”don you see this world is bitter than pigs shit ”; she said almost yelling. she turned to face him, ”am I happy to this life like this lei , this life was meant for people who got everything from it , what about me ? why am still living anywhere? hmm ? ”; she asked tears felling down her cheeks.

calm down D , time will tell , and am sure you will get that happiness you craving and everything thing you want from life. he answered

yeah offcourse! you know , hmm , you telling me those words out of satisfaction you got from this life, please stop playing with me am done with this , lei am tired.

so you telling me you wanna end your life ; he asked having tears in his eyes and yelling at her.

yes lei I wanna end this hurting , I wanna end this pain and this miserable life of mine. ; she said yelling back.

he drove off without saying anything and took her in the mountains where they go for hike. she opened the door for himself and got out of the car and opened Danas door as well. ”get out ” he ordered

what place is this? she asked

just get out of my car; he said again harshly

she got out of the car and stood on its left.

follow me; he ordered again.

to where? she asked

he grabbed her arm and made her follow him by force, she removed her arm from his hold

. ” let go me lei am not one of your dogs , you treat as you wish ”; she scorded

look down there; he showed her pointing under the mountain they were standing on .

and ? she asked

and then jump , didn you tell me you don wanna live anymore? he asked

she looked at the height of the downfall of the mountain, it was very far she couldn even look down very well. she didn say anything or do anything she just stood there looking at lei.

why are you looking at me? I thought this was what you wanted, I thought this would help. he said yelling at her. why don you jump D? .

she didn answer him she just looked down to her hands.

he held out his hands and took her hands in his , and made her look in his eyes.

”do you know why you can do it ” ? he asked

she shook her head saying no , looking down.

look me in the eyes ; he asked this time

she lifted her head up and looked at him .

”you got no strength to do it ”. he said . do you know why? he asked again

because you don hate your life. he said

she lifted her head up and looked at him questioningly.

” the problem is you don know how to live it ” he added.

and how should I live it? she asked in the soft voice and a sad one making his heart to melt.

he loosened her hands and held her head in his hands.

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