During the mid October, the early morning dew on a Saturday morning. At 7.45am, vivian woke up when she heard she heard sounds coming from the the kitchen. She sat up and wore her glasses. she had a terrible nightmare about her sister, what kind of dream is this? she said to herself then stood up and entered the bathroom.

Knock knock… Someone was knocking her door when she heard the knock she quickly rounded off in the bathroom by washing her hands.

Who is it? She asked

My baby! it was her mum.

She adjusted her self before opening the door

Hi mum, Good morning ma… She bends down as if she wanted to kneel but it wasn her parents culture they are from Delta State… She grew up in the United States and as never visited home throughout out her lifetime.. She has never wanted to go home!

Back to the scene…

Good morning My Baby, how did your night went? Her mum asked

It was fine and yours ? She opened the door widely allowing her mother enter the room.

Fine dear… Vivian… you know it is weekend and we have lots of chores to do today! You have to do it this morning so you would finish on time.

Okay mum… Am coming. She closed the door after her mum left the room.

When she locked her door she went to her study room… took her bible to read the verse of the day, As a catholic she reads the Bible with all her mind and because she is always attentive to things around her… After she read the bible she said her prayers ” I believe in God the father almighty creator of heaven and earth and in Jesus Christ his only begotten son our lord who was conceived by the holy spirit born of the virgin mary suffered and was crucified, dead and was buried he decended into heaven the third day he rose from the dead he ascended into heaven seated at the right hand of God the father … ” she said it loudly then crossed her body ” in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit amen ”

Having looked around the room, she saw that she has a lot of work to do, her room looks untidy. She sighs

Vivian, she heard her dad calling her from the living room she wanted to pretend as if she was still praying but he caught her.

Hey Dad, Good morning. She stood up

How are you my baby? He kissed her forehead

Am fine and you? She moved back folding her arms

Fine too, Have you said your prayers?

Yeah she beamed

Alright you should start your chores then. He said walking off

Okay daddy . she smiled

When he left she reach out for her phone to check if her boyfriend sent a good morning text message…when she saw his text she beamed ”Good morning pretty face, how was your night? Hope you had a good sleep. Am on my way to the stadium. Call you when am back home ”.

She replied ” Boo, my night wasn cool because i had a terrible nightmare. Will talk to you about it when you call! Have a nice day!

When the message delivered she lay on her bed thinking about the dream she had last night. She picks her phone and dialled her sisters number but it wasn reachable ”Hi, i am Anita will you leave a message? She pressed the red button and standing up to meet her mum in the kitchen

”Mum, whats wrong with Anitas phone ”, she isn picking.

”She might be busy ”her mom said

”I hope all is well with her ” Vivian bites her lips Because I had a dream about Anita…

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