I should had stayed at home and continued my movie, the popcorn was so good, my couch must be so lonely right now and my popcorn… What am I thinking, as much as I loved fulfilling my daily routine, Saras call scared me, when she texted me I thought she was confused, but when she called I knew something was definitely wrong, so I had to ignore what I was doing to make sure she was alright. She barely had friends so I knew it was my responsibility to keep her happy and safe.

Weve been friends for a couple years now. Apart from working out and watching my favourite movie, teasing Sara is my most favourite thing In the world, so maybe thats why she thought I was playing a prank on her, its understandable.

My hand hurts like hell, maybe even worse than hell, I just hope I make it out of this house alive, if I do, I am never stepping foot in here again. Someone is in the house and that person might actually be trying to kill us. Sara on the other hand, knows something but shes not telling me.

She just smashed her fathers gift on the window trying to break it. And now she is staring at…God knows what.

She has been doing that for a while now, maybe she has an idea, or she is thinking of one. Or… maybe she is in shock.

”Sara! Sara, are you okay ”. I asked.

”I need to talk to my mom ”. she said shivering.

”Hold on, Sara what happened to you? what is going on? tell me ”.

”I need to call my mom ”. she said louder.

”Tell me what you are hiding from me, what is going on? ”. I asked again.

”I need to call my mom!!! ” she yelled this time bursting into tears.

”Hey Its okay, your mum is fine, don cry now ”. I said hugging her. She was definitely in shock, Its unlike her to be this scared, whatever was bothering her must be something terrible.

I looked around trying to find my phone, I remember she used it to call for help, ever since then she has been acting strange.

”Sara ”. she pulled away from me wiping her tears. ”Your mum is fine, I am sure about that, Ill call her to make sure ok? ”.

”I am sorry, I lost control, by the way did I return your phone? ”.

”No ”. I answered ”Sara? ”.

”Yeah? ”. She stared at me for a second then started looking for my phone, I guess.

”We are in this together you shouldn hide anything from me, please ”.

”I don know what is happening mark, I am as confused as you are but I can assure you that its not an assassin or a ninja thats after us ”. she said, I tried to process the information she had just given me but I am still confused, how did she know?.

”How do you know? why are you so sure? ”.

”Because something tells me he or she or it, is not natural ”.

”So you are saying, its… oh god, I knew I shouldn have watched the entire supernatural series, something told me they were gonna hunt me for knowing too much about them ”. I loved watching horror movies, but I never knew I would have to experience one in real life.

”Sara is your house haunted? ”. I asked.

”Are we gonna get stabbed? ”.

”Stop thinking like that mark, we should be thinking of how to escape alive not how we are gonna die ”. she lectured.

”I think I am experiencing death right now ”. I said slightly waving my injured hand.

”I forgot I have to get you treated Mark ”. She said looking concerned. Typical Sara.

”And you also have to find my phone ”.

”Yeah, and I need to call mum I have a feeling she is in danger ”.

”You talk like you don have a father, shouldn you be concerned about him too ”. I asked. Sara hardly mentioned her father that was understandable, he was strict and hardly spends time with her, but he is a parent too weather she liked it or not, If only I had a dad.

”Is that the pressing matter right now Mark? we have to find a way to get out of here alive ”. She said changing the subject.

”Trust me I wanna leave here as soon as possible right now, my hand is cooked meat remember? ”.

”Then lets find a way to get out of here, I can listen to anymore of your whining ”.

”Okay, so how do we escape without using a door or window? ”. I asked.

”Lets break the door ”. she suggested, I should have seen this coming, shes as crazy as hell.

”Okay then hulk, how do we do that? ”. I asked.

”I don know you are the man ”.

”And you are the hulk ” I smirked.

”Come on Mark, what do I do? I understand you can do anything in your condition but give me a suggestion or anything, or are you that dumb ”.

”Ok how about this, we attach some explosives on the door move away as far as possible and blow it all up ”. I teased.

”where are we gonna get explosives you movie maniac!!! ”. she scolded.

”Chill, I was just kidding, but the only thing I can think of is breaking down the door ”. I said, and I was being honest I see no other way out of this haunted house.

”I suggested that, don sound all smart now, I asked you how we could break the door not copy my ideas ”.

”Do you have a sledgehammer ”. I asked.

”A sledgehammer? you mean you want me to use a sledgehammer to break down the door? ”.

”You have a better option? I am desperate ”.

”How am I… ”.

She was interrupted by a knock on the door. There was silence in the living room, we were glued to our spots looking at each other, and then looking at the door. Who could it be? who was gonna answer it? Definitely not me of course, I had learnt my lesson the first time.

”Mom? ”. Sara spoke up, loud enough for the person at the other side of the door to hear.


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