>The creature rather looks at him with no sense of what hes saying but rather swoops him up by his neck into the air and drops him in the water. Marlon panics as he hits the water surface because swimming was not something he has done in his past life nor have yet practiced in this one. He looks sinks in the depths of the water and forcefully tries to swim, instead of drowning he appears under a realm. It seems to be upside down on the other side and he appears the right way up as he drops in. Marlon quickly catches his breath and saw that it was enclosed by a wall. He walks further in and the darkness swallowed him but he can still see the path. He hears loud roaring and explore what it is. He hid behind a rock and finds creatures with the same similarities that he has. Marlon drew himself closer and the beasts stop to look at him. He was surrounded by them as they closely observe him. They part ways as one of the biggest creatures approaches Marlon and breathe heavily causing Marlon to shiver. The beast talks to Marlon in a serious tone.

”Another one hits the jackpot. I am Gardnore, I am the most evolve species of my kind, welcome to Ednyryth. Here is where youll spend rest of eternity and make yourself a best beast you can be. In this world there is no corruption, no world war, no politics and no racism, only to adapt for evolution. ”

”Ok then, this seems like a welcome party or a feast, whats for dinner? ”

” Do you see any candles, balloons, confetti and smiles on our monstrous face kid!? ” or should I say all you can eat buffete. ”

”My name is Marlon and Im a grown man, Sir. ”

”Have you see yourself you
e feeble Marlon, nothing to stop those bones from breaking and cruel heartless vast from ripping your heart from your chest. However, you
e not here to serve anyone or become a slave. Rather you
e here to manifest yourself and become known, you
e here to earn respect and prosperity, let them bow down to you as you remove the head of their masters and at the upcoming of your presence. Let them be afraid when they look into your eyes and know that they have meet death. Become the wildest and monstrous beast you can ever be, Marlon! ”

”Gardnore sorry to interrupt but how did he find here . ”

”Good question smith. ”

”Oh, I met a friend, not very delicate but antisocial I must say. He wanted to teach me how to swim, very kind gentleman. ” He I mean she I mean the creature_

”The creature that you saw was a reptilian, they always leark around these corners thats why we stay under this realm to avoid them. That creature is a garglore, there nothing but pacifiers who craves blood, they show no mercy as they don have a soul and creatures of that kind should not be dealt with by a weakling like you, at least not yet. But I find it interesting that you had escaped one. ”

We are categorized based on our strength and spread throughout this world. Sorry to burst your bubble Marlon but we are the weakest of all the creatures. Although we evolve from time to time we still are not strong enough to match the rest. ”

”How long have you been here, how long have all of you been here? ”

”Hard to say as the day is the same as the night, some of us have been stuck here for a long time and some of us are not that long. As we evolve, we clone species and they inherit the same instincts and characteristics that we have. Gargoyles tend to clone the fastest as they adapt quicker than the rest of us. We avoid them as we cannot escape nor our clone because they quickly die because of the weak traits. ”

”So you
e telling me you rather spend all of eternity here and play dance fight with each other, for what now?. All of you need to open up more and explore this world, I mean whats the worse that could happen. ”

”Marlon, have you heard anything that I just said!? I saw others like you Marlon ripped to shreds like they were nothing so Im telling you you
e not half prepared for the monstrosity out these walls! ”

”Hes right though. I mean how long are we going to hide here?. We need to be able to stand up for ourselves and defeat them. We all know the gargoyles are not the worst we came upon. ”

Nuggets don you dare turn a blind eye! ”

You are always telling us whats out there what they can do and I know you
e damn scared as hell!, practice what you preach Gardnore. Im going out there with Marlon, see you all in hell. ”

They both leave the realm and decided to learn more about each other.

”You know Marlon, Im scared as hell but I got to do what I have to do. I had to drop out of school because my momma couldn afford it so I learned from the streets. I Sold drugs to make a living and you know that cops are going to be on our backs, hatred is going to be against us , and through all of that, I got an opportunity from those two white men so I took it. Lets say I was trying to break the family curse so I was desperate for anything that came by. They offered me an opportunity of a lifetime so I could finally make momma happy. I came here otherwise and I left her behind and living my worst life, again. I should have stayed with her, probably would be better off.

”Im sorry to hear that man, I wasn rich either, I grow up in two homes as I was moving back and forth between parents. My father wasn there for both of us and I was trying to be the best for my mother and live the life that we both wanted. I saw the same opportunity for me to be the best animator or one of the best but instead I left a lot behind. Just say I didn get the chance to choose what I chose to do, However, we still have life as we know it. ”

”For real. Alright then, so let me teach you how to use these bad boys. ”

”Bad boys, I have two, damn!? ”

”No Marlon wings, wings Marlon. ”

”Oh wings. Ok lets get on with it then. ”

Nuggets climbed at the top of a high rock and Marlon stays on ground and watches him. He then demonstrates on how to fly pand Marlon catches on and manages to lift himself off the ground. Reaching nuggets on the top of the cliff they laugh together as Marlon is happy about mastering one of his skills. Enjoying the moment a gargoyle swoops up behind them and avoid being seen he then ripped nuggets head off his shoulder. This causes Marlon to fall off the cliff after seeing this and nuggets lifeless body falls on top of him. Marlon uses the body as a shield and jumps back into the realm. He calls out for the others while dragging the body and rolling the decapitated head with him.

”Don bring him any further leave him to rot there is nothing you can do to bring him back. You were supposed to defend him at all cost because he went out there for you! ”

”He went out there for himself and I didn saw it coming and if I did I could have done something. I never wanted any company, so sorry I couldn have saved a life! ”

”Well you should have died long with him if you were not able to. This is the world we live in and we are here to stay as long as we can and not to live like pests. We can hide if we want to because we have to survive! ”

”All of you are cowards, you all know whats out there and what is going to happen next so you chose to stay under here, lock yourselves up and throw away the key. Not even one of you could take his place if you had the chance because I can see the fear in all your eyes! ”

”He did what he had to, hes not a hero Marlon, none of us are here to play that role. ”

”I got to know him more than all of you ever did. I know damn well some of you were doctors, teachers, lawyers, and all of those shit. A lot of you abused drugs, perform illegal activities and took a path in your life that makes you feel distant. All of us had different ambitions, we all wanted change and to be that change we took risks and sacrifices were made. I hated where life has taken me, I hated my job and I had sleepless nights so one day I can finally have the dream life. I had to wipe my ass because I understand that not everybody gets what they want!. ”

”Every one of us had to wipe our ass and we still wipe other asses, Marlon. The rich and the famous, they died back on earth so we must use our failures, our anger, our fear, and our resentment to be something good!. ”

Rome wasn built in one day. We all need help to resolve mistakes because when we don see our mistakes we continue to make that mistake. Some people scold us for it and some help us fix it. I want to be a change, so Im going out there to be something great. ”

”Good luck kid, you have to go and fight your way through. Gargoyles are the least of your problems.

”Luck did not bring me this far. All of you should do the same and get out of your comfort zone and get out there. I shouldn be the one to fight alone. ”

”No beasts in here in stopping you unless they want to be the fool and end up like nuggets I suppose. Any volunteers? ”

Marlon turns his back and leaves the realm and as he reaches the surface he closely observes the sky and then carefully finds a place to hide. He came upon a cave and decided to stay there. He spent a long time there reminiscing about his life on earth.

Marlon heard growling in the distance and tries his best not to fear what may come his way. A beast stops at the entrance of the cave and launches at Marlon making him trapped in the cave. The beast has the body of a cheetah and the tail of a scorpion. His bones are visible as they are imprinted on his thin hairless skin. The creature bashes Marlons head on the walls of the cave and tortures him and licks the blood off his face. Thinking that Marlons dead it sniffs his body and drawls over him and as the creature turns his back Marlon attacks the beast by grabbing onto his tail biting it off and launching it in its back defeating it. After overpowering the creature its blood soaks in the dirt and Marlon leaves the cave. Marlon flew away after realizing that he had become bigger and he felt stronger and he can now breathe fire. This excited him and he soars in the air this alerts multiple beasts and they attack him in mid-air and Marlon bravely fights back. He burns some of the gargoyles in his flames and he battles the rest one by one by throwing them out of the sky and impaling them on pointed rocks. After battling the creatures to death he tries to find another cave to rest upon days of searching he came upon one and explores deep into the cave. As he walks in he came upon a glowing blue light and he follows the light to witness what it is. The creature could not be seen with the naked eye as it was covered by the glowing light. It senses Marlons presence and calls his name.

”What are you? ”

I am the source and the holder of all souls that has walked on this earth. I know all destiny that will strike upon this earth, I restore balance and watch over souls and lost spirits like nuggets. ”

”Can you bring him back and how do I stop others from dying. ”

They can escape their fate Marlon although the future is not quite written as every beasts action determines their fate. Play your game carefully Marlon for every beasts here will have to face their own mistakes as silence and destruction will strike upon Ednyryth. Some of you set each others fate, so you have to decide Marlon for you have to make a way as souls will depend on you as they want change. No beast here can escape destiny as I cannot play with the balance of life for I am just the spirit of Ednyryth. Do what you must.

The spirit disappeared and Marlon left in disappointment. As he exits the cave the glowing light disappears. He flies off and hide himself behind a rock to avoid contact from others. Marlon walks for a long time and prohibits himself from flying to avoid being seen. He came across a white mountain and draws himself closer. As he gets closer and cold wind brushes against his pale skin and he sees snow falling from the skies. Due to fatigue he collapses and was buried in the snow as it falls. He was found and dragged by an unknown creature and brought into a rocky have. He then regain consciousness but didn move as his body is weak.

Don move a muscle, you are still weak your muscles are bruised but they will heal your evolving. You
e the first of your kind I see this strong and came this far. You
e chosen young one. Whats your name? ”

Marlon dear sir, thank you for your sympathy.

It wasn sympathy its because I do believe that you will be known as the king of Ednyryth, the most evolved beast that ever walketh on this world. I believe you can beat Azznarath; the dragonacobra.

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