”Anita is the one cooking today, I wonder where she is? ” Naso said

”There you are, what took you so long? ”.

”I don know, my eyes are itching me. ” Anita said

”Whatever, go in there and prepare breakfast before Juliana eats your hand ”

”Hmmm! Am saying my eyes are itchy, no one cares, all you care about is food ” she walks sluggishly to the kitchen.

Moments later, breakfast is ready.

They all prepare to go for picnic.

”Anita please hurry up ”. Allison said

”Am coming ”.

”Are you okay? ”.

”Yes ”.

”Okay! Lets go ”.

Anita walks slowly, as the sun affected her sight. Notice she wasn walking with them, turn around.

”Anita you are delaying us, if you can walk fast, I would come there and carry you ”.

”Show off ”. They all said unisons.

”No, no Im fine ”.

”Hurry up, stop being silly ” she scolds Mya.

At the beach, walking on the seashore.

”Anita are you okay? ”. Pricilla asked.

”I don know, my eyes, huh, I don know ”.

”Does it hurt? ”.

”No, not at all, but I feel like am losing my sight ”.

”No don say that ”.

Sitting on the rocks, all alone, thoughts come to her mind… ”what if my dreams are slowly coming to reality, what if, no, no ”. she took a deep breath.

Allison walked in.

”Can I? ”.

”Sure ”.

”So, what are you thinking about? ”.

”Mm, nothing ”.

”Sure ”.

”Yes ”.

”Okay! If you say so ”.

Dawn, they retired back to their house.

”Wow! Today was fun ”.

”Anita why aren you saying anything? ”.

”Are you okay? ”. They asked really worried. Teardrops

”I can see ”. Anita said

”What! when, how, why ”.

”Thats too many ”. Saucy snaps at Juliana.

…Allison took her to her room. She lied down on her bed.

”Careful. Gosh, don worry you would be fine okay, you would go and see the doctor first thing tomorrow ”.

”There is no need for that I would be fine ”.

”Look at her, you are scared already, no you would go and see the doctor first thing tomorrow, so we would know how to help you, now go to bed ”. She kissed her in her head, switch the light off and left.

Next morning, sweet aroma.

”What is that smell? ”. Juliana asked as she walked to the kitchen.

”Ever hungry Juliana ”. Anita said. ”What! You can see, so you lied? ”.

”No! I gain my sight back ”.

”Weird, anyway, am hungry. ”

”Whats going on here? Allison asked. ”And wait… you can see! ”.

”Yes mom, I told you not to worry right! sit down let me serve you ”.

”This is real, wow! ”.

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