Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 6 – The Underground Space

his questionable point on the room, he wouldnt have been able to do anything about it with his past physique.

He grasped the table with both hands. With a shout, all the muscles in his body began to tense. Ever since taking the body tempering pills, this was the first time that Qin Yu used the full force of his strength. According to his calculation, his current strength was equal to that of a racing horse. This was the strength of a racing horse! But even after using all his strength, the stone table only shook a little before not moving anymore.

As if it really did grow out from the ground!

Hu – !

Hu – !

Qin Yu took great gasping breaths, sweat streaming down his helpless face. Even so, he grew increasingly excited. It was originally only a suspicion, but now he was nearly positive that there was a path leading to that mysterious space hidden beneath this stone table.

After a moment, his breathing returned to normal. Qin Yu coldly sneered and turned around. This was only a stone table! It wouldnt dodge his attacks nor would it strike back. No matter how hard the material was, how could it stop him?

He shoved open the thick stone door and held his breath. His eyes swept around until they settled on a black iron rod. As he held it, he guessed it was around 200-300 jins heavy.

Even with the little blue lamp with him, Qin Yu didnt plan on staying in this Pill Disposal Department for too long.

When he returned to the resting room, he ripped apart large pieces of rags and wrapped them around the iron rods head. Then, with a loud shot, he clenched his teeth and smashed downwards!

Bang –

With a loud explosion, the iron rod violently trembled, making deep humming sounds. Qin Yus arms were shaken and numbed so much that he nearly dropped the rod. But, the effects of this rod were too amazing. Tiny cracks appeared on the surface of the stone table where he had smashed.

After a brief moment of rest, Qin Yu raised his hand and brought the rod crashing down again!

Bang –

Bang –

The dull bangs echoed out like thunder. Luckily, he was deep underground so he didnt need to worry about anyone else noticing him. The stone table was hard, but facing Qin Yus completely unreasonable method it had no choice but to indignantly turn into a pile of crushed stone. When there was only two feet left of the stone tables pedestal base left rising up from the ground, Qin Yu dropped the iron rod and grabbed the base with both hands.

Kacha –

Kacha –

The squeaking friction sound made the scalp turn numb. The stone base was like a piece of bamboo being pulled up, and with a loud popping sound it tumbled to the side.

Hu –

A gust of wind blew out from the hole, stirring dust into the air. Qin Yu narrowed his eyes as he smelled a strange fragrance. Impressively, within the black cave opening that extended downwards before him, he could make out a weak glow in the distance.

But for Qin Yu, this was more than enough!

His eyes swept over the opening. The crudely hewn stone had a ladder of steps dug into the side of the wall. Although it was simple, it caused Qin Yus heartbeat to accelerate.

The chicken overlord had already confirmed that there werent any dangers within the mysterious space. Qin Yu didnt hesitate. He used his hands and lowered himself into the entrance, climbing downwards with the ladder steps.

After around 10 meters, the ladder reached its end. Qin Yu looked down and saw that he was still three to four meters from the ground; this wasnt enough to injure him. He let go and in the next moment he steadily dropped to the ground.

He glanced around. Even though he was mentally prepared, he was still dumbfounded by what he saw.

This was a deep underground space, and for some unknown reason there was a thick layer of soil on the ground. This place had been opened and developed by someone, and a great number of herbs had been planted here; this was a small medicine field. Because there was no one to take care of the field, a thick layer of leaves and seeds had formed over it as well as many dead roots. Several colorful fruits were scattered about, still emitting a sweet fragrance.

Although Qin Yu was a little new cultivator at the Energy Refining realm, he was lucky enough to work near a medicine garden. From what he heard and saw over seven years, he recognized nearly all the spirit grasses grown there.

Now, as he swept his eyes around, he could see snake orchids, thousand safflowers, azure cloud vines, peat lotus seeds, and other such precious spirit plants. Moreover, each one had grown for a long time and was several times more precious than those rare spirit plans that were specially cared for in the Eastern Mountain Sects medicine garden. This medicine field was around a thousand feet in width and length; it was simply a hidden treasure!

But in the next moment, Qin Yus face twisted into an incomparably fierce visage. He turned and roared, “You bastard, Im going to kill you!”

The chicken overlord had already sensed a foreboding situation and had fled without a trace, hiding off somewhere unknown.

Qin Yu finally knew why the chicken overlord had developed spiritual wisdom and why it had managed to stay in this environment for an entire month even with the pill toxins in the air. He even knew why it had grown so much recently! That damned brainless chicken had eaten these precious spirit plants as its food!

In his excitement he had only briefly glanced around and hadnt clearly seen the situation. But now as he looked more carefully, his heart ached and his eyes began to darken.

Those fruits lying on the ground should have been azure cloud fruits. In order for these fruits to flower and bloom, they required at least 60 years. They were natural healing treasures and had amazing effects for healing injuries. It was even said that they could reform lost limbs.

Within the Eastern Mountain Sects medicine garden, there were two azure cloud vines that were being prepared to bear fruit. But, they had snow kept off them in the winter and fertilizer was applied to them in the summer. They were cared for as if they were the graves of the sects ancestors. Now, most of the fruits on the ground had been nibbled up. They were left on the ground to rot, leaving behind only their shiny skins.

As for the snake orchid, it had already taken the form of a python, meaning that it had grown for at least 400 years. There might not be a spirit grass of this level in the entire Eastern Mountain Sect; it was absolutely a priceless treasure. But now, it resembled a bare pole with almost all its leaves eaten cleanly off. The few remaining pieces had also been nibbled on!

The peat lotus seeds with their thick and deep earthen aura were spiritual plants formed by the heavens and earth. They could be used to refine pills and that reason alone made them treasures. However, they also possessed the effect of purifying the mind and calming the heart; for a buddhist cultivator they were incomparably precious treasures. But now, several of those lotuses were empty, as if they had been raided upon by bandits.

Qin Yu covered his face and closed his eyes, not daring to continue looking lest he faint. He was even more afraid that he would turn around in a frenzied rage and grab the chicken overlord, tearing it to pieces!

However, he soon composed himself. These destroyed spirit herbs and plants were emitting spiritual strength. If he delayed any longer he truly feared they would turn into a pile of waste.

Qin Yu didnt utter a single word. He carefully searched the field. From time to time his heart would ache, as if he were being stabbed again and again!

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