Loud buzzing… The alarm sounds its 7am time for school. Vivian got up from the bed rushing to the bathroom to take her bath. After some minutes she was dressed up in her uniform.

Good morning mum. She greeted her mum when she saw her getting breakfast ready in the dining room. She sat down for her breakfast just then her dad joined them.

Hey dad, she beamed

My love, how are you doing? He winked at her

Am great she replied

They ate quietly after breakfast . Vivian stood up then waved at her parents. Outside, the school bus stopped in front of the house minutes later she was in school. She was looking happy and it felt great to be back on her feet. When she saw her friends she ran to meet them and hugged them. They looked surprised and still hugged her tightly.

You look amazing! kate said

Thanks she beamed

Are you fine now? Tracy asked

Yeah, sure I am , she laughed.

I love the spirit with you right now. Kate beamed

Hey girls, we have class right now. Lets hurry up Tracy said and held Vivians hand tightly. She looked at her and smiled

*In class*

When she entered she greeted everyone, she sighted Curt with his friends.

Hey, she waved smiling at him he was surprised

Vivian! He blinked to be sure he wasn dreaming. ”Hey baby ” she winked.

His heart was rising fast, ” All these while you were avoiding me! He thought. I haven seen you smile for a while! he finally said with his heart beating for Joy

You look so beautiful today Bryson said

Thanks she smiled looking at Curts eyes .

We need to talk, he said as he held her hands. He was anxious just then Mr Bryan the English teacher entered.

I know she smiled then went to her seat. Throughout the class she was actively asking and answering Mr Bryans questions. After the class he held her hands and took her out of the class.

Hey Curt, we still have mathematics… She stopped him

I know… we can skip that right! he looked serious

Vivian was silent unknowing what to say next, he took her hand then walked to the school field and made her sit on the swings. Then he swung her up and down for a while. They were silent then Curt started, ” Babe, its been a while ”. He stopped then looked at her. I miss you… he looked into her eyes.

She beamed at him. So what now, should we start afresh?

We? Oh! Nice so? He winked

Wait… are you teasing me? She asked

No I am not. He laughed.

The playground became quiet for a couple of minutes before he spoke…Its been awhile since we went to have fun out there.

Yeah… I would love us to play some games! She smiled.

Should we go to the GameStop after school? He asked smiling

Today! I would love us to spend some time together. She beamed

Okay babe, after school… he smiled.


After school, they went to the GameStop to play some games. She already called her mom that she was going to be late. When they were done playing games they took a ride to a popular restaurant…

During the ride they were stealing glares at each other till their eyes met.

Cmon, stop tempting me! I feel like kissing those lips of yours.

The driver stared at them through the mirror before he started a conversation.

Can I ask you a few questions please? He asked them

Yeah… Curt replied

What age are you? He asked


Really! He suddenly stepped on the brake pad making them swing to the front. The driver turned to look at them, their appearance didn look like they were fourteen.

Do your parents know you are dating him? He pointed at Vivian.

No! She looked at him with a serious look on her face.

When did you start dating!

One years ago, did you have a problem with that! Curt looked at him

No… the driver wanted to know more.

Can you keep on driving?

Okay… He increased the speed limit to 130km/h… They became frightened… a lot of things came through their mind but they didn hesitate to do anything.

The driver started a conversation with them …I never had a girlfriend during my schooling… They didn say a word but he continued… I don have a girlfriend till now… He kept on narrating his story without getting any feedback from them. When they got to the restaurant… They came down looking pale.

You… Curt wanted to say something but Vivian stopped him. They entered the restaurant after getting themselves back. In the restaurant, a waiter came to attend to them…They checked the menu and ordered blue crab meatballs and spaghetti with orange juice… Vivian got home late that night, her parents were already asleep…she tiptoed to her room so as to not disturb their sleep. When she entered her room she had a quick bath then wore her pink pajamas. She alighted to her bed By 11:00pm she wasn asleep her eyes were open staring at the ceiling the question that driver asked was still ringing in her ears.

Do your parents know you are dating him? She has never told her Mom she has a boyfriend… She knew it was too early for her to be in a relationship. Could it be that I am doing the wrong thing? she muttered. She remembered when she told her sister that she had a boyfriend… Don you think you are too young for this? Her sister once told her. Anita told her that it could be a distraction to her…

But it has never been a distraction to me. She said to herself. As far as she is the best student in her class, it is not a distraction. She rolled over the bed before she slept off.

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