War is filled with chaos instigated by greed.

After the Great End, the defeated forces of the Demon King are pushed back. The kingdoms who lend each others strength won, despite their difference in ideals they are able to work together. Unfortunately, because of the war, their forces have greatly diminished by a great margin. Making them vulnerable to each other, and as time passed, they return to how they used to be.

[500 years later]

[Somewhere in the river of Eranza]



The disturbing noise echoes throughout the serene river covered by thick fog, it is an unforgiving place that no men dare to ever go to. After the Great End, man has fully abandoned that place. It is said that great evil has settled since then. Stories of demons and evil creatures lurking within the forest and river of Eranza strike fear into the hearts of every man.


[In a village near Eranza]

”Please spare us! Why must you do this? We are dirt-poor villagers, we have nothing of value to offer you. ” A man begged as heavily armed men seize control over their village for an unknown reason. ”Hmmm~ nothing of value, is that so? ” a man clad in impressive armor leans down to the begging man, and smiles. ”I don think that is the case. You see, there is always something valuable everywhere. ” He flashed a grin before leaving, ”Boys! Round them up! I want everyone to be gathered here! ”

Screams of terror and fear engulfed the village, the men of the village tried resisting but most of them are beheaded to set as an example. ”Let this be a lesson to all of you! May this scene be carved into your memory. We have yet to do anything so giving an impression like that from the get-go is not good. Not good at all. ” He turns to the one man begging earlier and extends his arm, ”We are tired after a long journey from another village that is. And we are in need of a place to rest. Surely, this village would do, right? ”

His menacing demeanor sends chills to the villagers as they ultimately allow themselves to be trampled on. Just as he wanted, the village head offered them food and the village turned into some sort of feast. The pillagers devoured everything until the villagers have nothing left. The people of the village can only stare at the last bit of food they have left, they have nothing to feed themselves.

”Plip, what are we going to do? It is almost winter, what are we going to feed ourselves? We cannot continue like this, we are all going to starve and die. ” Some of the villagers voice their concern to the village head. He is aware of the situation, and there is nothing they can do, but to watch everything fall apart.

The blanket of the night covered the world as the pillagers continue to have their fill of everything they could ask from the poor villagers. When they are almost out of everything, the village heads daughter takes a stand. She grabbed a pitchfork and points it at the pillagers. ”Leave this place! You killed our men and eaten every last bit of food we have saved for the winter! I cannot stomach this any further! ” she barked as the pillagers just stares at her.

”How brave, little miss. ” The leader of the pillagers steps in and turns to the village head. ”We are just about to wrap it up and leave. Shall I take this as a last resistance? ” the villagers gasp in horror at his words. Surely, if they were to be left alone after devouring their last bit of food. It is only a matter of time before they all fall ill and die. With that in mind, the villagers just accepted their fate.

”Leave this place! ” her father pleaded as the people are being taken to the center of the village. Earlier, before she can do anything, her father dragged her away before the pillagers leader can give the order. ”No! I will stand here and fight! ” she declared, but her trembling arms gave away what she really feels. ”Are you sure about that? Its already dark, you must at least survive. ” Her father added as he holds her hand firmly.

”You are the only thing that your mother left me. A child should only die after their parents, you still have a life ahead of you. ” Hearing her fathers words made her heart sad knowing that her father will do what he must in order to protect her. Not long after, two pillagers spotted them and the two are forced to give chase.

”Run! And don look back! ” he ordered as his daughter grit her teeth with her tears running down her cheeks. ”Live, my child. ” The village head says to himself as he stops running and faces the two pillagers, ”What are you trying to do, old man? ” one of them said while drawing his sword. ”Exactly what a father should do. I am greatly humiliated, I hate myself for not being able to make a stand. But my daughter is different. She will live on! ”

The father charged towards the pillagers with only a stick in his hand. The two knocked him out instantly without even putting up a fight. ”Go and catch that girl. Captain has had his eyes on her. We are supposed to enjoy every last bit of goods that this village can offer after all. ” The other pillager smiles and runs after the girl while the other drags the village head back.

”Did they put up a fight? ” Captain Guru asked after seeing his men drag the village heads body and toss it together with the others. ”Where is that girl? ” he asked, ”Lut chased her. She had not gone far, soon you will enjoy your time with her captain. ” His men replied, making him greatly pleased by his words, ”Yes. That is how we should wrap things up in this village. Kill everyone! Leave only the young women, we are all going to have fun tonight! ”

The pillagers all shared the same look on their faces, grinning and filled with lust. They all separated the women and children from the men and draw their swords to eliminate them. The fathers and men say their goodbyes to their family for the last time, but before blood is spilled, a body fell from the sky.


Blood splattered everywhere, the dismembered body belonged to their comrade. This greatly surprised the leader as well as his men that puts a stop to what they are about to do. ”Captain, his limbs are ripped off. They were not cut by any blade at all. ” Hearing the horrifying death of one of his men, the leader turns to the village head who now had gained consciousness, ”You, are you aware of this?! ” he yells, but the village head has no clue about it whatsoever. ”Aware of what? ”


Captain Gurus heart starts racing as before he knew it, he stares at the direction where the boy must have come from and to his surprise, he sees a pair of red reptilian-looking eyes staring at him in the dark. The clouds move as the moon shines down that same area revealing a man wearing jet-black clothes while holding a pair of arms and legs.

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