The whole story, true story, of how it all happen. Just after getting married, only to find myself in a tight space, when my mother in-law was on my neck, requesting for a grandchild that I couldn produce. Being that all my friends, who got married the same day with me, are all pregnant. She wanted the marriage to end but my husband who loved me so much was ready to wait. 9months after their conception they all put to bed bouncing, extremely cute baby boys.

Complicated birth process, actually the 20 of us, 12 got pregnant immediately after marriage. Leaving 8 of us to be mocked. Stella, Jeffs wife gave birth to twins Justin and David, Bablin gave birth to Jarad, Havana gave birth to triplet, identical. Richard, Andy and Fredi. Marien gave birth to Jamaine. Christy gave birth to two boys, Ony and Brandon, twins. Joyce gave birth to Theo. Peculiar gave birth to Jackson. Rosy gave birth to Nitto and Hamilton. Clara gave birth to Anthony. Emerald gave birth to Adrian. Freda gave birth to Nathen. And Margret gave birth to Drew.

Two most complicated birth. Marien and Havana. Marien who was expecting twins, but she gave birth to only one child. Precisely, it was to be a girl first, and the boy second, but things changed as the female

fetus refused to come out, the male fetus, which is jamaine came out first. It didn end there, the umbilical cord was split to half, half came out with jamaine while the other half remain inside Mariens womb.

As for Havana all three boys came out the same time, no one came out before the other, and they look completely the same. Well, that was it all the boys where given birth to the same time, same day, same year. My family lineage, we are immortals, thats how most thing are possible, when they seem impossible.

Well, she died and left me with a big scar. ZYRON, it all became worst when our family witch, our never dying nightmare, Fegrance found her way out of the magical cage that I place her, alongside her deadly accomplice. Fegrance is terror and she Barbaras mother, but her daughter is nothing like her.

So, when the boys were 3years old, we all went on a family outing, well Marien was isolated completely, cause jamaine twin refused to come out, for 3years she remained. We all left Marien at home. We went to the beach, with the boys, we had a lot of fun that day. Well Richard left to see a very young girl of same age, after talking for some minutes they locked lips. They went their separate ways, when we saw Richard, we were relieved, because he was so, so important to our world.

Exchanged made unknowingly. We all went back home, hours later he lost his vision, he couldn see things again. So, he told me, everything that happen, I was surprise, I thought about it for a while, and I realize.

I went downstairs, weird laughter. It became clear even more, Fegrance got her way. The boys. We lost all concentration. We were worry. Fegrance already got his powers, and if Richard is affected, they all get affected. ”Mystery from their 7days birth ritual ”.

We had to make a deal with Fegrance, but before that, she traps 7rings. Elena (revenge) mothers and send th

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