I can take the balls its okay with me just have your milkees; the guy said

If you say so, she said and picked up the package of sweeties and left, before she could walk out of the shop she turned her head and Said; ”thanks nigggah ” .

The guy rushed fast and picked up the package as well and followed her calling her here and there but she kept on walking, ”hey beautiful he called again ” this time she turned feeling uncomfortable of the name he called her .

Easy on me Mr , I said thank you and I think I owe you nothing. So would please drop following me . She said with a warning look.

Am not following you beautiful Its just that my mother raised me to accompany ladies in hours of the night. He said curving his lips In a thin line and clicked one eye .

First my name is not beautiful, second well your mom is a good teacher but I don think that really works on me ; she said raising one brow. And kept on walking.

Ok fine you tell me your name I stop following you, isn that cool? He suggested

If thats the exchange then keep on following me, I don mind having free guards anywhere. She said trying to annoy him .

Just do it as thanking me , didn your mom teach you to say thanks, he asked trying to annoy her back but that doesn really work on her as she said

No she didn , only when I asked for that thing thats when I use that word , she told him looking him in the eyes. I did say thanks tho , she added thoughtful. And raised two fingers and twinkled.

Two boys between four and six came their way running, ” uncle lei, uncle lei , you took so long, we were dying of waiting for your sweeties ”. Am sorry kids but I got here anyway ” ; he said patting their heads, he leaned in and gave them a package of sweeties. Be going kids am coming . He added

So the sweeties were for the kids hmm, how kind; she said to herself but he heard her anyway.

Can that change your mind? He asked turning his head

And? She asked back.

And tell me your name! He answered raising one brow.

D! Only one letter this time , work hard for the rest. She said , by the way guard no more way to go , I reached Home, you can go home too. She said trying to annoying him

Ohhh really so there is next time, am good with it ; he said

She looked at him for seconds and turned to walk down home and before she could leave mercy called her on the phone. ” I will deal with you when I reach home sis ” she said to herself.

”Mercy ”? he asked looking courious

Yes! Mercy my sister she answered and kept on walking without even asking how he knows her sister. He grabbed her arm ” and when is next time if I don have your contacts D? He asked

Ohhhh how can I forget that important thing, +4622230963, she even repeated the number for him to write them.

My name is…

Lei she completed, I heard the boys calling. She added

She removed her arm from his holding and runned back home without looking back , ” theres next time D ” he said it loudly for her to hear . But she didn react to it. He chuncked for his doing.

She reached home and put the package of sweeties on the table but she first picked one in the package, ” good job Dana , you did great ” you got what you deserve tho, I don like these kinds of games . She was talking to herself.

Lei reached home and laid on the bed looking on the ceiling. ” Can I call her now ”? Lei asking himself

I know he won call this night , guys like him tries showing girl its nothing biggy so he will be calling in the morning saying have a nice day. Dana talking to herself too

How about I call her in the morning and be the first to tell her to have a good day, that sounds good. Lei thinking of the way that works

Tommorow I be tuned on the radio to see what will happen to that guy when he calls on the radio thinking its me , she chuncked of the thought of the guy finding himself calling on the radio thinking its a woman .

That girl is really something for sure , hard to make friends with I don even know how I convinced her to give me her phone number. Lei thinking

They both slept thinking and talking to themselves, in the morning Dana walk-up in a rush and went to the dinning room to pick up her breakfast, she never ate her food with others on the table, she went upstairs again she turned on the radio to hear what was going to happen.

In no time someone called on the radio, she could even hear the radio sounds from downstairs her sisters and her cousin sister were listening to the radio too.

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