The Herectics (Gamer X DxD)

chapter 2: Trapped 2

”Tch… Useless ”

”Shut up ” (?2?)

”Fucking Heretic ”

”Shut up ” (?2?)

”A damn heretic living inside of the church, if not for or Holy Maiden Asia you

would have been already kicked out ”

”SHUT UP ” (?2?)


”Lucias, Lucias, wake up! ” (?)

woke up from the soft voice calling for me while shaking my body. I slowly

opened my eyes and saw a cute 9 year old child with golden hair and green

eyes. I sat up and tried to calm down my emotions, cold sweat ran down my

spine as my heart beat show no signs of calming down while tears flow down

my cheeks from the horrible dream that I woke up from.

”Asia… ” (Lucias)

”Lucias… don cry I am here for you ” (Asia)

She embraced my head towards her chest as she tried to calm me down,

caressing my hair gently as she hugged my head, slowlyI was able to finally

calm down so I separated myself from her hug.

”Thanks, Asia ” (Lucias)

e welcome, if you want you could still lay down your head on my chest,

don cry anymore I am here for you, we have always been for their for each

other ever since we were young ” (Asia)

She smiled gently as she gazed into my eyes, I felt overwhelmed and guilty

while looking at her innocent eyes, if it wasn for me, she would have been

the most respected figure in this church. I have been holding her back ever

since we were a child, she is the bright sun for the people while I am just mud

on the ground, ever since I found out about the death of the biblical god, the

church has deemed me a heretic and tried to exile me from the church. Asia

is the only one that stood up for me, and because of her status she was able

to stop myselfrom being exiled but the cost is her own reputation. I tried to

reason with her to try and leave me be, but she refused and kept staying by

my side.

”Asia… am sorry ” (Lucias)

”Moo… how many times do l have to tell you that you didn need to

apologize to me, I made the decision myself, and I am fully aware of its

consequences, so don blame yourselí, okay? ”(Asia)

”But ”(Lucias)

”No buts ” (Asia)

why are you willing to go that far for me? ” (Lucias)

She suddenly became flushed red and looked down the sheets mumbling

words that wasn able to fully catch and was only able to get a few words.

”That…you… baka ” (Asia)

”What? ” (Lucias)

”Nothing! Hurry up and get dressed, you still have training to do, l already left

your breakfast on the table, I will go first because we still have an early

prayer ” (Asia)

”I understand… Thank you ” (Lucias)

”Then see you later, Lucias ” (Asia)

She left the room, and quickly wore her nun outfit, hurrying to leave the


I closed my eyes and laid down on the bed, I know that those idiots wouldn

want me there anyway, and they don want to waste any resources to let a

heretic like me continue to grow.

”Tch… why… am I so useless ” (Lucias)

I felt a small prick in my chest as tears ran down the side of my face, I felt

helpless and weak, I see no hope for the future, everything will just continue

on like this, until Asia is taken away by the main church…

”.. FUCK! ” (Lucias)

I screamed while covering my eyes with my arms. I want to become stronger,

but I have mediocre talent in any combat techniques, without proper

guidance, wouldn reach anything. They all wanted to me to leave, even

though I want to lessen the burden that Asia carries, but I can leave her

alone with them, I feel endless worry as I begin to think what would happen

ifl leave her alone. I saw how many holy maidens were taken advantage of

the by priest of the church, lying to them that this was necessary and this was

the order of God… feel worried that she will also be taken advantage of, she

is still naive and innocent.

”Lucias.. stop whining, it will not help you… just train Lucias, just train ”

triad to motivata muealf tn continue training and moving forward.

I need to get a grip ” I muttered while slapping both of my cheeks to stop

myself from being discouraged.

I stood up, feeling motivated as I wore my black training attire and went

downstairs to eat breakfast. I left the comfort of my home and quickly ran

towards the nearby forest just behind the church, but before I could even

reach my destination, the area around me suddenly changed.

”What the hell happened? ” (Lucias)

I quickly scanned the area around me, I started to panic but suddenly a

certain force on my mind forcefully calmed me down. I felt my mind become

clear as I surveyed my surroundings. The sky became blood red but the

surroundings were still the same. I walked towards the church and found

that there were multiple silhouettes walking aimlessly around the church. I

tried to walked towards one of the figure but quickly stopped as I saw his

appearance. He had pale skin while parts of his head were missing flesh. He

was drooling while letting out groans, sending shivers down my spine but

quickly recovered as something quickly calmed me down. Iclimbed towards

the roof of one of the houses as I continued to observe the figures below.

”What the hell is going on? Are those Zombies? ” (Lucias)

Ithought quickly as I suddenly remembered Asia was still inside of the

church, I quickly ran towards the church ignoring the zombies that were

chasing me. I slammed the door open as I desperately searched for the

familiar silhouette but found nothing.

”Asia… where are you? ” (Lucias)

I noticed that the zombies were crowding inside of the church so I quickly ran

upstairs while shutting the door behind me.

”Asia ” (Lucias)

[All conditions fulfilled]

[Access to The Gamer has been given]

[Location: Instant Dungeon (lvl 1)]

[Status: Trapped]

Quest: Defeat the 3 bosses of each individual instant dungeon.

Mutant Zombie (not fulfilled)

Mutant Skeleton (not fulfilled)

Dracula (not fulflled)

Rewards: Murasame

Failure: Death]

”What the ** is this? A quest? Is this a game? ” (Lucias)

lasked but no one answered, I decided to ignore it and continue to observe

the zombies until a ring echoed to my head as a small screen appeared in

front of me.

Skill: Observed acquired]

[Observe (Level 1/100)-Allows the user to obtain information from any

target, the higher the level of the skill the more detailed the information gets]

”What the- ”(Lucias)

”Fuck it, observe ” I placed my sights to a zombie from the window and

suddenly a familiar screen appeared in front of me.



Bio: Deceased

”Fuck me ”

I sighed let out a long sigh as a sudden idea formed in my mind, I looked

towards my body and used observe on myself.

Lucias Frey

Race: Human

Sacred Gear: None

Title: None

Level: 1

Hp: 1000/1000

Mp: 1000/1000


Intelligence: 10

Endurance: 10


Luck: 10

Charm: 50

Skills (Passive/Active):

Gamers Mind (lvl maxed) – All mental attacks are negated, user will be

forcefully calmed down under any situations.

Gamers Body (lvl maxed)- The users body is modified to not die no matter

the injury unless its Hp becomes zero and the users body can never exhaust

itself. No matter the damage caused, it can be recovered through sleep.

Gods Final Gift (lvl maxed)- Through the biblical Gods final will, the user is

granted with infinite skill points and all experience received is multiplied by

Observe (Ivl 2/100)

Skill Points: Infinite

-Used to upgrade the proficiency of the user to a certain skill.

Status Points: 0

-Used to upgrade the basic stats of the user.

Shop Points: 0

Used to buy weapons, grimores, or any equipment from the Shop

”Shit, I am so damn weak… but thank god he gave me this kind of passive

skill ” (Lucias)

I thought deeply but threw it at the back of my head and calmly planned for

my next actions.

”So this is like a game… but where am 1? ” (Lucias

Tused observe on the sky hoping to get something from it, fortunately,

something did appear.

[Instant Dungeon (Ivl 1) -Zombies

”Instant Dungeon? ”

Instant Dungeon -A protected space that is separated from reality where

time is distorted and creatures roam, the ratio of time compared to reality is

different depending on the lvl of the instant dungeon)

”Damn… separated from reality, then Asia is safe. Thank goodness she is

safe ” (Lucias)

Isighed in relief as I thought of her safety. Right now, I need to get out of

here, but it seems like I can until Ifinish this quest.

”Wait, this is a game right? Then can I learn skills by performing specific

actions? ”

Iran to the top floor of the church and was surprised by the sudden

notification that appeared in front of my eyes.

Skill: Sprint acquired]

”Oh yeah, I have infinite skill points, then can l just spam upgrade to my

skills? ”

Iquickly opened my status and placed 10 skill points on sprint.

[Skill:Quick Step acquired

As soon as maxed out the Sprint skill it suddenly disappeared and another

improved version of the skill replaced it. I continued to add more skill points

until it was maxed out and was replaced by another skill.

[Skill: Accelerate acquired]

[Skill: Blink acquired

I didn stop until I couldn add any more skill points to the skill, it seems like

it reached its maximum evolution, and couldn be upgraded anymore.

[Skill: Blink (lvl maxed) -The user moves at extreme speed that allows him to

appear in one location to another instantaneously without any drawbacks

(Cost: 10 Mp/sec)]

”Damn… this is a cheat! ”

Iscreamed excitedly as I thanked God multiple times in my head for giving

me the chance to improve and gain strength than ever before.

Iquickly calmed down and placed skill points on observe until it reached its

maximum evolution.

[Skill: Appraisal acquired)

”I can now more or less cope with my situation, I can only use blink in a

maximum of 30 seconds, so I need to use it wisely. I have no combat skill so I

need to be carefull

grabbed my wooden sword and used blink to escape the church through

the windoW after I secured the area.

Only a few zombies were left since they all swarmed their way inside the

church. Thanks to that I can safely take care of the zombies outside.

Islowly walked towards a lone zombie that is located far away from the

church, trying to be silent and avoid gaining the attention of the zombie.

Skill: Camouflage acquired]

Iquickly maxed out the skill, and made my way towards the lone zombie.

[Skill: Stealth acquired

used blink and appeared beside the zombie, swinging my wooden sword

towards its neck with all of my strength while quickly creating a distance

between us after my attack.

Skill: Sword Mastery acquired

The zombie saw me and charged towards my direction swinging its claws

towards me, thankfully they were slow or else I would have been in a

dangerous position.

[Skill: Reflex acquired]

Ispamed skill points to both skills while dodging the attacks of the zombie.

[Skil: Basic Swordsmanship acquired]

Skill: Advance Swordsmanship acquired]

[Skill: Master Swordsmanship acquired]

[Skill: Enchanced Reflexes acquired]

Skill: Supreme Reflexes acquired]

Large amount of information flooded my brain causing me to be in a daze,

allowing the zombie to scratch my arm with its sharp claws.

Iwoke up from my daze and quickly jumped back creating a distance

between us. Information still flooded my brain on the way of the sword, as

multiple techniques was pounded into my brain.

”Shit, I should avoid upgrading my skills in the middle of a battle ” (Lucias)

[Skill: Pain resistance acquired

[Skil: Health recovery acquired


Hp: 70/100

3rd P.0.V

He quickly regain his stance blocking the claw of the zombie, he held his

wooden sword and was surprised because his wooden sword became

sharper and faster than it was before, he was able to indicate any openings

that his enemies had in a matter of a few miliseconds. He immidiately turned

his body to the right and swung his sword downwards towards the zombies

head, directly splitting it into two, killing it in an instant.

[125 exp, 1000¥ obtained]

[You have leveled up]

You have leveled up]

You have leveled up]


Iregained my compusure and began to calm down from the excitement that

felt from my first battle.

Ichecked my status and found two new additional skills. I quickly placed

multiple skill points into the skill until I reached its maximum evolution.

Skill: Ultraspeed Regeneration acquired

Skill: Pain Nullification acquired]

The wound on my arm quickly recovered as I slowly walk my way towards a

nearby zombie easily decapitating its head from its body. I didn stop killing

allisolated zombies around the vicinity until no zombies remained.

[125 exp, 100O¥ gained]

[125 exp, 1000v

[125 exp, 1-

[125 e

Countless notification rang inside my head, as I finished clearing all of the

zombies outside o the church.

Observe ”

Lucias Frey

Race: Human

Sacred Gear: None

Title: None

Level: 12

Hp: 2200/2200

Mp: 2200/2200

Strength: 17

Intelligence: 22

Endurance: 22

Agility: 25

Luck: 22

Charm: 62

Status Points: 60

Shop Points:0

(Note:I am not going to place every single skills he gains anymore

because it will take up so much space that it will be boring to just read it

over and over again, also l am lazy)

I felt satisfied from my status but I knew it wasn enough. I still haven seen

the boss yet so I will have to take advantage of the time that I have.

I discovered two things from leveling up one is that beside giving 5 status

points per level, it increases all the basic stats by one, and if I have a skil that

is related to any of those basic stats like blink, it will increase that stat by a

few points. The other thing is that everytime l level up, my entire status is

refreshed, my mana and health is instantly regenerated. I also found out that

the ratio of my hp proportional to my endurance is 100:1, so that means that

in every 1 point increase in my endurance I obtain a certain extent of defense

and 100 hp, the same applies for my intelligence and mp.

quickly divided his status points and placed 20 in strength, 20 in

intelligence, 15 in agility, and 5 in endurance

Lucias Frey

Race: Human

Sacred Gear: None


Hp: 2700/2700

Mp: 4200/4200

Strength: 37

Intelligence: 42

Endurance: 27

Agility: 40

Luck: 22

Charm: 62

Status Points: 0

Shop Points: 0

Iimmediately cast stealth and went towards the church. As I went inside I

was shocked to find that the entire vicinity was swarmed by zombies like a

can of sardines. Some are even on top of each other as they tried to push

themselves towards the door that I was previously in.

”How amI going to wipe them out, I can risk fighting all of them at once. I

might kill myself since some zombies inside are lvl 10 ” (Lucias)

”I need a high damaged attack or a AOE spell ” (Lucias)

Imuttered as I suddenly remembered the lesson given to us by the head

priest in the past.

”Um.. think he said manipulate your mana like it is your own blood, and

imagine your desired shape and effect into your mind as you slowly apply it

to your own mana, since they are undead I might use that spell ” (Lucias)

Due to my high intelligence I was able to quickly circulate my mana in my

body and concentrate to a specific point of my body. I imagined a spear

piercing my enemies. Slowly the mana on my hand condensed into a smal

cylinder that is the same size as my hand, the tip of the cylinder slowly

deforms and form a sharp tip, finally a spear made from blue light forged into

my hand as I hear a familiar notification rang inside my head.

(Skill: Mana maninulation acquired)

[Mana manipulation (lvl 1/100) – Mastery over the users own mana, allows

the user to form his own mana into any shape that he desires(Scales with


Skill!: Mana spear acquired

[Mana spear (lvl 1/100) -a spear made from a pure concentration mana.

Deals 1000 magic damage (+10% magic damage per 1 point of intelligence)

(Consumes 100mp per 1 spear]]

Imaxed out both of the skills as I sat down on the balcony of the church. I felt

large amount of information entered my head as I felt myself become more

wel-versed in controlling my own mana.

[Mana spear (maxed Ivl) -a spear made from a pure concentration mana.

Deals 1000 magic damage (+1000% magic damage per 1 point of intelligence)

(Consumes 10mp per l spear]|

”Good, Ijust need a defensive skill then Ill be good to go ”

I said before returning into deep concentration. Nowl imagined my mana

covering each and every part of my body, creating a protective layer that can

withstand both magic and physical damage from the enemies. It became

much easier than before since I have maxed out the Mana manipulation skill.

[Skill: Protection Barrier acquired]

Protection Barrier (lvl maxed) – creates a protective coating around the

caster that can resist both physical and magical damage from the enemies.

Protective coating can absorb 1000 (+100% per 1 point of intelligence) of

magic and physical damage. (Consumption 10mp/sec)]

Good ”

Icame back inside the church looking at the crowd of zombies as I created

400 mana spears, firing it at every zombies inside the church.

You have leveled up]

[You have leveled up]

[You have leveled up]

[You have leveled up]

Countless notification rang inside my head as my spears continued to impale

multiple zombies inside the church causing their numbers rapidly decreased

until the last zombie was left

You have leveled up]

[Title: Undead Hunter acquired]

[Undead Hunter- increases all damaged dealt to undead creatures by 100%]

The last notification rang before I quickly checked my status and assigned all

of my status points on inte!lligence

Lucias Frey

Race: Human

Sacred Gear: None

Title: Undead Hunter

Level: 32


Mp: 16,200/16,200

Strength: 57

Intelligence: 162


Agility: 60

Luck: 42


Status Points: 0

Shop Points: 0

So the total damage that my mana spears can deal is at least 220,000 magic

damage to the undead creatures if they have no defensive skills.


A loud roar echoed outside the church. I blinked towards the roof to look at

the source of the loud roar and found a giant deformed zombie on the

ground while looking at me with its empty eyes.

HIs skin was pale grey while some of the flesh on his body was missing

showing the dead muscles and tissues of the giant zombie. He roared again

at my location before jumping at me with incredible speed as l blinked

towards a nearby house to dodge his charge. The zombie was confused by

my sudden disappearance before but still continued his attack, smashing a

large section of the church into pieces

”Fuck me ”

I cursed as checked the status of the giant zombie.

Mutant Zombie

Level: 50

Hp: 500,000/500,000

Mp: 2,000/2,000

Bio: An abomination created by human kind.

The giant zombie immediately found and me and jumped at my location

once again as I blinked towards the ground.

I conjured a barrier around me before creating 10 mana spears and firing 2 to

the giant zombie.


The creature screamed in pain as 1 one of the spears hit him, deducting a

Significant amount of hp from the creature.

The creature quickly reacted quickly dodging the other spear, but unknown

to him I already predicted his next courses of actions so I launched 5 more

spears at the location that he will land after he dodged the other spear.


The zombie let out a scream of pain before disappearing as a pile of black

smoke after hp finally dropped down to zero.

[You have leveled up] 15x

”That was much easier than I thought it would be ”

Several notification rang inside my head as I quickly made my way towards

the 3 shining objects on the ground that the mutant zombie dropped when it


When got their I found a stack of money, 5 health potions, and a sword lying

on the ground.

quickly placed the other 2 into my inventory whilel grabbed the sword with

my right hand, appraising it.

[Undead Slayer

Rating: Rare

The sword used by a renowned general of a lost kingdom after it was

devoured by the undead creatures.

100+ Strength

50+ Agility

50% Life Steal

Durability: 1000/1000]

”Seems useful ”

I muttered before my surroundings suddenly started to suddenly change, the

sky became dark blue as several tombstones were erected around the


Istared at my surroundings before deciding to use blink to the top of a

nearby house that was still not destroyed by my fight with the mutant


As I step put at the roof of the house, I saw several tombstone started to

shake tremendously as a bone hand dug itself out of the ground. The bone

hand started to dig the soil around it, trying to clear the way as a skull came

out of the ground

Without waiting for them to come out. I created several mana spears and

fired them at the exposed skull of the monster.

One of the spear pierced a giant hole on the skll of the monster, killing it in

an instant before disappearing into smoke like before.

[You have leveled up]

Tkept on killing them as they tried to get out of their respective tombstone

until only a few are left standing on the church grounds. They had no flesh,

no organs, nothing, but a skeleton that builds up its body. Each held a

difterent kind of weapon from stafts, swords, or even maces as they charged

towards my location.

Ifired my mana spears at them killing most of them in an instant but their

sheer number placed me in the corner as I used blinked towards the bell

tower of the church.

The other skeleton saw me land inside the tower so they started shooting me

with countless arrows and spells which destroyed some areas of the tower.

quickly checked my status and divided my current status points to strength,

agility, endurance, and intelligence equally before blin king out of the

collapsing tower.

Lucias Frey

Race: Human

Sacred Gear: None

Title: Undead Hunter

Level: 52

Hp: 9,200/9,200

Mp: 20,700/20,700

Strength: 102

Intelligence: 207

Endurance: 92

Agility: 105

Luck: 62

Charm: 102

Status Points: 0

Shop Points: 0

looked at the swarm of skeletons on the ground before letting out a trouble

sigh, as I continued my killing spree.

”I hope this nightmare quickly ends ”

Isaid while creating multiple mana spears, launching them towards the

Skeleton archer and mages from the back, as I charged at the Skeleton on the

front while holding Undead Slayer on my hand.

Quest: Defeat the 3 bosses of each individual instant dungeon.

Mutant Zombie (fulfilled)

Mutant Skeleton (not fulflled)

Dracula (not fulfilled)

Rewards: Murasame

Failure: Death]

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