The Herectics (Gamer X DxD)

chapter 3: Asia Argento

I wonder how many days, Ive been here. I am really worried of leaving Asia

alone with those perverts, I need to hurry up ”

Imuttered before killing the last skeleton in the instant dungeon.

It was getting harder and harder to level up since now my level far surpasses

the skeletons that I have killed, but thanks to being ina constant fight in this

past few days l acquired some interesting skills.

[Detection (lvl maxed) – Allows the user to detect any presence within the

radius of 10 km with the user as the center]

[Bloodlust (lvl maxed)- Allows the user to inflict fear towards enemies that

are stronger than the user by focusing the users bloodlust and pressure

towards his desired target. If the enemy is weaker than the user then the user

can inflict a paralyze on his targets]

Sniping (vl maxed) – Increased accuracy and precision of any projectiles

fired by the user]

[Unarmed Combat Mastery (lvl maxed) – Grants the user unmatched skills

and techniques at hand to hand combat

[Supreme Senses (lvl maxed)- Significantly increases the users sensitivity

towards movement, presence, and sounds]

[Bind (vl maxed)- Binds a a rope made from highly concentrated mana

around the target, mobilising its movements for 10 minutes, depending on

the strength of the target. (Consumption: 100 Mp/rope)

Thanks to those skills, hunting down the skeletons became much more

easier, even though bloodlust rarely work on them since they are just walking

skeletons so they feel no fear making bloodlust a useless skill to use against


Also, thanks to supreme senses and reflex, I am now almost untouchable

especially when it comes from projectile attacks, so dealing with archers and

mages that cast simple spells like mana ball is much easier than it was


lalso felt a bit taller than I was before, my body started to change as my stats

increased. I became more mascular and fit than before, I bet Asia will be

Surprised to see my sudden changes..I hope shes fine, those perverts better

not lay their filthy hand on her.

I stepped outside the church as I activated my detection, checking if none of

the skeletons were left.

Suddenly a loud cracking sounds woke me up from my concentration. I

moved my head to look at the source and found a giant creature made from

countless bones, bundled up together as it held a giant two-handed on both

of its hands while looking at me with its eyeless sockets.

lused appraisal on the creature as it inmmediately charged towards me with

great speed swinging his swords down as l quickly erected a mana barrier

around me.

Mutant Zombie

Level 102

Hp: 1,200,000/1,200,000

Mp: 700,000/700,000

Bio: Created from the desires of the vengeful souls to cause chaos and

destruction towards human kind.

As the sword hit my barrier, it created a giant creater around my location,

indicating how much force those attacks had. I quickly used blink to teleport

to another location but the skeleton easily found me as it charged swinging

its swords aimlessly as it destroyed all of the walls around it.

”Fuck me, this guy can take a break ”

Imuttered before casting bind on the giant skeleton, immobilising its

movement for a few seconds based on the raw strength that the creature


Iimmediately spammed Mana Spears on the limbs of the skeleton,

successfully breaking his right arm off of its body as it freed itself from the


The skeleton paid no heed from its missing arm as it swung his giant sword

towards my location. I turned my body, dodging the sword as it create

I cast bind on the skeleton as I created multiple Mana spears aiming them at

his right leg. Even though the skeleton had no defensive skill, his bodys

defense alone is monstrous.

Finally after a few seconds, I was able to break his right leg off of his body.

The skeleton tried to charge at me but failed due to his missing leg.

Icreated multiple Mana spears once more and aimed them at the shoulder of

its right arm, barraging it with mana spears until it broke off from his body.

The skeleton shrieked as it tried to charge towards me but was unable to due

to him missing 3 of his limbs.

Mutant Zombie

Level 102

Hp: 52,340/1,200,000

Mp: 700,000/700,000

Bio: Created from the desires of the vengeful souls to cause chaos and

destruction towards human kind.

”Goodbye ”

I said before spears of mana rained down on the mutant skeleton, ending its


You have leveled up]x13

went towards its corpse and collected the loot that it dropped. Other thana

few million yen and health potions that it dropped, it dropped a ring with a

skull design on the top.

[Ring of the Lich King

Grade: Legendary

One of the treasures of the legendary lich king that he left behind on earth

after his death.

100% Increased Mana Regeneration

200% Increased Magic Damage

Summons 5 skeleton soldiers at the wearers commands. (Strength of the

skeleton soldiers is half the strength of the wearer)

Absorbs the vitality of the creatures killed by the wearer to repairs itself.

Durability: 100/100]

lopened my status board and equipped the ing.

Ichecked my status and assigned most of my status points on intelligence,

while I placed what was left on Endurance, Strength, and Agility

Lucias Frey

Race: Human

Sacred Gear: None

Title: Undead Hunter

Level:9 98

Hp: 16,300/16,300

Mp: 22,800/22,800

Strength: 173

Intelligence: 228

Endurance: 163

Agility: 154

Luck: 108

Charm: 148

Status Points: 0

Shop Points:0

Suddenly my surroundings started to change again. The tombstones became

dust as it got blow away by the wind. The destroyed houses and church

started to repair itself while several wooden crosses were erected around the


While I was admiring the sudden changes, I felt someone charge at me from

my back. I quickly moved my body dodging the claws of the creature as

used bind and cast appraisal at my attacker.


Level: 110

Hp: 700,000/700,000

Mp: 400,000/400,000

Bio: Hunters of the night

[Bloodlust has been activated]

Iactivated my bloodlust and aiming it at the male vampire on the ground,

silencing it as it tried to scream at me.

Unlike the skeletons and zombies I have battled before, they can control

their mana and create a defensive barrier around them but their defensive

capabilities are much weaker than the skeletons.

Sadly I can enjoy the buffs given by my title against this kind of enemies.

then created 10 mana spears around me and shot them at the vampire on

the floor, and because of the paralysis effect inflicted by bloodlust he was not

able to erect a barrier on time as the spears pierce his body filled with holes.


used detection around me and found that many of the vampires were

hiding in the shadows, watching me from the distance and observing my

current strength.

”Tch… Smart Bastards ”

I said before scattering my bloodlust around the place.

”Wha ”

”How can- ”

”NO- ”

The vampire screamed as they lost control of their body.

”But not smart enough ”

I said before creating countless mana spears and shooting them towards the

vampires around me.

”Please, don kill me ”

One of the stronger vampires pleaded for her life as she saw the incoming

spear. I looked at the pleading vampire and saw a loli with pale skin and

silver hair tied that reaches her hips.

”Why should I do that? ”

I said before killing the last vampire around me while looking at the loli

vampire kneeling on the ground.

”-H will do anything that you want, p-please don kill me ”

She said while looking at me with teary eyes

”How would I know that you won betray me? ”

”T-then I will allow you to give me a true name, with that I will always be loyal

to you, and if | betray you a curse will kill me ”

”HIm saying the truth ”

”Then I will just name you right? ”

”Yes yes ”

She nodded her head repeatedly while answering my question.

”Then your name from now on is Lily Frey ”

Player has named a pure-blooded vampire]

[Master-Servant Contract has been established]

A party was established between the two of us as her Hp and Mp bar

appeared below my own on the party section.

Lily Frey

Race: Noble Vampire

Sacred Gear: None

Title: Baron

Level: 143

Hp: 890,000/890,000

Mp: 755,000/755,000

Strength: 789

Intelligence: 755

Endurance: 890

Agility: 908

Luck: 102


Status Points: 0

Skill Points: 10


Vampires Physique (lvl maxed)- Increases Sp to Hp/Mp ratio to 1000:1.

Enhanced Strength (ivl 89/100) – Increases overall raw strength by 50%.

Mana Manipulation (lVl 67/100)

High speed Mp regeneration (vl 10/100)

Enhanced Senses (Ivl 70/100)

Enhanced Reflexes (lvl 50/100)

Stealth (vl 51/100)

Unarmed Combat Mastery (VI 70/100)

Seduction (lvl 6/100)- Increases overal charm of the user by 6%.

Blood Sucking (lvl 12/100)- Initiate ability of the vampire race. Allows the

user to suck the blood from its target, the higher the level the more arousal

and pleasure that the user and the target will feel during the duration of the


Blood Manipulation (lvl 23/100) – Allows the user to control their own or

others blood to form any shape that they desired. The higher the level, the

more complex the shape could be.

Darkness Magic (lvl 63/100) – Allows the user to imbued Darkness Attribute to

her mana, giving her the ability to use dark and shadow attribute spells at


(Note: I am now going to compile all attribute spells, because it takes too

much time, and again lm lazy)

Shes pretty strong

I thought while looking at the happy little loli on the ground.

”Why is your blood sucking skill so low? Even though your a vampire ”

”Eh… T-that is because I don really like to use it, it makes my body feel hot

for some reason, and it teels weird using it ”

”Hmm.. Come here for a second

I said motioning for her to come close to me. She didn hesitate one bit and

started walking towards me with little steps.

As she got close to me. I placed my hand on the skill point section trying to

see if it has that option.

[Would you like to donate your sill points to [Lily Frey]?1


Ismiled as I saw the notification. So it was possible to donate some of my

points to her.

Would you like to give [Lily Frey] 1,000,000 skill points?]

Iconfirmed the transaction as I saw her skill points suddenly increase which

caused her to look at her status board with shock.

”M-master, H-how did you- ”

”No questions, my little loli, I want you to max out all of the skills you have


Lily nodded her head as she started to place her skill points into all of her

skills.. except blood sucking

”I told you to max EVERY skil, Lily ”

”B-but ”

”No buts, max it out ”

Lily puffed out her cheeks as she hesitantly placed her skill points into the


”Good, Ill give you a cookie once were done ”

Isaid while patting her head, even though I know she is older than me, we

are at least the same height.

”Stop treating me like a child! You
e at least younger than me by a few years ”

”Well, mentally you are more childish than me so-

Isaid but was cut off by the a sudden darkness arrow that was shot between

the two of us.

”Even though your childish… you re pretty sharp ”

”I am not a high ranking vampire for nothing ”

She said with pride as she puffed out her nonexistence chest as a bright smile

covered her cute face.

”I see…

Isaid while trying to stop the grin that was forming on my face from her


Lily who saw that immediately turned red from embarrassment.

”Stop laughing! ”

”But m not laughing ”

”I know you
e holding itin ”

”My my, loli-san, I wonder what you
e talking about ”

”Don ignore us!

The vampires who attacked us shouted in anger.

”You shit! You dare ignore a noble vampire like me! Also you there you slut, I

should have known that you were going to betray us ”

”Wah.. It seems like they hate you ”

”Well, many were jealous of my talent so they always wanted to kick me out

of envy, and couldn do anything since l am just a low ranking noble

compared to them ”

”Tm surprised they didn **** you ”

”Of course not, I fight back when they force me. Ijust need to endure a few

days of suspension from the academy ”

”Also, this is one of the reason why I didn think twice to join your side.

e all meanies so I don want to stay with them ”

”Poor loli, Ill give a cookie once were done ”

”Reall-I mean don treat me like a child! ”

”You ingrates dare to ignore me again

The vampire shouted as he shook furiously from anger of him being ignored.

He tried to create another darkness spear but stopped when he felt great

amount of pressure and fear push him down on the ground.

”Shut up will you, I really hate prideful mongrels like you ”

Isaid with an irritated tone as I pierced all of them with my mana spears.

Title: Vampire Hunter acquired]

Vampire Hunter- Increases damage dealt to vampires by 100%]

”Cool ”

Isaid as I casually pierce every single one of them, thanks to my title l only

need 2 spears to kill a single vampire without any problem.

You have leveled up]

[You have leveled up]

[You have leveled up]

”Thank you for the exp, vampire-san ”

I casually muttered while slaying all of the vampires around the vicinity.

”I feel useless ”

Lily sadly muttered like a sad little rabbit while watching me slaughter her


e not useless, Lily, in fact your a lot more powerful than me especially

now after you maxed out all of your skills ”

”Then why couldn I help you kill them? ”

”I am enough to deal with this weaklings, during the boss fight will I need

you, right now I don know how strong l am compared to him after all ”

”The boss? You mean the Count Dracula? ”

”Yeah ”

”Hmm.. When it comes to raw strength, we are weak compared to him, but

skill wise we overpower him ”

”Why is his skill lvl that low? ”

”Not really, but compared to my skill vl, his is considered mediocre ”

”Also, all of the vampires sent here are mediocre, since all of them relied on

pure stats points rather than their proficiency in skills ”

”So thats why I was able to kill them easily ”

”Yes, if they sent here the more decent ones then you wouldve possibly died

here ”

”How come you
e not like them ”

”Tm not stupid like them to only rely on my pure stat points ”

”Hmm… Oh, we
e finally here ”

Isaid as we finally arrived at the entrance of the church this is where I felt his


”You ready, Lily? ”

”Mnn ”

As she nodded I opened the giant entrance, revealing a spacious hallway.

The altar disappeared and was left was a throne with a middle-aged man

sitting on it.

”You have finally arrived, hunter, I have been expecting your arrival ”

He said mockingly while pointing at me and Lily who just entered church.

”What the hell is wrong with him? ”

Well.. He is stupid in my opinion, just to flaunt and act cool, he sent his

Subordinates to go and kill you without any plan, as he waited inside like an

idiot. Letting his subordinates meaninglessly die. If he joined them in the

attack, they might have been able to kill you ”

”Just woW

”Show me your strength hunter, show me the strength that killed all of

my men. Entertain me hunter and don disappoint me by dying too

quickly ”

He said mockingly while looking down at the two of us with his blood red

eyes with a grin across his face.

”How arrogant he is ”

”Well he was always like that ”

”Lets just finish this quickly. I want to go back and see Asia ”


”Yes, she is basically my entire life, without i could have been found dead on

the streets ”

”Ooh.. She seems nice ”

”Yeah she is nice, in fact she is too nice and innocent that it worries me ”


The middle-aged man shouted with fury as he charged towards us,

brandishing his claws as he prepared to slash us with his claws.

”Lets make this quick ”

Isaid as I created multiple mana spears around me while Lily brandished her

claws as a ominous dark mana surrounded it.

”Oh! ”

She energetically shouted as Dracula slowly came close to our location.

Count Dracula

Level: 210

Hp: 2,130,000/2,130,000

Mp: 1,300,000/1,300,000

Bio: Self proclaimed strongest vampire that ever existed

As he got close to us, he slashed down his claws down towards Lily. Lily

created a darkness mana barrier around her, catching the attack of the man

as she moved behind him with shadow walk. Piercing his back with his claws

as her mana spreads inside his body.

[Leech has been inflicted

[Leech- A spell that drains the strength and mana of the target permanently

if either the caster or the target is still alive]

Icast bind on him while my mana spears rained down on his body.

Dismembering his limbs is worthless since he can instantly heal himself

without effort until his stamina runs out.


Dracula screamed in pain as countless spear pierce his body filled with holes.

Lily on the other hand kept him still with her darkness chains as she hold him

on the ground.

Lily imbued more mana into the chains to resist Draculas struggles of

breaking free while I kept raining down mana spears on him.


”HoW noisy ”

”Wel… He can escape since his proficiency in skills are almost

nonexistence, the only high leveled skll that he has is blood sucking and

seduction ”

”Waa… guess the rumor were true that he kept sleeping around with human

and vampire females alike ”


He screamed in pain from the countless spears piercing his body.


He screamed before turning into hundred s of bats escaping the dark chains

of Lily.

”I forgot we could do that ” (Lily)

We watched as all of the bats fly away from us and gather at a distance as

Dracula appeared once again. He cut his own hand and let the blood flow

out, slowly his blood formed into two swords, as he held each with his hands.

He charged at me slashing his two swords side ways trying to cut me into 3

parts. I conjured a barrier around me while I brought out my Undead Slayer

I met his strike head on asIstruggled to catch it with my own strength. I

summoned 5 skeletons behind his back holding a sword on their right and a

shield on their left as they slashed at Dracula, successfully cutting his back.

Lily created a giant scythe with Draculas blood and placed it at his neck,

decapitating his head from his body.

His body still kept slashing his sword at me as l easily dodged each attacks

since their trajectory was quite predictable. Lily reformed the scythe intoa

giant spear and pierced the cut section on his neck down to his crotch. While

pierced his body with my mana spears.


His head screamed in pain as it rolled on the ground.

”Bind ”

I cast bind on his body while Lily brandished her claws and covered it with

Draculas blood. She slashed his claws on his body, cutting it into pieces

while it tried to regenerate itself.

Slowly we saw his regeneration started to slow down, so we attacked more

furiously as we pierce and but his body continuosly without stopping.

Slowly his body stopped regenerating all together as a familiar voice echoed

in my head.

[You have leveled up] x23

Quest has been accomplished]

[Murasame acquired]

[Murasame (Grade: Unique) -A sharp katana that inflict a poisonous curse on

any living being that it is cut with]

”Damn, I need to be careful using this sword or I might accidently kill

someone or even… wait can I do that? ”

A dangerous idea sprung on his head as he took the katana and cut himself in

the arm with it.

Suddenly he saw black marking appearing on his body as he felt immense

pain coming from his arm.

ISkill: Poison Resistance acquired]

[Skill:Curse Resistance acquired

Lucias wasted no time and immediately placed skill points into his new skills,

he felt the pain and the marking disappear from his body as he sighed in


Skill: Poison Nullification acquired]

[Skill: Curse Nulification acquired]

Ohh!I want to try it as well

”Okay just try not to cut yourself too deep or youll seriously die ”

She nodded vigorously as I handed her Murasame. Without even hesitatin8

she cut her finger with the blade causing black marks to quickly appear and

spread on her hand.

She quickly opened her status and maxed out the two new skills that she

received as the marks slowly disappeared.

”Ohh! ”

She shouted excitedly while staring at her two new skills.

picked up the drops and found that most of them were the same as before

but the difference is that the corpse dropped a bottle of pills.

Bottle of Resurrection Pills

Grade: God

A bottle containing 12 resurrection pills that can revive any beings who drink

it. All status abnormality that they once had will disappear after they were

resurrected. If a live person swallow the pill, they will receive the curing8

effect of the pill without any side effects]

Suddenly the sky shatters into pieces and we were brought back to reality.

We were outside the church, the same location that I disappeared to whenl

was pulled into the instant dungeon.

”So this is where master came from ”

Lily said excitedly while looking around our surroundings, admiring the light

blue sky.

Ismiled at her innocent reaction as another string of notification rang in my


[Congratulation to the player for surviving the Tutorial at Hell mode]

[Rating: SS+

[Corresponding rewards has been given to the player, goodluck and may God

be with you]

[Skill: Instant Dungeon Create acquired

[Skill: Instant Dungeon Escape acquired]

[Large Mana and Health Potions obtained

1,000 shop points obtained

Would you like to turn on auto-assign points?]

”No wonder its so damn hard ”

Icomplained as I chose confirm on notification.


[Instant Dungeon Create (lvl maxed) – allows the caster to create a temporary

instant dungeon of any level around him]

Instant Dungeon Escape (Ivl maxed) – allows the caster to break any instant

dungeon that the caster is in]

”Finally Im back, I can wait to see you Asia

I muttered as I walked towards the church with Lily following behind me.

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