Is that guy a ghost or what ? , since I meet him he keeps on chasing me wherever I go, doesn he have any other things to do?. She runned talking to herself. She reached home and gave a bath. And went straight to work, she came back home late in the hours of the night it was like 9pm to 10pm. She went on the shop to get a bottle of cocca to keep her up all night.

Hey James can I get… She cutted off seing lei standing infront of her .

How can I help you maam? Package of sweeties, biscuits or yogurt? Lei asked

Your customer care is very low , lei just try something else not this. She replied annoying him . By the way got no time to waste , just give me a bottle of cocca ; she added

He gave her a bottle of cocca and she paid. She came close to him face to face . ” Stop following me like a ghost ” lei ; she warned

Am not doing anything bad just working hard for the missing letters. He said snapping his fingers. Can I get the next letter today?? He asked. Or can I tell it myself. Dana ., Dana Hans; He said closing the distance between them . I know you very well Dana , your life ,your past and your secret too. He said grabbing her arms to make her look him in the eyes.

Dana , Dana Hans so please, lei enough already. Lets drop these things. She begged pushing him to leave , she looked like she was about to cry or feeling uneasy of the words he told her. The first time she has ever been afraid of someones words like this.

Leinad kansa , he said loudly as usual making his voice follow her up.

She turned far from the shop ”better say it short , that way it doesn suit you. She said and kept on moving , weeping her tears . What happened to this girl is it a big deal to tell her he knows her past , life and secret.

Seing her walking, His lips curved in a smile, and kept on looking at her until she was now a little thing. Nice shoot lei , she was scared he laughed of the thought of seing her afraid.

She reached home one thing on her mind , to be done with the clients painting, she painted as a favorite thing and get paid off for it but she didn do it as a career or something.only when got time . She had to give it the day next tommorow. but her heart was beating in her ears feeling as if she was going to burst or something. She barged in Jadas face opening the door.

Hello there girl, I mean smart girl in the whole world. She corrected herself.

I go no time for this Jada , whispering to herself while passing making her way to her room. She wasn friends with her siblings but for Jada It was something else. Looked like they were like elephants nodding heads.

She entered her room and sat on the couch and started removing shoes, a knock on the door. ” Dana can I talk to you please ”? Mercy asked

Come in ; she told her. She entered and sat on bed. ” Then tell me what is it? ” Dana asked.

Here is the guy who I really like very much and there is the romours saying he is a player and for real I can take , but I do like him . Can I just give up on him or what? She asked straight.

Just do it, she answered simply. Do it if you have even thought about it. because you don belong there . Can I tell you something Mercy? she said standing up from the couch coming near her . Dana asked.

She nodded in agreement.

Look how I dress , my dressing is not a top style , Right? But I have never changed it or tried changing it, do you why? Because I know my clothes fits where I belong so the day life will change and find that I have become someone else I will change my style. Same goes with you mercy , when thinking of leaving him , there was something in your mind telling you, you don belong there . So am saying you don belong there mercy. Change your style. She advised without even looking her in the eyes just staring at the wall infront of her in the room.

So mercy can you please close the door when you get out of the room. She added.

Can I sleep here tonight? She asked

No; Dana replied simply.

Ok then good night, she said reaching on Danas phone on the table.

Put it down mercy tired of you taking pictures of me . Please leave.

Alright alright, sleep tight, she said closing the door walking herself out of the room. Dana reached for the painting to finish it up, so that tomorrow it may get enough time to dry. But she was very tired , she feeled a sleep without the painting done she didn even cover herself with a blanket until the morning. But it wasn only that she was tired she was Even thinking of what lei just told her.

She woke up at 8pm , she was supposed to go for a run but she didn go because she slept last night very tired. She went downstairs to look for her headache pills , she checked everywhere but all the the tube where out of pills and no one was home. Her phone rang and she picked up.

Hello; she greeted

Hello, how are you D ,I mean Dana ? He asked.

What is it now? Lei ; she asked.

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