Ch8 – Slap In The Face

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Xu Ze pursed his lips, his eyes flickering.

“Since he offered twenty million for you to give birth, I think you’ll surely be very willing then.
He’s much more generous than me.” Yang Yan’s tone was full of irony, seeming like he was certain that Xu Ze would take Xie Chengzhou’s twenty million. 

At first hearing, Xu Ze thought he had heard it wrong, but soon after he just thought it was funny.
He smiled and looked at Yang Yan.

The child in his belly was an accident.
If it wasn’t because aborting it might threaten his health, he would not keep him.



His heart moved because of the ten million, but it was also just this one time.

Right now, Yang Yan suddenly ran over to talk about this, standing on a high place full of superiority and irony, as if he really only had money in his two eyes, as if he would be reluctantly willing to be a childbirth tool for money. 

Thinking of this, Xu Zeyang’s lips sneered: “Whether I would be willing or not is my own business.
Your ten million will only buy this that’s in my stomach, it will not buy the freedom of my life!”


“If you think it’s not worthwhile, you can take it back right now.
I don’t want money, and I don’t want the child either!”

It’s not that Xu Ze has no temper.
He wouldn’t pretend it’s just wind by his ear when he’s being judged like this by someone.

Yang Yan losing twenty million to Xie Chengzhou had already made him unpleasant, and now Xu Ze was also stimulating him with such words.
He took a step forward, originally just wanting to grab Xu Ze’s hand and question what Xu Ze meant.
As a result, Xu Ze misunderstood and thought Yang Yan wanted to attack.
With the distance between the two pushed and pulled, Xu Ze’s raised palm slapped Yang Yan’s face with a pa.


Yang Yan, whose head was turned from the hit, was stunned for a moment.
Turning his head, he clasped Xu Ze’s wrist and planned to return the slap.
When his hand was about to touch Xu Ze’s stomach, Yang Yan fiercely came back to his senses.

But in the next moment, Xu Ze suddenly collapsed onto the sofa.

Both of his hands were holding his stomach tightly and his abdomen began to twist in pain without any warning.
It was painful to the point that his lips were instantly pale.

Yang Yan still had writhing anger under his eyes, only to see Xu Ze curled up on the sofa and Xu Ze also clutching his stomach.
He immediately guessed that something happened to the child in his stomach. 

Xu Ze was trembling all over, his face looked quite astonishing.
Yang Yan immediately took off his coat and put it on Xu Ze, then picked the person up.

He didn’t know how gentle and careful his action of hugging Xu Ze was.

Holding someone out the door and into the elevator, he met someone in the elevator.
The other person looked over to see, when Yang Yan tilted over a cold gaze.
That person pasted his body on the elevator.

After running through a few red lights along the way, Yang Yan carried Xu Ze to the hospital and put the person on the sickbed.
Yang Yan called the doctor when he was in the car, so the doctor hurried over to give Xu Ze a physical examination. 

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Yang Yan stood to the side, watching Xu Ze’s forehead get cold sweat and biting his lips tightly because he didn’t want to make a sound.

This person was pregnant with his child.
All the pain he will encounter was because of this child.
Originally thinking it could be removed, but the operation was forced to stop.

It seemed that only at this time, Yang Yan could understand Xu Ze a little.

He thought that if he was in Xu Ze’s position, suddenly becoming pregnant with a child, he definitely wouldn’t be calm and panic. 

Xu Ze appeared to be calm and indifferent, when in fact, it’s what he’s deliberately acting out.
Otherwise, how could it be possible that he was obviously a man, yet unexpectedly conceived a child, and could still accept and be so calm.

Aborting the child would heavily risk his life.
Between his body and the child, Xu Ze’s choice to give birth to a child was a last resort.


Xie Chengzhou pursued Xu Ze.
Even if he wanted to refuse, with Xu Ze’s identity he probably couldn’t stop the opposing side.

Yang Yan walked forward and stood beside the hospital bed.
The doctor injected Xu Ze with some medicine to relieve some of Xu Ze’s physical pain. 

Afterward, the doctor asked Yang Yan what happened prior.

“There was a little conflict.” Yang Yan said.

The doctor didn’t ask what the conflict was, since he actually could pretty much guess the reason roughly.

“His physique is different from that of ordinary women, his body is prone to physical problems.
His emotions shouldn’t fluctuate too much, he especially can’t be angry.” 

Yang Yan’s thin lips spit out cold words: “I know, I will pay attention.
Is he… and the child okay?”

“They don’t have any problems.” The doctor looked at Xu Ze, who was sleeping quietly on the hospital bed.
In fact, he could also see that Yang Yan didn’t like Xu Ze, yet he still let Xu Ze give birth to the child.
This matter in the middle was definitely not a good thing.
A sympathetic gaze appeared in the bottom of the doctor’s eyes.

Yang Yan raised his brows.
Although the doctor didn’t say anything, the expression in his eyes clearly seemed to show that he really touched Xu Ze, that he was an abusive family and violent man that should be cast aside.

An unknown flame suddenly burst forward in Yang Yan’s heart.
The actual fact was that Xu Ze hit him, and not that he hit Xu Ze. 

All he did was just say something.
Who knew that Xu Ze’s emotions were so easily agitated, that Xu Ze couldn’t stand it before he even did anything.

He turned his head to look at the hospital bed, where Xu Ze was leaning.
Wondering if it was Yang Yan’s illusion, but Xu Ze seemed to have lost a lot of weight again just in these few days.
He leaned on the hospital bed, making the whole person look fragile like a crystal glass person, which will shatter with just a light touch.

In a daze, Yang Yan remembered a scene he had seen in the past.
There was a storm that day, and a small white butterfly was knocked down by the rain and fell onto his windshield.
The butterfly struggled for a long time, but in the end, it couldn’t take off anymore.
Afterward, it was washed into the mud by rainwater.
That moment and this moment accidentally overlapped, giving Yang Yan the illusion that the person in front of him would disappear.
His heart trembled.

Inexplicably, Yang Yan wanted to smoke a cigarette.
Guessing that Xu Ze didn’t want to see him either, Yang Yan walked out of the ward and just smoked a cigarette from the cigarette case.
The doctor reminded him from the side that he couldn’t smoke here. 

If it was changed to another time, Yang Yan wouldn’t care that it was a no-smoking area and just start smoking.
He paused with the cigarette in his hand, and then put the cigarette back in after a while.

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“When will he be discharged?” Yang Yan asked the doctor, and at the same time, he put the tip of his tongue on his cheek.
Obviously, Xu Ze didn’t restrain his strength.
The slap he gave hit Yang Yan to the point that he could feel the pain in his facial muscles even now.

The doctor replied that Xu Ze’s body didn’t have any big troubles and could leave after a while.

Yang Yan nodded without saying a word. 

The car drove quietly on the way back.
There was only the roar of the engine inside the car.

Xu Ze sat in the back seat.
To be honest, he also hadn’t expected this development today.
He actually got colic in his stomach when he only got a little mad.
It seemed that he can’t even be angry in the future.


Recalling what Yang Yan said at the time and thinking about it now, Xu Ze felt that there is no need to be angry at all.

Could he not know the personalities and preferences of Yang Yan and those fox and dog friends around him? How can these people care about the joys, rages, sorrows, and joys of others? They were only using others as a tool for fun. 

It’s unlikely for Yang Yan and them to put themselves in the position to understand.

Xu Ze curled his mouth slightly.
It seemed that he still had to learn how to make himself emotionally more stable before the child was born.

Strictly speaking, he and Yang Yan were in alternative economic cooperation.
He gives the child and Yang Yan gives money.

Yang Yan was generous, so there was no need to worry that he wouldn’t give the money. 

Since this premise was guaranteed, how Yang Yan thinks about him, who he thinks he’ll seduce, what will happen after the baby is born, he’ll let Yang Yan think however he wants to about him.

He didn’t need to be angry at Yang Yan’s opinion at all.

It wasn’t worth it.

It wasn’t worth it at all! 

Xu Ze was very good at self-regulation.
After thinking it through this way, the entire person seemed to relax quite a lot.

Yang Yan was in the front driving, occasionally glancing at Xu Ze behind him through the rearview mirror.
Xu Ze’s expression did not change, but it seemed that his aura had a huge change when Yang Yan didn’t know.

The whole person exuded a kind of casual and calm from the inside to the outside, and there was also a relaxed calm breeze.

Yang Yan was not as relaxed as Xu Ze.
His heart was blocked by something as if he had a tone and wanted to vent it.
However, Xu Ze in the back seat was a pregnant person, pregnant with his child.
He had already expressed his desire for this child, so he wouldn’t do anything to Xu Ze. 

Pursing his lips slightly, Yang Yan opened his lips.
He wanted to say something to Xu Ze.
When he saw Xu Ze turning his face, as if refusing to communicate with him, Yang Yan only felt that it wasn’t good in his heart.
The words that were about to come out were taken back afterward.

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The car stopped in front of the unit building, Xu Ze pushed the car door and walked down.
He looked at Yang Yan.
A gloomy layer formed between Yang Yan’s eyebrows.
Xu Ze intuitively felt that Yang Yan was in a bad mood at this time, so he retracted his sights, closed the car door, and turned around to leave.

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At night, Xu Ze took a bath and read the information on his phone under the covers.
He planned to buy a second-hand house when he had more money.
It would be best to rent a house.
He contacted a few intermediaries and the intermediaries were very enthusiastic.
They pushed forward a few houses to Xu Ze in a day and asked Xu Ze to go out for inspections if he had time.
His time here was quiet, soft, and peaceful.
While on the other person’s side, over by Yang Yan was not so peaceful.

Yang Yan called a group of people out.
In his circle, his identity and status basically made him the center of the circle.
As long as he was there, the people around would definitely look at his face.


Today, everyone was sitting in the compartment, but they weren’t as arrogant as they used to be.
This circle was just that big.
If something happened, maybe it happened in the last hour, but in the next hour, it’ll be spread to the point that everyone knows it.

The human genes probably like gossip.
Listening to gossip to discuss gossip can bring special stimulation to the spirit. 

Regarding the bet between Yang Yan and Xie Chengzhou, the matter of the two betting 20 million on playing ball, many people knew in the blink of an eye.

The people present at the time were actually also confused.
It stood to reason that the two of them had a good relationship and often hung out with each other.
Although there are occasional jokes, they basically never have red the other's face.

But that time was different.
The two suddenly seemed to be full of gunpowder, competing against each other and betting 20 million in a ball game.

As for specifically why, that real reason, from the conversation between Yang Yan and Xie Chengzhou, everyone had their head in foggy water one after another.
Later, someone mentioned that Xie Chengzhou was saying he was chasing someone, sending roses then sending expensive items.
However it seemed that Xie Chengzhou had made a shot, but he hadn’t easily gotten the person. 

Therefore, it was inevitable that some people were thinking, was it possible that the person Xie Chengzhou was chasing was Yang Yan’s, and Xie Chengzhou was digging Yang Yan’s corner.

If this is the case, then it wasn’t difficult to understand why Yang Yan’s face was so ugly at the time.

Many people at the scene thought that the two were going to straight-up fight.

It’s just that if it is really prying the corner, then the question came again.
Who is the other party? Yang Yan currently had a little lover by his side, but everyone has seen that person and he wasn’t a beauty worth a country. 

The specific situation was all speculation by others, and there were no specific conclusions.

Yang Yan called people to come out to play.
His family had money and all the wine money was paid by him, they could play for free.
Although they were curious about the contradiction between Yang Yan and Xie Chengzhou, these people that came out, which one wasn’t a human spirit? Since someone asked them to play, then they’ll properly have fun.

As players, these people were quite qualified, thinking of various interesting ways to please Yang Yan.

Yang Yan was toasted.
These people’s mouths were all saying nice things, with their faces opening flowers.
Before, he used to enjoy these people a lot, and even looked down on these people deep in his heart.
Now looking at hypocritical smiling faces around him again, he just wanted to tear it all up. 

It was only an instant thought, and Yang Yan very quickly restrained it.

He found that his emotions seem to be easily out of control recently.
As for what’s the reason, Yang Yan didn’t search deeply into it.

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Yang Yan used to live like this, the life of meat pool and wine woods.
He didn’t know when it started, but he suddenly felt a little tired of it.

Only, there’s nothing else to replace it with after getting tired of it, so he just continued like this. 

Between him and Xie Chengzhou, the two did not contact each other for a few days.
Later, it’s Xie Chengzhou who took the initiative to contact Yang Yan, asking Yang Yan out to play car.

It seemed really unnecessary to destroy their relationship for so many years for a little toy, so Yang Yan gladly went.


Later, the relationship between the two recovered to before, as if the unpleasantness from that time had really disappeared.

Since the unpleasant quarrel with Xu Ze, Yang Yan had not contacted or met with Xu Ze for more than half a month. 

He arranged a professional housekeeper to take care of Xu Ze’s daily life.
Sometimes, the housekeeper would take the initiative to call Yang Yan to report on the situation there.
In short, Xu Ze lived quite comfortably and cozy by himself during the time he did not show up.

Xie Chengzhou found an internet celebrity, and when he brought it out for everyone to see, someone’s sharp eyes immediately said that this person looked like the little lover next to Yang Yan.

And so someone ridiculed that the two people were really identical with this preference.

The moment Yang Yan matched with those familiar peach blossom eyes of internet celebrity, he directly smashed the glass wine glass in his hand with a bang. 

The crowd was startled.
The little love next to Yang Yan took a tissue to wipe his hands, but immediately let Yang Yan wave it away.

Yang Yan and Xie Chengzhou faintly faced each other in the air, and the latter smiled innocently.

Xie Chengzhou actually didn’t understand Yang Yan’s specific thoughts.
In the gap where no one else was present, he asked Yang Yan: “If you really like him, just say it and I will immediately dismiss my thought.”

Yet consequently, Yang Yan’s answer was: “You can chase if you want.
I only want the child in his stomach.” 

Then why do you have the expression like I’m robbing your thing? Xie Chengzhou didn’t ask this out.
In fact, he himself felt quite surprised.
Why was he so interested in Xu Ze? That face looks good was an indisputable fact, but apart from this, there wasn’t much on his body that was different from others.

Oh right.
Xie Chengzhou’s pupils brighten slightly.
Xu Ze did have something different from others, he could birth children.

“You said it.
Then when I chased the person to my hands, don’t you come and fall out with me.” Xie Chengzhou put the words here first, lest  Yang Yan regrets it someday.

Yang Yan squinted at Xie Chengzhou’s eyes, then there was no expression afterward.
Only he himself knew.
In an instant, a strand of horrible violence burst into his heart, making him want to destroy everything in front of him. 

Author has words to say:

Explode the scum dog head! Daring to talk loudly to the pregnant husband!

Hammer him to death!

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