The grandmother found all the family there , her daughter will have a new baby in any minute and all scared and waiting and praying this time will be a normal baby not freak , all heard the baby crying,

the woman came out from the room happy and said: you are lucky father you have a beautiful girl and healthy

All were happy in the house , all went to the mother room and saw the little girl was looking so beautiful and all thankful that the curse gone.

The grandmother was feeling very confusing happy and sad Happy that her daughter has her wish and sad no one feel regret about Sakura ,

The father: I will call her ”luck ”because she cames and bring us happiness and all the bad time gone, this is my daughter my only daughter

The grandfather : this girl must not know what happened here 3 years ago this our secret, lets forget the past

The mother: sometimes I feel bad that i threw her like this I keep seeing her in my dreams screaming and crying because she was alone in the forest, and I wake so sad and I cry alot .

The grandfather: you don need to feel bad for that ,she was not human and God gave you another girl better than her , a girl that can make you proud outside not a freak , just forget about her and let us live our life normally

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