Strength of Heart

Life and Death

Age 704; crystals were found across lands anyone within range was granted immense power and abilities. Depending on the person and how their body reacted , determined the ability and power they would have. This wasn the case for everyone, although some reacted to the crystals power there were some that didn at all.

Narration: ” You would think these crystals were the best thing to happen to humans, but you would be wrong. Greed changed us, power controlled us and beliefs separated us. ”

” From ages 710 to 740 there was nothing but war, everyone fought for the same goal but different purpose. So many lives were lost, bonds were broken and families were corrupted. These crystals turned earth into hell! ”

”It wasn long until there was an all out war, but this war was one that could end all the fighting. One man put his life on the line to end the cycle of greed and hatred because he lost everything due to all the fighting and killing, but instead of feeding off the hatred he sought out peace. For him being the first not consumed by hatred he was visited by Zitoshi and he gave him the power to end it all. With this he was easily the most powerful being on the planet. Everyone trembled at his power, leading to fear then eventually causing people to seek peace. This man was a legend hailed as a god not only did he end decades of war but he solved everything rationally. With there being only 4 countries at the time he gave each a crystal to hold as the source of their power and as defense. Tatsunori the name of a hero praised. Tatsunori received the greatest power from the most powerful deity, but with great power came a great cost although the power came with a price Tatsunori was willing to change life on earth even if that meant losing his own. Zitoshi warned him that the power up gave a mortal immense power, but caused a shorter life span. Tatsunori armed with this knowledge prepared for it. Until age 743, 3 years after he created peace Tatsunori was slowly dying his country preparing for his absence as they spent the final moments with him not knowing when he was going to die. Before he died he made a wish that peace was kept and everyone in the world lived a life of harmony. When he said this, my eyes were full of tears as he passed, but for his dying wish I promised to keep peace and harmony no matter what it takes! Little did I know this moment was waited for as the malicious feeling all around became stronger and more frightening.

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