We walked..no I was dragged down a dimly lit hallway as my feet had yet registered the motion of walking. The hallway was blurry as we walked, my eyes unable to focus on anything because of the fast pace I was being dragged at. I was shoved into a dining hall, a large wooden table stretched out far before me. The steroid bear sat me on one of the many chairs, before taking a seat opposite me and placing his hand-gun on the table facing me, I instantly understood the message he was sending, if he seen me move an inch he wouldn hesistate to shoot. Gulping visibly I place my hands on the shining table in response to show that I wasn planning on attempting anything. I felt so out of place, with the shiny floors, gleaming chandeliers to the sparkly white walls, then within all of that was me, a dirty small girl who hadn taken or even seen a shower in god knows how long.

We were just sitting, no words had been spoken, the tension in the room was so intense even the wing of a butterfly could cut it. I had rehearsed in my head what I wanted to say and what questions I wanted to be answered but when Id finally mustered up the courage to open my mouth and ask them, I sat their looking like a fish trying to talk underwater. A large, door swung a petite lady hobbling out of it holding a silver tray full of bright, radiant food. My stomach growled loudly at the sight of it. The tray was placed in front of me. I stared down at it, my eyes glazing with tears. Forgetting completely about the handgun placed directly infront of me I grabbed the silver fork by the white porcelain plate and stabbed it into the whole chicken. Before I bring the chicken to my mouth, a shot rang out. Stunned by the close proximity of the bullet to my hair I drop the fork instantly. It now seemed too good to be true.

My stomach was howling now. I sat back only now being able to smell the foul odor emanating from the tray sat before me which made me instantaneously lose my apetite.

”Thank you for the meal but I decline ” I speak out.

”And why is that ” a voice replied.

It wasn the same croaky, adenoidal voice the man that collected me bared, no this on was deeper, and pleasant in a way.

” I asked you a question. ” He stated calmy.

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