Strength of Heart

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Kasai has only been home for a couple of hours and no one is more excited about it than Ziku. Hes spent the last 3 birthdays with only his mother and sometimes with his best friend Omoi, but He hasn seen Omoi in 2 months. Ziku feels sad without Omoi, but having his dad helped him forget about it. Ziku and Kasai spent the whole day together : laughing, playing and training. Natsumi smiles at the sight, because its all she ever wanted and shes happy Kasai is back for Zikus sake.

The day ends, they just got done eating and are ready for bed. Natsumi puts Ziku in his bed, but Ziku asks Kasai if he could tell him about the war. Kasai hesitates and starts to talk about it. Natsumi notices that its hard for Kasai to talk about it, so she interrupts and starts talking about her childhood. Shes only been talking for 5 seconds, then she looks and sees that they both fell asleep. She laughs and says: ”like father like son haha. ” She starts smiling, as she sees the most beautiful thing. Ziku laying on Kasai sleeping, which is all she could ever ask for. Her smile comes to a quick end when she remembers the type of world they live in. Its times like these where she wishes life could be as peaceful as it is now everyday.

Few days go by and Kasai and Sasori are training their sons. Then they allow Jin to spar with Ziku. Ziku is unable to hit Jin and its clear that Jin is far stronger, but Kasai wasn having them fight to see whos stronger he wanted to see how much heart Ziku has. He didn disappoint, although he was losing he kept getting back up and kept fighting even though he know he wasn going to win. They stop the fight and Ziku goes to Kasai with his head down and apologizes, but Kasai smiles and grabs his head telling him that its ok he made him proud by not giving up. Bedsides Jin has trained with them longer.

This sticks with Ziku and makes him smile. Ziku always wanted to be acknowledged by his dad. Ziku and Jin are playing just having fun. The adults are talking and discussing village authority. When they notice how much fun Jin and Ziku are having and how much they are smiling. This makes Kasai smile, but think too deep into it because he thinks about how cruel the world is and why this happiness won last. As Ziku and Jin are playing tag, they hear a voice say: ”hey could I play? ” When Ziku looks its Omoi. When he sees Omoi he smiles and runs to him and they double high five. Ziku introduces Omoi to Jin and all three start playing.

Then Natsumi asks Omois mom where have they been all this time.

Mina: ”Well we went to visit our clan in our old village and see how they were doing. ”

Natsumi: ” Oh, of course. ”

Then Natsumi introduces Mina to Kasai explaining where hes been, then introduces Sasori and his wife to Mina and her husband kotomi.

Kotomi: ”its an honor to meet you Kasai. ”

Kasai: ”Ah, Im no one special Im human just like you. ”

Kotomi ask Kasai if he can speak to him in private.

Kotomi: ”When we went back to check on our village and family, we found out that someone has been taking some of our members and using them as pawns to turn them into…. into… ”

Kasai: ”Someone has the nerve to kidnap people and imprison them, using them as experiments?! ”

Kotomi: ”Im afraid so, its honestly disgusting, but I came to ask you to bring my clan to your village to keep us safe. ”

Kasai: ”This isn my village, I merely protect it, thats it, but anyone is welcome to reside here. If that means we can grow in numbers and have multiple clans here, creating diversity one step closer to peace. ”

Kotomi thanks Kasai and just in a couple of hours, Kotomis clan were apart of the village. The Kogeki clan, prized fighters, composed of their main element which is wind. It didn take long for word to get out as more clans decided to be apart of the village, it kept growing because most clans had one thing in mind, if you can beat them join them. The village has evolved it was no longer just Nakamura it belonged to the: Kogeki, Hyokori, Ito, Akatsu, Akaruhi, Ryoku, Utsuki, and the Nohara clans. This was a beautiful sight for Kasai all the different clans, the different symbols all coming together as one for harmony. All that was left is for the nations to create alliances that result in peace. Later Kasai was confronted by Kai and he wanted to be apart of the village as well providing extra strength with his clan, The Chikaras. At first Kasai wanted everyone to live together with no segregation, but it seemed like the Hyokori and Akaruhi clans would never get along. After all, their elements made them completely different as they always battled on who was stronger. Hyokori with Ice and Akaruhi Fire. This ultimately led to Kasai segregating each clan, giving them their own district. Doing this he knew they would have their own isolation, but going to school, getting groceries and basically any other basic life essential they would have to learn to live together and count on one another.

This was also a good thing for Ziku, him and Jin were the only children in the Nakamura clan, now that there are more clans there is also more children for Ziku to play with. Few days go by and everyone is settled. Kasai begins to train again, as hes training, Toko stumbles across him. That is because Kasai decided to train in the mountains somewhere he can release huge bolts of lightning and not hurt anyone or anything. When Toko finds him he tells him that he can help him. Kasai asks ”with what? ” Toko tells him to come at him with his full power, Kasai is unsure about it and questions him but Toko insist that Kasai uses full power to attack him.

Kasai amps his base and rushes him, but Toko easily dodges and blocks all his attacks. This surprises Kasai making him retreat. In his head he starts doubting his own strength, but then he smiles because he realizes hes not the strongest in the world and it amazes him to know he has the ability to surpass someone and grow even stronger. Kasai smiles and unleashes lightning aura around his body he closes one eye as he feels a little pain. He rushes Toko again and this time it makes Toko use quite a bit of his power. Still Kasai is no match for Toko. Kasai backs up and falls to one knee with one eye closed as his body just starts to tingle and twitch.

Toko: ” hmmm it seems that little power up of yours takes quite the toll on your body. You can hope to protect loved ones with that, or is it some sort of last resort? ”

Kasai: ” honestly, I don know. When I first used it, it was out of anger and it made me stronger. Now it just seems like this power is far beyond my control. ”

Toko: your anger probably canceled out the pain the first time. ”

Kasai: ” ahhh yeah, maybe. I worry that my body will never get use to this power and it will end up killing me. What a way to die right? By your own power. ”

Toko: ” I could help you. Your power is indeed strong. All you need is guidance and training, then you will be able to master the full extent of your power so that you may use it, and have no repercussions. ”

Kasai: ” I would be honored. ” Kasai starts to smile as he thinks of this as a way to grow even stronger than Toko.

Toko takes Kasai to his home. While Kasai is there he meets the family. Everyone shakes his hand, until Azuma walks towards him, smiles, then asks if Kasai wants to fight.

Kasai: ” Sure, lets go!

Toko: ” Azuma, I don think….. ”

Azuma: ” Hmph, Ill be fine. ”

Kasai smiles and gets into a stance, while Azuma does the same. Azuma creates aura around his body as hes increasing his energy to show Kasai how strong he is. Kasai is amazed, but he does the same. They begin to fight, Azuma is powerful, but too slow to even hit Kasai. The fight doesn last long and ends with Azuma in an arm lock with Kasai nearly breaking his arm.

Kasai: ” I wasn going to break your arm, I was just trying to see if you would keep fighting even when it seems you
e out of options. The fight didn last long, and neither did your fighting spirit. ”

Azuma: ” I see what you
e saying, you are not only a strong opponent you carry wisdom in your wise words. ”

Toko: ” Well that settles it, but he will be training with us. He has so much unawakened power. My job is to help him awaken it and learn to harness it. ”

Akuma: ” But can you trust him? ”

Toko: ” In this world you can trust anyone, Im doing this only for his benefit, what he does with it is up to him. You could either be the savior of this world, or someone who brings great suffering. Ultimately it will all end the same way. ”

Akuma: ” And that is? ”

Toko: ” War. ”

Kasai looks to the floor in sadness. As his mind is overwhelmed with memories of Ziku and Natsumi. Toko ensures that Kasai would be able to train and protect his village at the same time. Kasai starts to walk back but all of sudden hes stopped and his head starts to hurt, he ends up holding his head and seeing a vision. In this vision all he sees is a dark silhouette which has lightning aura around its body as it seems to have unlocked overwhelming power. The vision ends and Kasai falls to one knee. He questions what he saw.

Kasai: ” Was that… Me!? ”

After he questions everything he just decides to head home. When he gets there he sees Ziku and Natsumi waiting for him as they welcome him back. He hugs them both and tells them that he doesn feel well, so he decides to go to sleep. In his dream he finds himself alone with no one or nothing in sight. Just an endless white void, he later notices a silhouette. The silhouette disappears and leaves Kasai confused as to who and what it is. Then all of sudden Kasais head starts to pound and vibrate as if someone is trying to take control over him. He then falls to his knees with the room going from white to complete darkness. When he looks up everything is blurry and he can make anything out. One thing he sees is eyes, there are 5 pair of eyes surrounding him each a different color. Kasai is frozen, until they start moving towards him which makes his head pound again, bringing intense pain. This makes Kasai put his hands on his head and scream. When one of the shadows gets to him, it grabs his head and whispers to him ” You Can Do It, You
e Not The One. ” It continues to hold his head squeezing it. Kasai in the most pain. Until he ends up waking up hyperventilating.

Natsumi runs in the room asking him whats wrong. Kasai just puts his hand on his head. Natsumi rushes over to him grabbing him and hugging him. She starts to cry.

Natsumi: ” I don know whats wrong with you, but I do know you
e in pain. It hurts me to see you like this. ”

Kasai: ” Im fine, honestly, its just recently my mind has been overtaken by these subliminal messages. So far I had two visions that I don understand. ”

Natsumi: ” We need to find the reason of your visions, they seem to take a toll on you. ”

Kasai: ” yes, it hurts to have them, but they… what do they show me? What do they mean? And why do I only see them? ” So many questions, yet all unanswered. ”

Natsumi: ” Maybe you were chosen, because you
e special. Maybe the visions you see are meant for only you, cause only you can change them. ”

Kasai is left speechless. Such a heavy burden has been placed on him. Few days go by as Kasai and Toko are training. When they finish, Kasai looks troubled causing Toko to ask him to speak his mind.

Kasai: ” Ive been having visions, yet they have no context. I have been told these visions could only be meant for me. Not knowing the meaning what can I do? And if I die, does what I could not finish fall to my son? ”

Toko: ” It most likely will. All you can do is try and piece together your visions. They could be foretelling the future or someone could be trying to use you for their personal needs. ”

Kasai: ” I understand, promise me Master Toko; if I die, I want you to train my son and help him become what I could not! ”

Toko: ” you have my word. ”

Day goes by and Kasai walks around the village thinking to himself what the visions could mean. Out of nowhere Sasori stops him asking him whats wrong since he can tell when something is troubling him.

Kasai: ” it is nothing elder brother, I just wish to be alone so I can figure things out. ”

Kasai walks away with Sasori just staring. Kasai gets frustrated cause he can figure out what anything means and hes kind of afraid of what the outcome may be. He finishes the day with more training. He leaves from Tokos place and heads home. When he gets home Ziku is already sleep and so is Natsumi. Kasai just lays down next to Natsumi and falls asleep.

Sasori is sleeping next to his wife. Then all of sudden Sasoris heart beats loudly waking him up. When he wakes up he notices purple and black aura around his body. He doesn know whats going on, but then his head starts to hurt severely as he screams and falls to the floor. His wife tries to see whats wrong, but as Sasori is screaming his body disappears leaving a burn on the ground making a symbol. His wife Katami wastes no time as she immediately gets up and tries to go after Sasori.

She didn try and wake Kasai she decided that she would just go after him herself. During all the commotion Jin had woke up. But he was just scared and his first instinct was to hide, holding his ears as it seemed like he could hear how much pain his father was in and how much agony his mother felt. Sasori ended up in front of Totsuki along with Kento. Totsuki smiles because its only the beginning of his plan and the next step is sure to work. Then Katami shows up moments after, Totsuki is bewildered by her presence, but what he doesn know is that all Nakamuras pinpoint each others energy. They just have to be familiar with it. Katami was never a fighter shes only really been a sensory type her senses and how she pinpointed energy was by far the best in the clan.

Totsuki walks slowly towards her, but she just falls in fear and starts crying because shes helpless to do anything, only her love for Sasori brought her that far.

Totsuki: ” Hmmm I have an idea perfect for you. ” As he laughs

Totsukis eyes glow signifying hes controlling Sasori and Kento from the seal he placed on them.

Totsuki: ” lets see how strong this love is shall we? ”

Sasori walks over to Katami hovering over her. She gets up and tries to hug him, but Sasori grabs her throat lifts her up and begins to squeeze. Katami is weak so she can get out of it, when she realizes Sasori is being controlled she just gives up looks at him, with a tear falling down her cheek she tells him: ” I love you… ” then in a swift moment her neck snaps.

Totsuki just smiles maliciously and says: ”lets see how formidable Kasai really is! ”

Kasai is asleep, tossing and turning, he just has a feeling that something is wrong. Its midnight and out of no where Kento lands in the middle of the village creating a crater. This goes unnoticed until Kento lifts two of his fingers pointing up which creates a huge explosion destroying half the village. Kasai is awakened by all the destruction, when he looks over he sees Natsumi looking out the window crying. He goes over to her and looks out and sees the devastation. Half of the village was gone, it included the Nakamura ward and a few other clan districts. Natsumi can stop crying as she falls to the floor knowing her clan is gone just like that. Kasai continues to look out the window and he can see exactly who did it, all he sees is smoke and a shadow beyond it. He notices that the shadow looks towards him and leaps into the air. Kasai is confused as to where it could have gone. He tries to comfort Natsumi, but then senses something coming as he picks up Natsumi and body flickers outside. As Kento landed in the house destroying it, which would have did damage to them if they hadn moved.

Kento stands up and looks at Kasai. Kasai is bewildered as to why Kento is doing all of this.

Kasai: ” Why? Do you hate me because of all you lost in the war? If thats it, why attack my village and home, why not just me?! ”

Kento just stands there, which makes Kasai angry. Then he thinks to himself where Ziku must be. Natsumi tells him that he went to sleep over with Omoi and his family.

Kasai: ” He should be safe then? Hope all is well with them. ”

Kasai gets into his fighting stance, until he hears an aggressive ” No ”behind him. When he looks he sees Kai.

Kai: ” Im sorry for what he has caused, but its evidently clear he is being controlled. My brother is mine to handle, just take your wife somewhere safe. ”

Kasai nods, picks up Natsumi and begins to leave. He looks back and says: ” don you die ”.

Kai just stares at Kento thinking to himself how could he let this happen.

Kai: ” you have to stop this Kento, fight whatever is inside you! ”

Mayonaka: ” its useless, very bold of you to try and handle this yourself, but stupid of you to believe you
e strong enough alone ”. As he starts to laugh.

Kai just looks down at the ground.

Mayonaka: ” Aww whats wrong? Have you realized the situation you
e in and know you can win? By the way your oldest son? Hes 13 isn he? ”

Kai thinks of how strong his son has become, but he also remembers that he had him go retrieve a special herb for the medicine his wife needs. shes suffering from a Peripheral artery disease; which caused her blood vessels to narrow and reduce blood flow to the limbs, weakening her legs and restricting her movement. She also suffers from Pneumonia which has intense chest pain and caused her to cough a lot, occasionally coughing up blood. Kai ultimately wanted to stay by her side, so he gave his son the task of picking up the medicine she needed.

Kento dashes towards Kai throwing a punch that gets easily blocked by Kai. Then Mayonaka does the same throwing a kick that also gets blocked. Then Kai powers up creating an energy wave that pushes them back. Kasai takes Natsumi to Kotomis house to check on them and see how Ziku is. When he gets there he finds that Ziku and Omoi are sleep, along with Omois parents. Again Kasai senses someone, this time its familiar and Natsumi recognizes it as well. Kasai looks at Natsumi and indicates with his hands that he wants her to stay. When he goes outside he gets traumatized by what he sees. Its Sasori, but hes being controlled, with a seal placed on his body and his eyes completely black. Kasai figures out that he and Kento must be under the same curse seal, but he doesn know who the caster is.

Before Kasai can say anything hes tackled through the house and taken into the sky. They start trading blows while in the air until Kasai gets punched to the ground. Just before he gets up, he gets grabbed and taken across the village. He gets thrown down to the floor and Sasori falls on him kneeing him further in the ground. Sasori can fly using lightning with his static thrusters. Kasai hasn mastered that technique yet, but him at his base is still the fastest human on the planet. Kasai gets ups to his feet as he looks at Sasori. Sasori starts walking towards Kasai, making him get into his stance preparing to fight. This also makes a tear fall down kasais cheek since he has to fight his elder brother in a way he never thought would happen. They begin to fight which leads to the rest of the village watching. No one decides to help because everyone either feels like they
e too weak or they
e very scared.

As they
e fighting it makes Natsumi scared for Kasai and she goes to try and help. After she leaves Ziku ends up waking up and hes excited. Ziku runs down the stairs yelling: ”its my birthday! ” He ends up waking up Omoi with all his screaming and they both go downstairs to find Omois parents looking in the distance as part of the house is destroyed.

Ziku: ”Umm whats wrong? What happened to the house? I thought my parents said they would be here early in the morning. ”

Kotomi: ” Ziku, I don know how to tell you this but. Your parents are fighting right now,in order to protect you and the village. ”

Ziku just looks at them without saying anything, he looks at the damage done to the house. Omoi looks at Ziku as he can see how worried he is. Ziku gets into a corner and just sits there rocking back and forth.

Natsumi arrives to where Kasai and Sasori are. She yells to Kasai, forcing him to look over to her and when he does he gets hit to the ground. As he hits the ground Sasori lands on his chest making Kasai cough up blood, then he just unleashes a barrage of lightning punches which leaves Kasai laying there. Sasori gets up and walks towards Natsumi, she puts her hand over her mouth thinking to herself: ” what have I done? ” Sasori gets to Natsumi, grabbing her and beginning to choke her. Natsumi isn strong enough to break his grip, but she pulls out her sword and cuts his arm off.

She falls grabbing her throat as shes in a lot of pain. She looks at the arm and sees a dark aura surrounding it. Then the aura lifts the arm and attaches it back to Sasori. Natsumi at a lost for words as all she can think about is how shes going to survive without Kasai. Sasori walks up to her slowly then kicks her. He picks up her sword, wiping of the blood then walks towards her.

Natsumi: ”Sasori please! You already killed your brother, now me? Sasori Im sorry I couldn help you! ”

Kasai starts to move as he gains consciousness. He hears Natsumi crying and pleading for her life. When he looks he sees Sasori about to kill Natsumi. Kasai uses every ounce of strength he has left to rush over to her. Kasai gets stabbed through the heart, but not before he stabs Sasori through his heart with his lightning sword. Both Kasai and Sasori fall to the ground next to each other. Natsumi grabs Kasais hand and starts to cry. Then it begins to rain and thunder outside.

Ziku sees the thunder and lightning and begins to tear up, not knowing what happened, but he feels like he has lost something. Ziku runs out the house, to where its coming from and Omoi goes after him. It transitions to Kai as all you see is him fall and then being stabbed multiple times to a tree as he dies. Totsuki appears, looks at Kai, smiles then starts to laugh.

Totsuki: ”Once formidable, now dead. Just goes to show how strength is nothing without guided by loved ones. ”

Rai-on is Kais oldest son, the one he told to retrieve the medicine for his wife. As Kais body just sits there Rai-on feels that something is wrong. The Chikara clan gather around Kaminas bed as it seems she only has a few minutes left. Then all of a sudden Totsuki, Mayonaka and Kento appear in front of the house making all members of the clan walk out. The Chikara clan wasn regarded as strong, cause no one knew how strong they were, only Kai was known for his strength. Kamina begins to cough up more and more blood, with the only people left by her side was her youngest son Kame and her sister Jaken. Jaken tries to help as much as she can, but once Kamina is done coughing they all hear the clan fighting and dying one by one. Jaken looks outside to see the whole clan decimated. She starts to cry and ends up making eye contact with Kento. Kamina thinks to herself that since all this is happening it must mean Kai and Kasai are dead. She tells Jaken to run and hide with Kame.

Jaken: ”But what about you? ”

Kamina: ”Theres no need for you to worry about me, I wouldn get far I would eventually end up dying to my disease. Something I don want Kame to see. ”

Jaken: ” I can just leave you! ”

Kamina: ”HURRY AND GO NOW! ” She yells then immediately coughs up blood.

Jaken hugs Kamina crying intensely, as she picks up Kame and they begin to run. Totsuki walks into the house to see Kamina.

Kamina: ” why are you doing this?! ”

Totsuki: ” I think its better to say why not? I intend on making this world mine, and to do that I have to prove Im strong enough. ”

Kamina: ” But you
e not strong! Making family fight family, turning everyone against each other. You don know the warriors you will awaken with this tragedy! ”

Totsuki: ” That is why everyone must be killed, sparing no one. That way no one can rise to defeat me later! ”

Kamina begins to cry because it seems like Totsuki has won. Totsuki rubs her face and wipes the tears. Totsuki leaves not even killing her. Then when Mayonaka asks why he left her, Totsuki responds by saying: ” shes on her death bed, shell die soon enough. ”

Mayonaka: ” There are two getting away, Ill make sure they die with the rest. ”

Totsuki: ” No, I want Kento to go. ”

Kento goes after Jaken and Kame stopping them.

Jaken: ” Kento why? Why are you doing this? ”

Kento begins to slowly walk towards Jaken. When he gets to her she pushes Kame away and tries to hit Kento, but he easily blocks it. He then grabs her by the throat and lifts her up, Jaken unable to break free as she just squirms back and forth trying to release his grip. She looks him in the eyes as she starts to cry and she notices he has no pupils, she learns he is being controlled but shes unable to do anything.

Jaken: ” Im so sorry I can help you, Ive always loved you Kento! ”

A tear comes down her face as she realizes she should have told him how she felt, now he will never know. Just as Jaken begins to fade, Kento gets hit and knocked back pretty far. Jaken falls but is caught, her vision starts becoming clear and the person who saved her was Asuna.

Jaken: ” Who are you? ”

Asuna doesn say anything, he just lays her down and Kame comes up asking if she was ok. Asuna takes both of them to a town hall where they gathered all the village people and surviving clans. Asuna expected Kento would be gone, but he and Toko go to where Kasai is. When they get there they see Ziku crying on his knees next to his dad. As Natsumi just holds Ziku.

Kasai: ” Ziku, this seems very unfair, I know I wasn here to watch you grow up but Im glad I got to spend time with you and train with you. I got to see you get stronger, and it made me proud to realize you are a lot like me hahaha. ( As he coughs up blood) I really wish I could be here to watch you grow up. You still have your mother, and shes a strong woman. Ziku promise me, promise me you won live a life full of hate and vengeance. Live your normal life, continue to be who you are, don change for no one. I wont be here, but Ill be watching Ziku. Make me proud! ”

Ziku just continues to cry until he finds the right words.

Ziku: ” I promise dad! ”

Toko and Asuna walk up. Natsumi puts her head to Kasais and just smiles, she rubs his face as tears begin to slowly fall. She gets up and walks away with Ziku as Ziku just looks back and stares. Toko kneels down as Asuna just watches.

Toko: ” You just couldn . ”

Asuna looks at Toko confused.

Asuna: ” I don understand, why would you say that? ”

Kasai looks at Asuna then closes his eyes.

Kasai: ” My training with Toko, Ive mastered my lightning aura just didn know what to call it. Thing is I could have beat my brother if I went into that mode. Its just that mode, any attack would have destroyed the village. ”

Asuna: ” I get it, you had to make a choice and the one you chose is very noble, only the strongest wills could have accepted this. ”

Kasai: ” yeah, Toko promise me, that you will help train Ziku. I want Natsumi to teach him first, then Asuna, then whenever you think hes ready, you train him to awaken his full potential.

Kasai looks at both Asuna and Toko as he thanks them. His final words are ” its yours now. ” Kasai finally dies, but he dies with a smile. When he dies Natsumi and Ziku feel it, as Natsumi drops to her knees and starts to cry. Her head falls to the floor and she just keeps crying. Ziku not knowing what to do just watches as he tears up.

Kasais death was one Ziku was unable to handle, barely getting to know his father and seeing him die on his birthday. This made a slight change in Ziku. Put forth a time slip of two years.

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