The waves glided softly towards the sand. I wriggled my toes as an attempt to dispose of the damp sand in between them. I had been staring intently at the water and its movement as I tried not to settle my mind on the fact that we would be leaving Miami. Packing up had transpired so swiftly that the house almost looked like the first day in which wed arrived at the enthralling dwelling. Dad hadn given a proper explanation as to why we were leaving the house in which we both knew hed fallen in love with, like the rest of us. As well as with the ongoing lease on the house it didn seem like the coherent time to move.

I glanced over my shoulder and for the last time took in the beautiful oceanfront house rental we had been staying in. The oak house stood out gravely compared to the others within its vicinity. The large windows reflecting the clear blue waters, were my favorite feature about the house. The palm trees surrounding the home made it difficult to see, but any outsider would be intrigued as to what the trees were hiding, as were we when wed first arrived.The grey roof gave the house a modern look while the fresh oak contrasted greatly with it.

I swivelled back around on my rearfoot and took in a deep breath relishing in the smell of the refreshing salty water. I found it alluring how something that looks so serene could create such a slow and painful death. Nevertheless, I dived into the large body of water, savouring the feeling of the numbing water on my warm skin. Closing my eyes, I dolphin kicked my way through the water, feeling my breath shorten with every second I swam deeper. Only when I began to feel the familiar thump in my lungs is when I scramble to reach the surface; before my body involuntarily opened my mouth in efforts to get more oxygen. Breaking the surface I heave in gulps of the fresh air. I relax my muscles and allow my body to stay afloat and stared up at the cloudy grey sky. I relaxed my mind and just listened, although, it was difficult due to the water that constatly swooshed in and out of my earlobes.

My equanimity was all too soon snatched away from me as I heard my sisters voice shout out my name.

”Mila! ”

I rolled my eyes, ”Coming! ” I shouted back.

And took my time swimming back to the shore. I ambled my way towards the van that was now fully loaded, my sister in tow. I walked past my dad who was just shutting the bumper of the mini-van and ascended up the stairs to the now bare bathroom. I grabbed a towel off the rack and patted myself dry. Catching my reflection in the excessively large mirror I stared at myself. My fiery red hair, that I inherited from my mom, appeared an ever darker red now that it was soaking. My forest, green almond eyes continued to assess my face. My feathery, full eyebrows and long, black eyelashes sat comfortably on my eyelids. Light freckles were littered across my button nose and my bow shaped lips had turned a faint blue and were quivering from my swim in the ocean.

I contemplated on whether or not I should take a shower but knowing dad hed complain at how I was wasting time and needed to catch the stupid flight. Before leaving, I checked my room incase anything was forgotten, gosh it looked so bare. I made my way to the van.

”I call shotgun ”, my sister shouted as she zoomed past me. Giddy to reach our new temporary home. It was all like an unknown adventure to her. She seemed to see the positive in our constant moving.

” Things live by moving and gain strength as they go ” shed once said to me quoting her favourite actor, Bruce Lee.

”Have you met any other child who has been to more than twenty states? ” She continued, ”I haven and I doubt you have either, anyone would be lucky to be in our situation. ” she declared.

I let out a ”hmph ” as I got into the back of the van. Putting in my air pods and dreading the trip ahead of us…

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