Kasper woke with a start,he blinked and looked around confusedly .Wasn he consumed by the light?He then suddenly became aware of the loud conversations and distant shouts.He looked around in bewilderment at the faceless people running around and promoting their signs that they held up.While other normal people walked around and conversed with them.

Kasper couldn help but blink.Is this a dream?he thought ”This is a very weird dream ” he said aloud this time.

”Well your not dreaming ” a voice said right by his ears.Kasper immediately jumped from the spot and formed a defensive stance. ”Who are you? ” he asked vigilantly. ”Down here! ” a small voice said,kasper glanced down and was met face to face with a small mature woman. ”You are very lucky you know? ” she said with a small smile.Kasper merely continued to blankly stare at her, ”Where am I? ” he finally asked after some time. ”Follow me ” the short woman said Ill tell you on the way.

Without a another word she began walking away and with no other choice Kasper began to follow her. ”Now to answer your question young man ,to put it simply ,you are in system heaven.Where systems and souls make contracts with each other to reincarnate. ” , ”Reincarnate!? ” Kasper asked in shock.As if she hadn heard his surprised tone she nodded.

”Not all souls get to reincarnate,only 20% out of all the souls that dies gets to reincarnate .That 20% percent comes here and gets to chose a system and then they are reincarnated into a world that is the most compatible with their soul. ” Swallowing down this information Kasper nodded in understanding ”But what am i doing here? Im still alive… ” he paused for a moment in his words ”I think ”.The lady glanced at him in pity ”yesss…well you are now dead ”.

Kasper looked at her in shock.He did think about the possibility but to be told…he sighed in self pity. ”How did I die? ” he asked after a moment .

She again glanced at him but this time there was a smile on her lips. ”You died by an infected paper clip wound ”.Kaspers lips twitched,how can he be so unlucky? ”Haha,don worry ,things like these happens to the best of of us. ” the lady said trying to comfort him. ”Though Ive never seen a case as bad as this. ” So the fact still remains that Im just really unlucky Kasper thought dejectedly. ”We have reached our destination. ”said the lady and Kasper looked up to see a large white and black door.It slowly opened and the lady gestured him in, ”I hope you get reincarnated into a happy life ” she said waving good bye.Kasper nodded his thanks and went inside,he was again enveloped in light.

When he opened his eyes the next second he was greeted to the sight of a literal galaxy.It was blankness everywhere with small shining stars.Kasper touched the one closest to him which looked like a shining ball of twisting fire.He however quickly retracted his hands when he came in contact with the heat emitting from it. ”Are you done looking? ” a deep voice said from behind him.Kasper turned around and saw two figures.

One who had the shape of a lady was emitting a shining bright light ,the other had the form of a man and was emitting shining black light which seemed impossible considering the environment but he still did.Both were faceless and both sat on their individual thrones befitting their appearance. ”Welcome child ”the light emitting individual said ”I am ###### the goddess of light and the one beside me is my husband ####### the god of darkness. ”Kaspers eyes widened at their introduction.Didnt this mean he was infront of literal gods!?

”We have brought you here because you are the lucky soul who has been chosen. ”the goddess of light continued.Kasper raised his eyebrow in suspicion ,in the past or rather back when he was alive he has heard many sentences like this ,and most of the time the other party has an ulterior motive.The goddess chuckled ”There is no need to be on guard ,rest assured we have no ulterior motives or rather our ulterior motives will be the most beneficial to you. ”

”How did you! ”

”Nevermind that,Im sure that Pearl has told you the jist of things. ”

”Pearl? ”

”The short lady that brought you here. ”the black figure intervened.Kasper nodded.

”As she said only a selected few can get reincarnated , mostly those who were unsatisfied with life and to lessen the chance of a dark soul we do this.Now lets go down to business.I am sure you have seen the faceless people walking around?Those are systems and all systems are given the chance to promote their uses to get a host.Now you see, there are 6 rare systems who have never been chosen all the years of their existences .We want to offer these 6 systems to you. ”

”What!? ”Kasper looked at them in shock and excitement. ”Don misunderstand ” the god of darkness said ”We aren favouring you,we both have already decided that the next soul that comes into system heaven will receive these systems and you as the extremely lucky soul get this chance. ”

Kasper nodded his head yet still excited he asked his next question ”Im grateful but what are systems?And what kind of systems am I getting? ”

”Those are great questions Kasper yet I am afraid I will not be able to answer them. ”

”Why? ”Kasper asked in confusion. ”Take a look at your hands ” Kasper looked down and gasped .His hands were becoming transparent!

”Because you have been in the presences of gods for far too long ,you are becoming transparent, any longer and you will disappear ,there is no need to worry though as your systems will tell you everything you need to know after you have reincarnated.Now please brace your self. ”Kasper opened his mouth to say something but this time unlike before he was swallowed by darkness.

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