Seafoam Green

Chapter Three

June 13, 1580

I remember that day like it was yesterday…It was my first voyage, I was working as a cabin boy aboard the Thisbe. We were setting sail, and we were one man down. Rowan was late; as I later learned he often was. ”Hey hold on! ” I heard a loud gravelly voice, shouting out from the port. I looked over to see Rowan. He was running down the doc, full speed, once he got a meter away or so from the end he prepared to jump. Somehow he makes it. He jumps aboard the ship!

”Late again I see. ” Maximillian, one of the ships triggers, says.

”Overslept again. ” Rowan laughed.

”Thats always your excuse, ” Maximilian said, rolling his eyes, ”but at least you made it this time. ” He hands Rowan a mop, ”now get to work! ”

”Yes Sir! ”

Rowan and I were both cabin boys, meaning we had various tasks on the Thisbe, such as relaying messages, cleaning the ship, and occasionally keepin the wheel steady.

I didn see much of Rowan that day, after his arrival. I spent most of that day scrubbing the deck, while he was relaying messages from the captain.

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