In the early morning they started walking headed to the village where her daughter lives and she gave to Sakura a dress covering almost all of her body only her human face showing ( eyes , mouth and nose and cheeks ) , after 1 day walking they are there in the evening time , the grandmother knocked the door and a little girl opened , she is ” Luck ” the second granddaughter, they entered the house and the mother came fast hugging her and she was crying haven been seen her for long time , she saw her looking tired and sick.

The mother: what happened why you never came to see me before, and who is this beautiful girl with you?

The grandmother: sorry my daughter I was very busy with your cousin and he died and I felt sick and I came here to see a doctor,

The mother crying to see her mother in pain and weak , then she said : so who is this girl ?

Then in that time the father came fast because his little girl called him from the farm ,telling him the grandmother came sick .

The grandmother: I want you both to sit I have something to say because I feel its my ending and i want to go to sky and my conscience is clear and clean I have a secret I want to share it with you .

She was breathing hard and look more weaker she was coughing hard , then Sakura came to her and sit next her and crying

Sakura : please Mama don leave me stay strong for me I need you

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