he wouldn have left me when she did. (sobs) I failed her, I failed Grover and I failed you. l am so sorry! ”



”Stop saying that! ”


”I said stop saying that! ”






”Stop…(falls to the ground ) ”.

”I loved you very much my dear son and I loved your brother too, I only got strict with you most times because, (sighs) whenever I looked at you I see your mother, it was like she was reborn in a male form, Razenon…it always made me sad when I remember what happened to your mother.

she left me with two great responsibilities and went to rest. I felt like I have been cheated. and most especially before she died, when she told me about the eminent power you possessed as the hundredth child of her familys generation, it scares me when I remember her last words.

Razenon has so much power, it was given to my forefathers by the devil. every tenth child of our generation has it, but Razenon will have a very special power as he makes the hundredth, please make him just like you, fair, caring and mostly a good man, the best man. Take care of my children, I love you all.

Those were her last words before she gave up her soul. Most of what she said before she died was about you. If only I could travel in time to show your mother this moment, maybe she wouldn have died when she did ”.

”So all this is your fault, you failed as a father, dad, you failed me and now I will fail you as a son too, its an eye for an eye! ”.

”(helliking runs towards the box of mystery) ”.

”What do you think you are doing? trying to lock me in the box, I don think so! (moves rapidly to get hold of the box) ”.


”(Falls to the ground again) you can stop me never ”.

”I am sorry son but I have to do this to protect the world from a dark power like yours (opens the box of ultimate restraint, holds out THE STONE OF HOPE).

I summon the gods of brightness to take out the dark! ”.

”Noooo…, I will be back, I will get my revenge, father I will someday. Someone will open this box someday, I don know who or when but I will make sure I control this shit called earth, I will control the universe, I will find a way to get hold of the HOPE STONE, and make sure I fill this world and the people living in it with hatred and frustration!!! ”.

”Don you forget one thing Razenon someone will always be there to stop you just like I will today, goodbye… son! ”.

(closes the box of ultimate restraint)

# Razenon vanishes…

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