I kept quiet. I didn know what to say, do or if the question was rhetorical or not. From the way he spoke and the powerful aura surrounding him I had the impression he was someone important and not someone Id want to get on the bad side of.

”Is she deaf? ” he asks. His question wasn directed at me but at the man.

”N-no sir ” he stuttered in reply. My eyes widened in shock. Startled by the fact that a man that large had began stuttering by a mere question from this man. This solidified my earlier speculation, this was a man that I didn want to get on the bad side of.

”Bring it to the wash room, its odor is disturbing my nose. Then take it to the court yard. ” He ordered.

It? I questioned in my head. Although I lacked in feminie features, I was sure I sounded like a girl.

”Yes sir. ”

I still hadn looked back yet; my neck was preventing me from doing so. I heard footsteps and the feeling of his warm breath on my neck. My fingers were visibly twitching from how badly I wanted to push his head away from mine, and it took all of my willpower from doing so.

”Ill be waiting. ” He whispered in my ear. And with that he left from the room.

I let out a breath I didn even realize I was holding. I didn know how much longer I could keep my body awake for. Steroid man came from round the table and guided me out another door. And wow! I thought the dining area was beautiful but the whole interior was magnificent. Im sure the exterior was magical as well. The floors were a dark asphalt, with specs of white when you squinted your eyes and looked closely. His walls painted with a smooth dark grey, adorned with eye-catching art pieces that popped with small bits of blue. A long beam ran across the room, holding a glass chandelier that emitted light through each crevice in the main hall. Directly below lay a set of matte black couches; all surrounding a grand fire place. I was led out of the main entrance and towards the stairs. The steps were a fiery cobalt blue and the railings an even deeper blue that spiraled up towards the top floor. Mounting the ridiculous number of stairs was hard enough but it a took strenuous amount of effort to mount them when I already felt like I could drop dead any second. Steroids pushed open a pair of tall darkwood doors with a white trim, leading to a bedroom. Before leaving he told me that I would be called for soon and with that the doors were slammed shut.

I looked up from the floor my eyes widening as I basked in the room I had been put into. Never in my life had I seen a room so magnificent. It was huge and spoke volume but held a warm, peaceful atmosphere. I felt so out of place, I didn want to touch anything or even look at anything. I walk further into the room, my toes curling as they hit the soft, woollen carpet. Opening the door on my right, my breathing halts. I almost cried from happiness, in front of me lay a huge bathroom. The whiteness of the bathroom blinding my eyes. Deciding to not waste any time, I rush towards the inessentially large bath tub. I scoot towards the gold taps and knobbles, and allow water to pool into the tub, while that was running, I shimmer my small body out of the rags of clothes I was wearing. I dip my foot into the water testing it before allowing my body to sink into it. I drop a ball of a substance unknown to me into the tub, hoping it was a soap of some type. As the ball fizzed away and disintegrated, I rested my head against a neck-pillow like shape at the end of the tub, closing my eyes and finally resting.

When I exited the bathroom, my body was pruned, but I felt clean. A fresh set of clothes lay on the bed. Just as I changed into the set of cotton pajamas, I heard the click of the lock and the old lady whod brought in the poisoned food revealed herself. She didn walk in. No, she just stood at the door. After just staring at her, I finally got the indication I was supposed to follow her. The old lady hadn said anything and neither had I, what was there to say? Although I would say for an old lady she walked briskly, as if she had somewhere to be or a flight to catch. I was brought to a garden of sorts; it truly was mesmerizing and serene. It wasn too much, like the rest of the house, but just enough. In the center of the garden was a small fountain, the water slowly gliding gently around the biodiverse set of flowers that decorated the place. I hadn realized that the old lady wasn leading me anymore, and I had only figured that out when seen the head of a man I didn recognize.

”Are you not going to join me? ” he said. And it was then who I realized who the man was.

”I haven got all day, sit! ” He commanded.

A command I knew was not to be broken. I scurried to the seat sat across from him. Suddenly the cobblestone bricked ground seemed very interesting, and I didn want to lift my head up from it . I traced the intricate designs on the brick. I could feel his heated gaze burning into the side of my head, but decided to ignore it. It was silent for a moment; the sound of the flowing water was all that could be heard.

”Well then, do you know why you
e here? ”

I shook my head, my mouth unable to form coherent words.

”Are you a mute that you cannot reply to me when I ask you a question? ” he stated calmly, almost too calmly.

”N-no no sir.

”Your parents. ” He started.

”What about them? ” I urged cutting him off.

He paused, clearly annoyed.

”As I was saying, your parents they owed me money, a lot of it for that matter. ”

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