That evening Scott was arrested by the police force and was released the next morning after much torturing. When they couldn get any information from him about Anitas whereabouts.

Mr Adams decided to hire men to search for his daughter after they got no clue from the police force.

Any information! He asked Drake

No boss. Drake replied with a thick Voice … Drake was one of the men Mr Adams hired two weeks ago to search for Anita.

What are you guys doing? I paid you to get my daughter wherever she is even if she is dead, I need to know the situation my daughter is in! He shouted

Am sorry BOSS! We are trying our best and also tracking Scott where he goes. He replied with a straight face

And you still haven gotten any clue from his movement he asked

No sir! His movement looks normal and we didn get any information in his apartment! Drake said

That son of bitch He said pissed off


In Scotts apartment,the living room was messy. There were clothes strewn all over the floor, food splattered all over the table. The smell of cigarettes filled the apartment as his friends were drinking and smoking. Shrill music was played from the speaker.

I am so happy Anita is missing, she is not more in my life. Scott said after puffing out a smoke

You wanted to dump her before. His best friend,Daniel, laughed.

She is always screwing me! She never gets tired. He hissed.

She loves you dude. One guy in the darker area of the room said.

Cut it off . He said

Caroline will soon be here, I guess. a guy opposite the television said

Sure, you got to excuse me and my babe. Scott laughed.

You **ing love her!

I have always loved her, he chuckled. She was always on my mind ever since Anita introduced her to me as her roommate. That black bitch!

They all laughed then continued smoking,

Scott stopped smoking and gave them a straight face.

Dude, whats wrong? Daniel asked

Guy, I am still… Just then Caroline entered the parlor and she coughed immediately she smelt the cigarette.

Hey Babe, Scott stood up and hugged her.

Hey she smiled but was uncomfortable with what she was seeing, she loves him and she has always loved him the moment Anita introduced her to him as her boyfriend and always got jealous of the love they share together!

You are looking beautiful. He scanned her. She was wearing a black short fitted gown showing her back, her makeup was simple.

Thank you. She blushed, Most times she gets worried about her best friend, Anita, whereabouts and feels uncomfortable dating Scott because of his bad side. And still do not want to leave him.

She sat down on his lap then he told her to give him a lap dance. Dudes you got to excuse us now. He said.

Yeah sure. His friends stood up then exchanged handshakes before leaving the apartment.

When they left, she made him sit down comfortably on a couch. Circled him slowly and ran her hands over him to heighten hianticipation…Sit on his lap facing him as she makes eye contact and moves her hips in circles, she has big boobs to brush up against him, all the better! Afterwards she rises to a standing position in front of him(still facing him) and then gently slides one of her legs down his crotch…

His desire for her grew and she wants to have him inside her… She lean back to kiss his neck then his desire grew more

What about giving you BJ she whispered to his ears… he could feel her breath and the moisture of her mouth…

They ended up giving themselves hot s**.

He stopped the music after she massage his body and started

Babe, you know Anita… Before he finished the statement she cuts in. ”I told you i don want to hear that name again, Can you do without mentioning her name she stood up and faced him ”.

”Babe I just wanted ”… She cuts in again with her hands up.

”Its fine I don want to hear anything again, Im just sick and tired of hearing that name ”. she hissed and walked out.

He looked confused not knowing what to do next…


After three months there was still no information about Anitas whereabouts. In the last three months Vivian has been depressed because of her missing sister. Even her friends in school couldn talk to her because she only enters class when they have a session and leaves immediately after the teacher leaves. She stays in the library or her private classroom. At home she stays in her room and comes out only when the food is ready. Curt doesn get chances to talk to her before or after school sessions, when he calls her or texts her she doesn reply …it makes him feel lonely.

One fine day she entered the kitchen to talk to her mum.

Mum, its been three months we haven heard any information about my sister She said. Her mum was surprised.

Yeah dear, Vivian! Her mom looks at her, still surprised and almost tearing up. ”I don know if we can still find your sister, I and your Dad spoke about it yesterday then finally decided to accept the fate and stop looking for her. She said

Then her moms eyes began to tear,she moved closer to Vivian then took her hands.

”We Promise to protect you ”. she held her hands tight

At that moment Vivian was crying uncontrollable, memories of her and her sister came through her mind.

Vivian,you are creative, you have to pursue your goal. Anita said to her when she wanted to quit dancing after losing a dancing competition. She never imagined her sister would get missing.

More memories began to come: you need to find your dreams, and believe in yourself. You are valuable. Those words kept on ringing in her head as she cried more. She felt the world was against her, her sister who has taught her how to live life and pursue ones dream is gone.

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