*I run hurriedly down the dimly lit hallway, trying to making as little noise as possible. I reach the mahogany wooden doors, shoving them open. The room was painfully cold due to the hopper window that was left opened. A lone fire whipped around dangerously, not really emitting much warmth to the room. Not wasting any time, I dash towards the window. I scan the room looking for any object to boost me up, only soon realizing that there wasn anything helpful I could use. I take a few steps back, and sprint towards the wall, thinking I was in an action movie when in reality I wasn . My legs stop moving too afraid of the possibilities of me hurting myself. Mounting a wall was harder than it looks. Taking several steps back I sprint again, this time focusing and using the holes in the wall supposedly made by termites to mount myself up and I scramble to grab onto the window sill. I let out a sigh of relief and shift my right leg a little only to lose my footing and plummet to the ground, hard. Pain immediately shoots up my back and I begin to writhe in pain on the ground. I use the wall on my left to assist me to get up. I take several seconds to stabilize my vision before standing up fully.

Breathing heavily, I crack my fingers and steady myself. Using the knowledge of mounting the wall I now grab onto the window sill with ease. I pull my body up my arms shaking , due to my body being malnourished. As I get my head through the window a sense of relief and hope washes over me. I was so close I could smell it. All the times I spent sucking up to those bastards and doing unimaginable things, had finally paid off. I was going to be a free woman. Knowing I couldn waste any more time, I shuffle the rest of my body through the window. My disappearance shouldve been noticed several minutes ago but I don dwell on the thought. I take in a deep breath of the fresh air, something I hadn done in a long time.

Just as Im about to get my left foot through the window, a cold calloused hand clamps on my ankle. My body tenses. I shake my leg trying to get my foot free.

No, no, no, no, no, no I cant go back! I begin to kick my legs aimlessly around desperate to get free. I couldn fathom what theyd do to me if I were to go back. I soon regret the approach I chose as I feel my energy beginning to drain out of me quickly. I feel the air knocked out of me as my stomach hits the windows rail as I get dragged to the cold, concrete ground smacking my head on impact in the process. I grind my teeth hard. I stop kicking now totally drained and seeing no point in trying anymore. Maybe this is the life Im meant to live. I let him drag me back to where it all started, once again. I let my eyes close knowing Ill need my energy for whats about to come.*

Let me take you to where it all started…

I woke up in a cold, enigmatic place unrecognizable to me. My head was pounding. The drip and drop of a broken pipe let me know I was in a basement of sorts. My breathing started to become irregular, I tried to stretch my arms only to realize they were tied to a metal clamp on the ground. I let out a frustrated groan, the measly tied filthy ropes were causing rope burn on my wrists. I sat back and leaned my body against the hard brick wall. I closed my eyes trying to remember anything that could explain why I was tied up in a basement. Taking in several deep breaths to try and relax I search my hyperactive brain for anything, anything at all-but there wasn a single thing in my mind, only notions. I look around the room looking for anything that could help me escape or explain where or why I was where I was. I came up empty handed; all I can see are four brick walls with plaster peeling off of them. I humph then look up at the ceiling and stare at nothing in particular. Why? What had I done to be in such a position? There was no coherent explanation that I could think of. So many unanswered questions were running through my head at an incessant pace. Everything felt so surreal and ambiguous.

The corner of my eye catches a red dot blinking. I don turn my body towards it, so as to not alert my captures Ive noticed it. I make it out as a small camera hidden smugly behind a thick spider web. My shoulders tense. How couldn I have seen that before? I mentally slap myself. A camera normally blinks red when its not connected to the internet or its about to shut down, I think.

I relax my shoulder and wait. Not really knowing what for, but I just wait. Surely whoever is keeping my down here would come down eventually, right?

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