The Absurdity That Is Us

The hairclip guy (1)

”I suppose I can return to the handicraft club by now? ” I asked for Indah and Sasas permission.

”Wait, ” Indah told me, and asked, ”Whats your next move on this problem? ”

I stayed silent. After being presented with Aroks threat, surely I felt a little bit anxious about my social life in this school in the future. The fact that he successfully spread a rumor, albeit still in its budding phase, might mean that his threat might not be a bluff. So I got to prepare for possible harm.

”For the time being, I guess I should leave a better impression on my classmates. ” I presented my idea. Arok did tell me to wait, but it is not like I have to comply and let myself be in misery.

”And how are you going to do that? ” Indah asked.

”Talking with them, like normal? ” I said the obvious.

Indah gave me a bored look, as if my plan was not going to work, and said, ”What do you suppose as normal? Sasa was flinched just by being called out by you. ”

Sasa opened her mouth to voice her opinion, ”Um, Uril. Truthfully, after I heard the rumor, you did become more intimidating in my eyes. And being stared at by you made me feel nervous and awkward. ”

After we heard Sasas thoughts, Indah raised her chin towards me. Her expression made it seem like she just said see? in her inner thoughts.

So it is safe to assume that my impression wards people away from me. There is nothing I can do about it, so I just have to push through despite the obstacle.

”Ill think of something later. ” I declared my plan.

Indah nodded slowly, then said, ”Hmm. Alright then. ”

She and Sasa looked at each other. And, as if they telepathically reached an agreement, they said to me, ”Guess well make our way. Bye, Uril. ”

”Bye. ” I said while waving my hand towards them.

They replied to my handwave. Right before leaving, Sasa said, ”Best of luck. ”

”Thank you. ” I said, then I return to the handicraft club swiftly.

As I entered the club room, I noticed that they were about to wrap things up. I felt guilty about my absence, so I said, ”Sorry, I took my time too much. ”

”You sure did. ” Gatot said, seemingly dissatisfied by my conduct.

Mr. Daya smiled at me. He smiles too much, but I didn hate it. He said to me, ”You didn miss out much today, but I advise you to stay focused during club activities. ”

”Sorry. ” I apologized for the second time.

”Alright, thats it for today. Thank you so much, Mr. Daya. Thanks to everyone who attended today. See you next time. ” Gatot said, concluding todays club meeting.

I put my note into my randsell, much like everyone else, packing their belongings. Among my belongings were the flannel hairclips that I brought from home. I brought it so that I can get accepted by the handicraft club, but theres another purpose for it. ”Um, I want to give these hairclips to everyone as a present. ” I said.

”Present? ” Nisa asked, not understanding my intent.

”Yep, present. I hope we can get along in the future. ”

”Why. Thank you. ” Nisa took the hairclip with the cats face. Ayunda followed along and took the heart-shaped one.

Gatot, Revan, and Jiwo seemed reluctant to take it. Well, it is extremely rare for boys to wear hairclips in the first place, so I suggested them a reason for them to take it, ”Perhaps you guys have someone in mind to give this to? ”

”Well, if you don mind. ” Jiwo said, then took one. Revan and Gatot followed along.

Gatot said when I turned towards the classroom door, ”Uril. Help me carry our suitcase to the storeroom. ”

”Alright. ” I said, then approached the suitcase. It has wheels on one end, and a grip on the other. This made it possible for one person to carry it alone, so did not get why he needed help to carry it. However, I did leave the club for a while, so at least I should help to make up for it.

As I was about to take out the grip, Gatot suddenly shouted, ”Wait, don ! ”

I was startled by it. Upon hearing his prohibition, I stopped in my track. He then explained his reason, ”Well lift this on each end. If you carry it like that, the items on the bottom will get pressured. The insides must stay neat. ”

Oh, so thats why. I thought to myself, then I grabbed both corners on the grip side. ”Ready? ” I asked.

Gatot also grabbed the corners on the wheel side, then started a countdown, ”Ready. 1, 2, 3! ”

Both of us lifted the suitcase at the same time, then Gatot asked, ”Do you know the way to the storeroom? ”

”I do. ”

”Alright, you walk ahead. ”

We then walked out of the classroom. Ayunda, who was waiting at the classroom door, immediately closed the door as soon as me and Gatot get out.

The storeroom was located on the schools left wing, first floor. Since we were on the second floor, we had to go down the stair in the middle part of the school. When we went towards the stair, students from other clubs were also on their way home.

I was kind of anxious that I would meet Arok along the way. My hands were full from carrying the suitcase, so I don have any means to defend myself.

I stepped down the stair carefully with my back facing downstairs. At the same time, I observed the students from other clubs in my sight, wary at the chance to meet Arok. However, fortunately, on our way to the storeroom, I didn meet him at all.

That guys going to give me paranoia. I muttered to myself.

When we entered the slightly cramped storeroom, there weren many students inside. ”Lets put it there. ” Gatot said, pointing to the spacious part of one of many racks inside.

We carefully put the suitcase on the rack, then Gatot took out a lock and key from his pocket and locked the suitcase. ”Thanks for the help, Uril. ” He said.

”Its nothing much. ” I replied with a smile.

Gatot shifted his gaze towards the storeroom entrance behind me, and said, ”Oh. Your girlfriends waiting. ”

My girlfriend? I mumbled inwardly. Confused by what he meant, I turned my body and saw Indahs head peeking from the door, looking at me. The sunlight coming from outside made her face look slightly dark from the inside, turning her into somewhat like a ghost creeping in. Scary.

”I don have a girlfriend. ” I corrected Gatot.

”Oh, is that so? Poor you. ” Gatot said with a sympathetic look.

I don understand why he would pity me, but I think it is not worth thinking about. We went out of the storeroom, and as we were about to part ways, I said to him, ”be careful on your way, senior. ”

”You too. Don get lost and end up in a hotel. ” He said playfully.

I clicked my tongue with a smile to his tease, and said to his figure walking away from me, ”I won . ”

”What was that? ” Indah asked.

I looked at her for a while before I say, ”Nothing. ”

Students went out of the building one by one, going back home. I observed every students face, still paranoid of Arok. The memory of me being on the receiving end of his bad temper was still fresh in my mind, and I estimated that I won have the mental capacity to face him anymore today.

And then, As if she read my mind, Indah said to me, ”If you
e looking for Arok, hes with Sasa. ”

”What!? ” I said, surprised by her statement. ”Where are they right now? ” I continued, asking her for more details. Theres no way I won be agitated.

”What are you going to do? ” She asked.

Her valid question made me stand still for a while, thinking deeply. If I found them, then what? Am I going to confront Arok and start a fight? Or am I going to forcefully bring Sasa outside? Numerous questions that breed another set of questions popped up in my head, making me unable to ascertain my next move.

Indah sighed upon looking at my confused state, and said, ”Shes fine. I assure you, nothing bad is going to happen to her. ”

I looked at Indahs expression which showed the other end of my feelings. ”Are you sure? ” I asked her, expressing my concern.

”One hundred percent sure. If you
e that anxious, why don you message her? ”

Her suggestion struck me unexpectedly. Why didn I think of that before? I muttered to myself.

I took out my smartphone in my pocket and swiftly opened the messaging application. I searched for Sasas contact, and as soon as I find it, I quickly typed my message.

e with Arok?

One minute has yet passed when my phone let out the ping! sound, indicating a message has been received.

Yes, I am.

Sasa only sent me three word sentence, which clearly doesn explain anything at all. I started typing again, trying to ask about her condition, but before I even finish my message, another message came from her.

Don worry, Im with my friends. She said.

Her message made my heart a bit at ease.

”See? I told you, shes gonna be fine. ” Indah said from my side while peeking at my phone.

e right. ” I said.

Before I put my smartphone back into my pocket, I sent Sasa a message to remind her, Be careful.

”Lets go. ” Indah said, urging me to walk with her to the busway station.

Now that I have calmed down, I remembered that I have something to give to Indah. ”Wait. ”

I reached out the inside of my randsell and took out the remaining hairpins I brought today. ”Pick one. ”

Indah looked at the hairpins, then shifted her gaze to me. ”What is this? ” She gave me a question.

”Hairpins. ” I answered her. Isn that obvious?

”No, I mean, why do I have to pick? ”

”Its a gift. Friendly gesture. ” I gave her my reason.

Indah giggled. ”Well, Ill pick this one, then. ” She said, took the hairpin with paddy motifs, and continued, ”Thanks. You better give Sasa one, too. ”

I smiled at her suggestion, then I said, ”I will when I meet her next time. ”

We stepped outside the school and went towards the busway station.

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