(it was a full moon, and there was a total blackout. Strange noises was heard from the house of the hellikings. A father and son in a dark room with a couple of bodies laying lifelessly on the floor. The time has come ”THE NIGHT OF DOOM ”.

It was a fight of either kill or be killed between a father and his son.




please my son, lets just have a talk about this, we can settle this amicably if you calm down a little ”.

”I just wanted to be loved, its not too much to ask, is it? ”.

”No its not, but we all loved you and still do my son ”.

”Lies!, only Grover did ”.

”Please try to understand… ”.

”No, you are only saying this now because you want to live, but trust me I will do to you what I did to everyone else, you will end up just like them(moves rapidly towards his father…) ”.



”Stop saying that! ”


”I said stop saying that! ”.




”Stop!… (falls to the ground) you coward of a father, why use my weakness against me? fight me!, fight me like a real man. ”

”I can fight you, because its all my fault, I loved you my dear son, and I loved your brother too. I only got strict with you most times because (sighs) whenever I look at you, I see your mother it was like she was reborn in a male form, the resemblance was always a shock to me, how could you look so much like her?.

Its unbearable Razenon… you have no idea how upset it made me every time I remember how your mother left me with two great responsibilities and went to rest. I felt like I was cheated. and her last moments in this world hurts even more to remember.

She told me about the eminent power you possessed as the hundredth child of her familys generation. Her last words scares me even till date.


Razenon has so much power that is way out of this world. It was given to my forefathers by the devil, every tenth child of our generation posseses it. But Razenon will have a very exceptional and special power as he makes the hundredth offspring of our generation.

If he knows how much power he has he might not be able to control it, He might go haywire if he is not properly trained.

Helliking please teach him to become a hero just like you, fair and caring and most importantly a good man, the best man. Take care of my boys, please its up to you now, I don know what the future holds but I am sure you can handle it ”.

-end of flashback-

”If only I could travel in time to show your mother this moment, maybe s

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