our

enemies to threaten master since it is easy to capture and kill you right now.

You know Lucias by heart, you know that hell sacrifice his life if that ever

happens to you. Please Asia, please

Asia who heard me couldn retort since she knew what I said was true. He

lowered her head looking at the ground as she heard my words. Seeing her

like this, I grew pale and lost all hope that I had for her. I knew that she is far

too soft to do this, but I still wanted to try. I lowered my own head from

disappointment staring at the cold ground.

”Tll do it

Iraised my head, looking at the blond girl in front of me, filled with resolve

and determination. She was still pale but unlike before her eyes were not as

weak as before.

”How familiar ”

I muttered quietly while looking at her eyes as a flash of memory appeared in

my head. She had the same resolve and determination as master when both

of them were trapped inside the instant dungeon and when master was

desperately searching for her.

did my best, master

I smiled while looking at her eyes, at this moment I knew that she will not

back down like Lucias did in the past.


”Im back ”

Icalled as l entered the warehouse while carrying 2 plastic bags, I searched

for the two of them and found that they were enjoying chatting with one


”Lucias, you
e back! ”

Asia greeted me brightly unlike the expression and fear that she had before

on her face.

”Lucias, I want to go back inside the dungeon ”

She immediately said with resolve while looking at me straight in the eyes

which shocked me. I was confused by her sudden changed but saw Lily

smiling at the corner, instantly I could guess that she talked with Asia when I

was out.

Ismiled at Lily with gratitude as I placed the food inside my inventory.I

raised my hand and created the same instant dungeon as before.

Asia held the knife in her hand tightly while biting her lips, trying to not run

away or tremble like what she did before.

”Then lets go ”

I said before opening the entrance and binding one the zombies that charged

at me.

”Go Asia

Asia came closer with trembling legs but she didn stop until she was next to

the fllen zombie. She held her knife tightly, hesitating but forced herself to

open her eyes as she swung the knife down at the zombie.



She yelped from horror but regained herself as she held the knife stuck to the

zombies head, trying to pull he knife out of the zombies head but she still

lacked strength to do so.

”Let me ”

Isaid as Igrabbed the knife covering it with my mana to sharpen the blade.

[Skill: Sword Enhancement acquired]

T let go of the knife and kept my distance as Asia held the knife once more

and easily pulled it out.

”-I did it! ”

She said excitedly with a pale face as she went forward another zombie

stabbing it to death while I held it down with bind.

”-H can do this! ”

stabbing it to death while I held it down with bind.

”I can do this! ”

Ismiled while looking at her happy smile from being able to face her fears

and overcome it. She ran towards me, hugging me tightly with her trembling

hands before returning to stab another zombie. As she tried to force herself

to get used to doing it.

”Thank you Lily ”

”Its only natural for me to help you, master ”

But still, thank you ”

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