Morning D! How are you? The guy asked

Morning, may I know who this is please? The radio host asked

Ohhhh how sweet now D, you do talk well tho , expect with me , he chuncked. Its lei D; he added.

Its on weas radio , you talking to the relax time host , am sorry but you dialed the wrong number , the host hanged up the phone.

Dana couldn hold it , she laughed, ohhh my it walked as I was expecting, nice shoot Dana next time he won try it on other girls. Daaah ; she said to herself.

Down stairs she could hear the girls saying bad about someone that gave the guy the wrong number, ” God that girl can even kill someone, how can someone do something like that to a person ” mercy said

Maybe she did that with no intentions of making him call on the radio, who knows maybe it happened by mistake, she didn mean to; nelia said

Girls thats none of your concern why do you even feel there story anywhere. Stop it . Jada said shutting them up, By the way did the hardworking lady go to work today? She asked

You talking about Dana ? Mercy asked.

Who else in this house is so…, She cutted the sentence ,yes am talking about you dearest sister Dana Hans. Mercy.

I don know , go check in her room . She answered looking as I she didn tell her what she wanted to say .

Someone entered Danas room without knocking.

Dana, she called

Yes Mom, ; Dana answered

Don you have to go to your house of tailor today? ;. She asked

nop, she answered shortly

And why? aren you feeling Good today sweetheart? Is there anything wrong she asked walking towards her touching her forehead to confirm she is alright.

Mom , am fine , she said grabbing her arm.

So whats wrong?. She asked again worried.

I don have to , thats it . She answered and got her phone and started. scrolling , her mother kept on staring at her, when her phone popped warning for the battery to die she putted it on the charge ”mom can you close the door behind you ”?, please! she asked

Your father was asking if you will work today so he could drop you off , if you want to. Her mom said

Then tell him what I just told you ; she answered grimely . She slept a little and woke up , ” I have to buy the reboons of Hellens decorations, Jesus how did I forget to buy them yesterday. And the fabrics for her mothers dress too . She said dressing up to go look for them . To Jamess.

She got all she wanted from the shop and packed them in the bag she bumped to lei walking it of the shop, she backed off before bumping her head in his chest .

Well well well, who do we have here ? She said studying him. Ohhhh lei , goodmorning to you, have a nice day. She said as if nothing happened, she turned to James , James dear take good care of him. Have a good day. She added and made her way out of the shop.

He grabbed her waist and pined her on the door of the shop. ”So you being kind now hmm ”? . He asked accusingly.

Thats my way of saying sorry ; she answered simply as if she has done nothing.

But you just meet yesterday? James asked couriously of how these people know each other . When he didn get an answer he choose to be quite.

She pushed herself from his holding and grabbed his sleeves. ” A ” thats the the second letter, you have really worked hard for it . So have a good day lei. She said and went out of the shop.

Hope the third letter won be this hard to get , he said it loudly. So she could hear it .

Time will tell lei . She answered and kept on walking.

The next day Dana went on for a run and met the dogs on the street, it wasn morning yet there were still dark clouds it was like 5am with no minutes past . Jesus what am I gonna do? if I run they will run after me, when I stand here they will come near me too, she said to herself. then what am I going to do? she kept on asking herself, She got an idea in her head of throwing stones. this time they will fear me she said throwing stones while smiling. She kept on throwing stones until someone grabbed her wrist from behind.

Hey crazy girl those are my dogs , the voice from behind said.

She turned to see who it is, ohh my you again, what are doing here ? She asked

I should be asking the samething ? What are you doing here? Are you doing this on purpose? D he asked accusingly

Thanks for coming, your dogs were about to attach me , you got here in time . Be in charge I be heading back home. She said ignoring his questions

He grabbed her by jaw , am talking to you girl ? Answer me, he said this time angry.

She punched him in the stomach and turned him by arm and kicked his spine. Just making you work hard for the rest letters. Good work lei. On Da add n.

Stop this already , first the radio , second this what will be next , he said almost yelling.

Chill baby just wait . She said simply showing nothing is abig deal. Time will tell ; she added.

She said and waved at him and run back home .

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