Spiritual Utilization

What Just Happened?

*Beep* *Beep* *Beep*

”Ugh … ”

*Thud* *Thud*

”Damn it. Why couldn school start later? ”

Kaiden Allen wearily looks at his digital alarm clock after slamming it silent, reading that it is seven in the morning. Slowly he gets up out of bed, stretches to wake himself up, and changed into a pair of jeans and an army green t-shirt. After washing up in the bathroom, he walks towards the kitchen for breakfast and sees a note from his father. After taking a minute to decipher the usual chicken scratch it read Gone to work, sent some money into your account for dinner so go ahead and eat without me. ”Love you too, ” Kaiden mutters to himself as he checks his phone and sees a notification telling him that one hundred dollars have been deposited into his account before starting to make a quick breakfast.

While eating, his mind drifts and broods over the events of the past five years. His mom died suddenly while in the field working as a police officer and his dad drowned himself in work at an accounting firm, forcing Kaiden to learn how to take care of himself and finally … school. Even with his decent looks thanks to both his mom and dad, he wasn that popular. He mostly kept to himself and his head in the books since his mom insisted that studying is more important than anything, so he could put himself into a good college, and in turn get a high paying job, making socializing with others take the back seat. Thankfully he was able to make a handful of friends after meeting them in an extra class for college credit but even they started to distance themselves and grow cold after he started studying more serious than ever trying to live up to his mothers expectations and finding a strange satisfaction from learning more and more. It didn take much before his thirst for knowledge took him to many different fields of study from medicine to agriculture and even through these last few long, lonely years his love for learning new things never faded giving him some form of comfort.

”Sigh. ” After pushing his thoughts to the side deciding it won fix anything, he started walking his way to school. After walking for a few seconds, he suddenly stopped walking. Something felt off. All the sudden he can hear some kind of noise and it was slowly getting louder and louder. Soon, it almost started to sound like chanting. But this chanting doesn sound remotely close to any languages hes ever heard before. After being lost in thought for a moment and frantically looking everywhere trying to figure out where in the world the sounds were coming from, his vision suddenly went white and his ears were full of a loud ringing as if an explosion went off right beside him! Kaiden tried screaming to get any help but it felt as if even his words weren coming out of his mouth!

After what felt like an eternity passed Kaiden thought to himself, How long am I going to be tortured like this?!? ” Almost as if someone heard his prayers, both his vision and hearing cleared up. Startled at the abrupt clearness, he started quickly looking around to get a bearing on where he was and what exactly happened to him. ”What the **?? ” At first he thought it was all some kind of hallucination since he was back in his living room at home, but all the sudden a handsome young man wearing a black three piece suit appeared out of nowhere sitting on his couch, drinking fresh coffee out of a mug. ”Who are you and why are you in MY home?! ”

The suave man slowly stood up and bowed while introducing himself, ”You may call me Varun, Allah, Vaspaan, Adro, Khawar, etc. etc. ” ”However most normally just stick to calling me God. ”

”Okay… If you say so. So God how much did they pay you to practically flash-bang me and trap me here in my home. ”

*Tut* *Tut* ”Now, now Kaiden. Don be like that! ” God said impatiently. ”I wish I could chat more but we are simply running out of time since mortals can stay in the Heavenly Realm for long, so please do be quite so I can give you a quick explanation about what exactly I will be throwing you into. ”

Kaiden tried to retaliate but all the sudden he couldn even move a finger much less say a single word.

Without missing a beat God went on, ”You are about to enter a world called Arcydil. It is basically a parallel world to yours, however, after a super massive solar flare almost ended the human race as they knew it. At the same time an unknown energy started to seep into the very fabric of

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