She’s Too Fat

Spilling coffee


I could only stare in disbelief. Was I shocked? Hell I was! This wasn just anyone before me.

”We need to stop the bleeding immediately. Can you do it yourself? ” He asked and I blinked rapidly.

”Huh? Yes…no…sorry ” I mumbled feeling like a complete fool. He smiled at me.

”Follow me then. Lets clean her up ” He walked ahead and I followed him behind. I was still trying to get over my disbelief as I trailed behind him.

Was this really Cheng Lee? The movie star?. It seemed too good to be true. Just like living with the Moores. I didn want to believe it was real. How could he be here?.

It was a fact the Cheng and Canaan were close friends but I didn see this coming. How many more celebrities would I run into?.

”You can walk beside me, you know. I don bite ” He said, glancing back. It was then I noticed the pyjamas. Is he sleeping over?. I nearly bumped into him as I tried to organise my thoughts.

I regained myself quickly but he fully turned to face me this time with an amused smile. He caught me, aishh!

”Biane ” I bowed. Honey whimpered and thankfully, his attention was off me. He resumed walking but quickly this time. I had to half-run to catch up with him.

We got to the house and I followed him to his room. It was almost like Shugars room, he only difference was the colour. It was a deep shade of blue.

He handed Honey to me and walked upstairs. I sat on the sofa, petting her. He returned with a first aid box. I watched him clean up her wounds and bandage it. Honey kept whimpering till it was over. I felt bad for her.

I was close to tears by the time he was done. I didn like seeing anyone I cared about in pain. He sat up and wiped his blood stained hands.

”So who are you supposed to be? ” He asked, putting away the used wipes.

”Huh? ” I sniffled and he rose a brow.

”Are you crying? ” He didn bother to hide his amusement. My cheeks heated up in embarrassment as I wiped my eyes.

”No, sir ” I shook my head, avoiding his gaze.

”Who are you? ” He asked curiously.

”Im an assistant cook. I resumed today ” I replied.

”Whats your name? ”.

”Kim Hana ” I bowed.

”Alright, Kim. Goodnight and take proper care of your dog ” He stood and I got up quickly.

”Thank you so much, sir. Im really grateful for your help, thank you ” I bowed repeatedly. He chuckled.

”Goodnight Kim ”.

”Goodnight sir ”.

I picked Honey and walked out of his room. I returned to my room and laid her carefully on the bed. I couldn go back to sleep so I lay there, staring at the ceiling.

Morning came before I knew it. Honey was still asleep so I rushed to the bathroom to brush before running downstairs.

I met Mrs Rose in the kitchen, brewing coffee.

”Good morning ” I greeted and she smiled.

”Morning, Kim. You
e up early ”.

”Im always up on time ” I pouted. ”Whats for breakfast? ” I asked.

”I don know. Coffee and toast maybe, no one made a special request ” She shrugged.

”And eggs? Please tell me well have scrambled eggs ” I pleaded and she laughed.

”Yes…yes.. well have eggs alright. I don know how they like their coffee so Im going to make all the varieties. I hope my assistant can actually assist ” She said and I frowned.

”All? You can possibly do all that. What if no one wants coffee? How about I go around to ask what they want for breakfast? ” I offered.

”Can you really do that? ”.

”Yes. Just hold on a bit, Ill be right back ” I said, running out of the kitchen. I went to Shugars room first and knocked. The door opened and I stepped in.

She was on the couch, watching TV. I didn see her as an early riser. Her gaze rested on me and I bowed.

”Good morning, maam. I came to ask what youd like for breakfast ” I said quickly.

”Coffee. Lots of cream and no sugar, please. I think Ill go with toast too ” She replied.

”Okay maam ” I bowed.

”Just call me Shugar ” She sighed.

”Yes ma…. Shugar. Ill leave now ”. I walked out and headed to the room beside hers. Before I could knock, the door opened to reveal Mrs Moore.

She was all dressed like she was going out. I greeted her but before I could ask anything, she informed me she wouldn have any cause she was late for some meeting.

The next door was locked from outside so I went to the next. I knocked severally but there was no reply. I thought of opening but a voice startled me.

”Kim? Thats it right? ”. I turned to face Cheng. I smiled. ”Good morning, sir ”.

”Morning. Why are you out here? ” He asked.

”Uhmm…I was asking everyone what they want for breakfast. What would you like, sir? ” I asked.

”A big bowl of cereal with lots of milk and sugar ” He grinned.

”That is not a proper breakfast but I agree with your choice, sir. It really tastes good ” I smiled.

”Im trusting you with that. Try to call me Cheng next time and maybe Ill allow you share with me ” He winked before walking away. I laughed and turned back to the door.

I knocked twice but there was no reply so I pushed it open. It easily slid to the side because it wasn locked. The room had dim purple lights on.

I could only see enough to avoid the couches and tables. I would have thought no one was in if music wasn playing. It was slow and romantic. The type that made you fall in love.

I found my way up the mini stairs, following the music. It was a mess. Papers everywhere, open laptops, ringing phones. I stepped on something and looked down, a diamond ring.

I picked it up and stepped on something else almost immediately. A bracelet. Jewelries were scattered everywhere. I looked up and made out a figure on the bed. Who is that?.

I tried to get closer but I almost tripped over a bundle of money. How can someone be this careless?. I picked it up and set everything on top of a side stool. I got closer to the bed and tried to see who it was.

He was buried in sheets of paper and about five laptops surrounded him. His white hair fell over his face as his head rested on one of the laptops. His bed was a huge mess.

I switched on the lamp and gasped. He looked so beautiful. So ethereal. Ive never seen him this close in real life. He looks better than when hes on TV and papers.

I reached to push the hair from his face but as soon as I touched him, he flipped me over, trapping me underneath him. He didn care as the laptops toppled.

My heart stopped as soon as I met those voilet orbs.

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