e to just put my room card in and just enter the room. So, I decided to act matured and I just knocked on the door and waited for response.

Finally, a blond just like me opened the door, she had a nose ring on with three different earring on her ear and a navel ring, with her nails fixed and polished black, her hair were curled down to her shoulder and she reeks of alcohol and cigarette. She was putting on a bra_top and a crazy jean with her bare foot. ”Who are you, Kiddo? She asked after scanning my dress also, I wore a pair of culottes with a bra_top and a sandal to match, my hair was tied in a pony tail and I had a stud earring on. Im Mycelia Davies, your roommate, I replied and she looked at me as if she was disgusted with my appearance, come on in, Kiddo, she said and opened the door wide, but I could tell with the way she behaved to me, we weren going to get along well.

She disgust me already, especially with her appearance, she looks like a psychopath and the way she emphasize on the word Kiddo, annoys me.

I entered into the room, it was all messy and two guys were in there smoking, they were only on boxer short which gave me the chills and idea of what was going on before I entered. On the floor, beside the bed and mattress I suppose she was using, was her panties, I ignored them and walked over to my side of the bed.

”You should greet my friends, Kiddo ”, she said and the two guys burst out laughing. I was offended, I looked offended, but Im not the type to react to insults like that, I have learnt to keep my emotions at bay since when I was little which makes people pick on me and call me ”Pushover ”.

I ignored them and continued unpacking my stuffs. ”You heard her right, Kiddo ” one of the guys said, his left arm was covered with tattoo down go his hand and his neck has a spider tattoo on it, he was holding a cigarette on his right hand, he has a dark hair or probably dyed it black, he has a cyan eyes, a sharp nose and plump lips. He stood up and stared into my hazel eyes Im no Kiddo, I replied now getting annoyed while the other guy busted out laughing.

”Thats enough Clark, leave her ” my roommate finally said after she seems satisfied with the mockery and he sat down and kept shut immediately. ”Im Treena, Treena Castle ”, she said facing me and I just nodded my head and continued unpacking, ”since you don like being called Kiddo, what did you say your name was again? She added staring at all the cloth I brought out from my box ”Im Mycelia Davies ”, I replied without looking up from what I was doing. ”Ill call you White, since you look so pale like the water goddess ”, she said and actually got me laughing. ”White, I like that ”, the second guy said and winked at me which I bluntly ignored. ”You
e going to need a little change over, you know, your dress sense is so dull and horrible and it makes me uncomfortable ”, Clark said in a very annoying manner while a gave him this death wish look and he kept his mouth shut.

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