The Dark Memories

We could be friends

”If you say you can live without me, so why ain you dead yet, why are you still breathing ”, thats me singing, thats my favorite song, sang by Madison Beer. I liked it since when I was in college till now.

”Maam you have a phone call ”, my personal assistant Lana Lang came into the office to hand me my phone. ”Yeah,thanks ”, I said after collecting the phone ”Who am I speaking with right now ”, I added asking the person on the phone after dismissing my P.A. ”White, its me Treena, Treena Castle, I used my official line thats why ”, Treena my best friend said; ”Oh, whats popping babe ”, I said with an obvious broad smile on my face ”Nothing much, really, I just want to ask if you
e going for the reunion so I can make up my mind about going also ”, she said sounding rather exhausted on the phone ”Sure ” I replied and that was all, the call ended. ”She must be so busy ” I said out loud.

She has been complaining recently that she has piles of contract to deal with for the company because she is an editor of literary fiction.

My name is Mycelia Davies, I reside in Monte Carlo in Las Vegas, Im normally called white by people due to my pale skin and blond hair and Treena gave me the nick name in college.

Im 25 years old and a well known journalist and also one of the richest here. I own a broadcasting corporation and it is the best in Las Vegas.

Enough of the old talks.

It all started seven years ago, when I just got into Greenfield university in London.

The school is full of dark memories, dark vibes that no one knew the reason behind it till we all departed and in two days from now Im going back there for a reunion and likewise all my mates back then. But something scares the hell out of me, I don know, but I have a feeling that during the reunion, more people will die, dark things will happen and everything in the past that we all put behind and pretended it didn happen will happen and repeat itself again.

7 years ago.

”Mycelia, Im going to miss you so much ”, momma said after I finished the whole registration thing and I am about going to my dormitory. ”Ill miss you more momma ”, I said as I gave her a tight hug and held my tears at bay while momma as I normally call her, was whimpering. We released ourselves and she brought out a napkin to dab her eyes and blew her nose, ye Munchkin, she said and got into the car.

I breathed out loud and looked up at the building in front of me, it was like a death trap, I felt like I was about to enter into a building full of traps. ”I can do this ”, I said and gently dragged my box behind me as I walked into the building.

Please, Im looking for room 201, I said a dark haired girl, who sat down on a long bench and was playing a Cello, she paused and ran her eyes all over me, I mean she stared at me from up to down ”Over there ”, she finally said and pointed after scanning my dress hanks, I replied and walked towards the direction she pointed.

It will be rude to just put my room card in and just enter the room. So, I decided to act matured and I just knocked on the door and waited for response.

Finally, a blond just like me opened the door, she had a nose ring on with three different earring on her ear and a navel ring, with her nails fixed and polished black, her hair were curled down to her shoulder and she reeks of alcohol and cigarette. She was putting on a bra_top and a crazy jean with her bare foot. ”Who are you, Kiddo? She asked after scanning my dress also, I wore a pair of culottes with a bra_top and a sandal to match, my hair was tied in a pony tail and I had a stud earring on. Im Mycelia Davies, your roommate, I replied and she looked at me as if she was disgusted with my appearance, come on in, Kiddo, she said and opened the door wide, but I could tell with the way she behaved to me, we weren going to get along well.

She disgust me already, especially with her appearance, she looks like a psychopath and the way she emphasize on the word Kiddo, annoys me.

I entered into the room, it was all messy and two guys were in there smoking, they were only on boxer short which gave me the chills and idea of what was going on before I entered. On the floor, beside the bed and mattress I suppose she was using, was her panties, I ignored them and walked over to my side of the bed.

”You should greet my friends, Kiddo ”, she said and the two guys burst out laughing. I was offended, I looked offended, but Im not the type to react to insults like that, I have learnt to keep my emotions at bay since when I was little which makes people pick on me and call me ”Pushover ”.

I ignored them and continued unpacking my stuffs. ”You heard her right, Kiddo ” one of the guys said, his left arm was covered with tattoo down go his hand and his neck has a spider tattoo on it, he was holding a cigarette on his right hand, he has a dark hair or probably dyed it black, he has a cyan eyes, a sharp nose and plump lips. He stood up and stared into my hazel eyes Im no Kiddo, I replied now getting annoyed while the other guy busted out laughing.

”Thats enough Clark, leave her ” my roommate finally said after she seems satisfied with the mockery and he sat down and kept shut immediately. ”Im Treena, Treena Castle ”, she said facing me and I just nodded my head and continued unpacking, ”since you don like being called Kiddo, what did you say your name was again? She added staring at all the cloth I brought out from my box ”Im Mycelia Davies ”, I replied without looking up from what I was doing. ”Ill call you White, since you look so pale like the water goddess ”, she said and actually got me laughing. ”White, I like that ”, the second guy said and winked at me which I bluntly ignored. ”You
e going to need a little change over, you know, your dress sense is so dull and horrible and it makes me uncomfortable ”, Clark said in a very annoying manner while a gave him this death wish look and he kept his mouth shut.

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