about the scolding I think here would be boring , don you think? He asked

Tell me straight where are you taking with this ? She asked back.

First how are you feeling now? He asked

Am good, and Ive thanked you for it; She replied

Ok thats good then am standing out of your house waiting for you, can you come out , and say thanks again, and scold me as well.

Don tell me….. Are you mad or what? She asked , am coming but I swear to you I will give you a serious scold ; she said sounding very mad . She changed quickly and walked out of the room with her phone.

Where are you heading now? , knowing very well your still sick. Her mother asked.

To see a friend. Mother ; she answered.

A friend, ok , she said . Oh my Dana having a friend its a miracle, she said to herself so she can hear her . surprising hmm. Go ahead darling ; she added.

She went outside quickly , ” where are you? Now ; she called.on the phone.

Am here D he said! Your holding the phone with your left hand , your are waving your right hand for me to see where you are . This guy was playing this romantically.

Then show yourself. She said commanding

Behind you girl, he said removing her phone on her ear. Here is your phone , he added giving her phone.

Uhmmm how do you want this to go? Dana asked.

Uhhh ok lets start with your scolding. He suggested

Ok , where did you get my number first? She asked

From the radio, he laughed of what he said . Ok am sorry don be angry , I got it from James and am sorry if it was out of your liking . But I had to , I didn want you sending me back to the radio if ask it from you .am sorry. Am I getting another scolding? or he asked.

How do you know my life ,past and secret? ; she asked seriously with a serious look closing her arms to her chest.

He stepped infront and leaned in few inches between them ” I know you because we are the same D ”; he said to her face

Feeling Uncomfortable she pushed him from his closeness to her . ” Don ever come this close to me lei ” ; she warned . Am not who you think I am. ; She added

Ok ok ok , I won ; he said raising his hands promising he won do it again.

She sighed releaved. And who told you my doze? She asked unable to hold her questions.

I just sent you mine , hope you return them . He laughed.; Just kidding. D I think no more questions left so thank me. He suggested

But I did ; she said still closing her arms to her chest.

You did it with words and for I helped you with actions I need , action thanks in return. He said .

Where are you going with this? She asked her look turning into what you can tell. Maybe amused

Just a hug thats it .; He said looking innocent.

Do it; she said

He came close and leaned , took her arm and wrapped them on his shoulders, slipped his arms through her waist and wrapped them together. he could feel her heart beat , heart to heart.

What do you feel? He asked

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