Strength of Heart

Life and Death

the risk of losing his life. Temah went to wake him up when he got up they all notice a huge dark figure coming towards them. When it became visible they saw the it was a man named Satur and he was holding Takeo(father) by the neck. Temah tearing up yelling for him to let him go. Satur smiles as he engulfs Takeos body in flames burning him; killing him. All his children watching as they just witnessed their father die. Toko can move his body, he is frightened as he just watched someone die right in front of him as he just starts breathing rapidly. He starts thinking to himself saying ”why? Why am I scared why can I move? More people I care about are gonna die because Im too scared to do anything. Ive let down so many people I can keep being so soft! ” Temah grabs him snapping him out of it telling him to take the kids and go get as far away as possible. Toko starts to tear up as he grabs the baby and start to run. Temah tells her kids to follow him they all try to hug her she pushes them away yelling at them saying, ”go now! ” They tear up and run after Toko. Temah fights with Satur only to be caught by the neck. Satur tells her, ” First Ill kill you and go after your kids, don worry they won die as long as they obey me and my demands ”. As he starts laughing, but then Temahs eyes glow white and shes about to kill her self and Satur, when he notices his eyes get big. He can escape because Temah clinched onto him.

Satur ” you can be serious, if I die it will only give rise to people with the same convictions as me and then no one in this world will have peace itll be nothing but war and death! ”

Temah ” I don care, I will not let my children be slaves; instead I am giving them a chance to grow, get stronger, fight as one and fix what youve caused! ”

Satur ” wait, no!!! ”

Toko and the kids running but then a huge explosion nothing but white light blinding Toko and the kids. When it clears Takeo looks at Toko crying and asks him if his mom was ok. Toko holds in his tears and says, ” she… shell be fine ”. They start walking until Toko finds a lone cabin. They decide to take shelter there. All the kids and Toko about to go to sleep, but Toko sits up and goes outside to sit on porch. He starts crying thinking of his sister. Toko starts shaking saying, ” Im not even sad, Im more mad than anything, Im mad at myself. My master took interest in me for my potential but I just don see it; what made me special? ”

Just as he says this, he realizes how valuable his life is. Its fate that kept him alive, he is kept alive to evolve and to complete being the person he was intended to be. Toko stands up puts his fist on his chest vowing to become the strongest warrior and fulfill his masters legacy and will.

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