The Billionaire Bodyguard

All\'s Well That Ends Well

Daehuyn stood there as the chairman tried to convince his daughter about the importance of having a bodyguard around. To Daehuyn, she was a loud, aggressive, spoiled brat that she was going to be stuck with for who knows how long.

”Look Hana, I don want to fight with my precious daughter, but you know the current situation against the Jin Seok group. My only wish is for you to be safe. ” When Daehuyn realized these were fatherly words, he was reminded of how master IL was always strict but also caring back home.

”Fine, ” Hana gave in. ”But I don want to see him anywhere around me. ”

”As you wish, dear, ” Mr. Moon also said to his daughter. Hana turned around, suddenly looking straight at Daehuyn, who stood there quietly.

”Daehuyn, this is my daughter Hana, a second year at Seoul National University. I hope you take care of her well. Hana, this is Daehuyn. Hes from the Chamsari sect that our foundation supports, and hell be looking after you from now on. ” Chairman Moon introduced Daehuyn, who bowed slightly after.

Hana appraised him from head to toe before giving him a devilish smirk. She started out of the office while Daehuyn just stood there. Then she stopped by the door, looked his way again, and said, ”Follow me. ” Daehuyn looked at the chairman, perplexed, and then left the office without even waiting for a response. Chairman Moon only nodded that she should follow his daughter.

”After you
e finished with my daughter, Yeonseul here will escort you and give you further instructions. ” Daehuyn bowed again after the chairman finished and followed after Hana.

Daehuyn wondered how a girl in at least a 7-inch-high murder weapon could walk so fast in those as he tried to catch up with Hana. Thankfully, Yeonseul was just behind him and guided him through the house.

Finally, after a long flight of stairs, they got to a room with two joining doors, one of which was open.

Daehuyn looked back at Yeonseul, who gave him a pitied look but nodded at him to go in. Daehuyn swallowed hard as he removed his shoes again before entering the room. The room was bright pink with a big white desk, and a bed so fluffy that it seemed one could melt in it, the room was neat and girly, and right in the middle was an angry young lady.

”See, I don know who you are or how you convinced my dad to let you near me, but listen here, if I see you anywhere close to me, you
e finished. If I lay eyes on you, you
e finished. If I smell you, you
e finished. So, in your best interest, quitting this job is your best option, ” Hana finished.

”And, you, look here. I came here to help the boss, not to be stuck with a snorty brat like you. So, for your good, you should always be in my peripheral vision, because, if you
e not, there are consequences, ” Daehuyn said, walking towards her.

”Do you understand? ” He smiled, standing in front of her face.

Hana was taken aback. No one had ever been so bold to speak back to her, but this man, this man was different and she didn like it one bit. He was a test of her authority. No matter who he was, with his weird clothes and long hair, she was going to get him under control one way or another.

”I-I see you have a backbone. Fine, Im going to tame you and clean you up so you don embarrass me in public. Don get cocky now. I still don want to see you anywhere near me, ” Hana said as she shot up with a light blush across her face, then turned around to leave the room.

As much as he didn like drama, with this young lady, he was going to have to get used to it. Then he smiled as he stood up straight. ”Yes, maam. ”

”Lets go now. Ill give you a uniform and tell you everything you need to know while living here. Also, the chairman wishes to see you after you
e done, ” Yeonseul said, stepping into the room. Daehuyn bowed.

”Thank you, please take care of me, ” he said before standing up straight.

Yeonseul also bowed slightly before leaving the room. Daehuyn followed after, but not after one more look at the young ladys room.

He was taken to the staff quarter where he was given his room and uniform. He changed immediately and followed Yeonseul for a tour around the premises. He was shown the shower room, the cafeteria, the sports complex, and the library. It was like a whole campus but smaller.

According to Yeonseul, the chairman didn want his workers going off the property in case something should happen, like war or something. He seemed a very mercurial man. After the tour, Daehuyn was introduced to the other members of the security team.

Finally, these are the rest of the security team. They
e the best of the best in this business. Daehuyn remembered just avoiding most of them. But, if this was their best, then the security team needed security itself. Daehuyn thought. Yeonseul nudged his side a bit, bringing Daehuyn from wherever his mind went to. Realizing what it was for, Daehuyn bowed a full 90°.

”Hello, my name is Kim Daehuyn. Im really sorry for pushing you outside. I hope youll take care of me. Thank you! ” Daehuyn yelled.

”You should have said you were a visitor of the chairman before going all Li Shuwen on us, ” the guard said he was probably hurt early slugging an arm around his neck.

”Yeah, we should give the newbie a proper welcome as his Seonbae in this work line, ” another guard added.

”Yes, thank you, ” Daehuyn answered, knowing they wanted to mess with him, so he changed tactics. Hes so called because the seniors were already intimidated by his loud voice. Daehuyn raised his head and smiled.

”Seonbae, can you please forgive me? Ive lived in the mountains all my life and I don know how people live in the big city. You see, where I come from, we beat each other up to say hello. Thats how we stay so fit there in the mountains, ” Daehuyn lied, but it was obvious his seniors were buying it.

”Wait, really? Ive never heard that before, ” said one of the guards. ”No, no, what if hes lying? ”

”No, you saw his clothes earlier; hes definitely from the mountains. ” They began arguing among themselves.

”If you
e really from the mountains, then prove it, ” one of the guards said as they decided to end the argument.

Daehuyn pulled off his backpack and the obvious reaction was everyone pulling back with a woo. It seemed like he would pull out a mountain beast or goat, but Daehuyn simply took out a photo, the very first photo of him and his brothers just before he left. He handed them the photo they took in front of the shrine. The guards speculated over the photo, asking if this was really in Korea. It took a while, but they believed him in the end.

One guard started: ”Wow, you really are the real deal. ”

”Debak, how did you become a monk at such a young age? ”

”I was raised there, so… Its really not a big deal, ” Daehuyn answered.

”So, are there also girls in the mountains? ” Another guard asked, and they all paid very close attention. Daehuyn didn want to spoil the mood, so he answered.

”Yeah sure, but they
e in a different sect. ”

”So, does that mean you don … you know… ” the guard trailed off, wiggling his brows. Daehuyn looked back at him, puzzled, until another one tapped him, making a silly face, which confused Daehuyn even more. Another one began talking loudly, and Daehuyn finally understood and smiled after putting all these strange hints together.

He looked back at his senior college and smiled, nodding his head, signifying that he did what they were thinking about, but unfortunately for them, Daehuyn thought they were talking about death training with the female sect and how they would morn after they are tired and exhausted themselves, but no one asked and no one was given clarity.

The guards got excited. At least, one of them had action outside. Now he could tell them stories and they would indulge themselves. After a friendly chat, all previous grudges had faded away, and they were more comfortable with Daehuyn now. Soon after they had lunch, everyone went back to their duty post for the day. Since Daehuyn had just started, he was given the rest of the day off, which he was thankful for. He had already reached his fill of social interaction for the day and given that he was going to spend the rest of the day with the chairman, he really needed some well-deserved rest.

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