Ch4 – His Seed

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Xie Chengzhou was driving in front and Yang Yan sat in the passenger seat.
What happened this night was a little different from usual.

Yang Yan silently looked at the front of the car window glass.
For some reason, some pictures on the color doppler ultrasound screen in the hospital jumped back into his sight. 

Yang Yan could confirm one thing, that was, he was no longer interested in Xu Ze that head-turning grass.

No matter who it is, even if it’s an immortal on the outside, it’s still the same after taking off clothes and turning off the light.

He had already slept with Xu Ze for a period of time.
The novelty had long since passed.

Unexpectedly, he never expected Xu Ze this person to have a certain function of women. 

He was a real man, yet could get pregnant just like a woman.


If that child wasn’t from his seed, he would probably be like Xie Chengzhou and find it interesting.

However, the seed in Xu Ze’s belly was indeed his.
Yang Yan could tell that Xu Ze didn’t have the guts to lie to him.

He transferred a hundred thousand yuan to Xu Ze, and presently he hoped that Xu Ze could be obedient and understand his limits.
Don’t just take his money, yet don’t abort the child.


He was not interested in letting a man give birth to a baby for him.

The car sprinted all the way and drove back to the KTV that they had left not long ago.

Yang Yan asked Xie Chengzhou to park the car on the side of the road since he wasn’t going up.
The new lover he brought was still waiting for him in the hotel.

Xie Chengzhou’s eyes were full of smiles, and under his eyes seemed to be very envious of Yang Yan.
Everyone was friends and often joked, so Xie Chengzhou teased: “Brother, I would like to remind you one more thing.
Remember to wear protection when you do it.
Otherwise, another child might pop up again.” 

Yang Yan’s face was dark, so he couldn’t see any change in his expression.

“Thank you for reminding.” Yang Yan’s voice didn’t fluctuate.

“You’re really not free tomorrow.
So if you’re worried that Xu Ze wouldn’t go to the hospital for abortion, this buddy is willing to help you with this matter.
I’ll be a temporary supervisor for you.” Xie Chengzhou’s interest in Xu Ze was not diminished, instead his interest increased after learning that Xu Ze could bear children.

He’s been with many people, but he hasn’t slept with a man that could become pregnant.
He doesn’t know if sleeping together would be any different compared to other people. 

For people like Xie Chengzhou, the lives of most ordinary people seem boring and meaningless to him.
Now that he finally meets an interesting person, with interesting things, of course he wanted to make this kind of fun last.

After all, things that are interesting could only be chanced upon and not begged for.

Of course, Yang Yan already knew that Xie Chengzhou had thoughts about Xu Ze.
If Xie Chengzhou hadn’t brought it up today, he wouldn’t have made a phone call to call Xu Ze over.

It was precisely because of this call that Xie Chengzhou also knew about the fact that Xu Ze could become pregnant. 

Without this call, it’s estimated that the people who know would only be him.

Yang Yan recalled what Xu Ze had shown in front of them.
He could clearly find an opportunity to talk to him in private, yet he had to let Xie Chengzhou also know.


Yang Yan seems to have forgotten that, if it wasn’t for Xie Chengzhou insisting on Xu Ze drinking, Xu Ze wouldn’t even have the opportunity to bring up the matter of coming to the hospital for examination.

After getting out of the car, Yang Yan walked to a hotel not far from KTV. 

Taking the elevator upstairs, Yang Yan soon arrived in front of a room’s door.

He raised his hand to the door, and within a few seconds the person inside came out and opened the door.

The person in the doorway has already bathed and this body was wearing a bathrobe provided by the hotel.
The body in front had the neckline wide open, the belt loosely tied, and under the hem was a pair of thin white legs.

Yang Yan didn’t carry much emotion as he examined this newly received little lover.
This person wasn’t from his school, but the broadcast department from next door.
They met by chance, yet this person just spontaneously tried to get with him. 

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But the clever and clean face did match Yang Yan’s fancy.

This person’s underlying desire was clearly evident.
He wanted to get something from Yang Yan.
Yang Yan could afford to give so obviously he accepted this person.

Lu Sheng waited nearly an hour, almost assuming that Yang Yan wouldn’t come.

He originally wanted to give Yang Yan a phone call, but remembered the glance that Yang Yan gave when they separated.
To be honest, he was a bit frustrated at Yang Yan as a person.
Yang Yan’s temper always wasn’t that good, especially didn’t like people disobeying.
He liked clever and obedient lovers, the best would be just like a little pet. 

Lu Sheng was also trying his hardest to act like that type of character.

He was holding his phone and walking around the room for a long time.
Thankfully Yang Yan finally came.

Lu Sheng immediately greeted him with a smile.
He knew what kind of smile to use that’s likable to people.

Lu Sheng stepped forward to take off Yang Yan’s coat.
About the matter of Yang Yan and Xu Ze going to the hospital, Lu Sheng asked curiously.
He had a sense of danger since Xu Ze looked better than him.
Not to mention he couldn’t learn the clear and indifferent temperament that body has.
This made Lu Sheng envious and jealous. 

Therefore Lu Sheng pretended to randomly ask: “Brother Yang, you guys went to the hospital……what happened afterwards?”

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Right after he asked this question, Yang Yan’s cold glance inclined over.
Lu Sheng immediately shut up and at the same time lowered his eyelids.
The entire person presented a humble state.
Lu Sheng obviously realized his own position.

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Inside his mouth seemed to have no taste, so Yang Yan picked out a cigarette from the cigarette case.
Lu Sheng strangely had a good eye and sprinted over.
He grabbed the lighter to light Yang Yan’s cigarette.


Yang Yan sucked in a breath, then blew out a smoke cloud that landed on Lu Sheng’s face.

After blowing him a face full of smoke, Yang Yan’s expression was bland.
That kind of indifference distinctively had contempt that comes from the bones.
Obviously, toward someone like Lu Sheng who gifted himself to his door and begged to sleep together, Yang Yan indeed looked down on him. 

Not to mention, Lu Sheng understood very well about his own identity.

Being puffed a breath by Yang Yan, not only did he not feel ashamed, instead he moved his face closer.

Not only that, in the next moment Lu Sheng straight up kneeled in front of Yang Yan.

The room’s floor was covered by a layer of carpet, so even if he kneeled with bare knees, it wouldn’t make one uncomfortable. 

Lu Sheng once again understood what his position was with Yang Yan here.
While Yang Yan’s fingertips squeezing the cigarette and his back leaning on the sofa, Lu Sheng automatically went to catch Yang Yan’s belt buckle.

After unlocking the belt, Lu Sheng extremely familiarly unbuttoned Yang Yan’s pants’ buttons.

Yang Yan raised a brow and looked at Lu Sheng that’s currently kneeling in front of him.
Seeing how familiar and natural the other was, it was clearly not the first time doing it.

Yang Yan didn’t have the concept of purity.
In comparison, he actually liked people with experience more, since this kind knew how to please him better. 

But tonight seeing this person in front of his eyes, he didn’t know the reason why but his heart was just a bit irritated.

As Lu Sheng planned to continue and give Yang Yan mouth service, Yang Yan put out the cigarette on the ashtray on the coffee table nearby.

“There’s no need today, you go change your clothes.
Call a taxi yourself and return to school.” The time wasn’t that late, so after calling a taxi to return, the dormitory shouldn’t be closed yet.

Yang Yan said and got up, buckling up the unlocked belt. 

He didn’t look beside him, at the slowly standing Lu Sheng’s expression.
He just took out his phone and transferred a bit of taxi fare to Lu Sheng.

Although it’s saying a bit, it was at least a thousand.

Lu Sheng’s eyelids slowly became red.
He wanted to ask Yang Yan if it was something he did wrong.
He raised his head to look at the side of Yang Yan’s face.
This person was a big shot.
If he wanted to give a few thousand or ten thousand then he easily could.
But at the same time the indifference in his bones was difficult to move.

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Lu Sheng pursed his lips.
After a while he talked in a low voice. 

He quickly changed his clothes.
When leaving, Lu Sheng’s face was still reluctant to give up, hoping that Yang Yan would change his mind: “Then Brother Yang, I, I will go first.”

He couldn’t wait for any of Yang Yan’s reactions.
Lu Sheng only felt his heart being ice cold.


He opened the door to walk out.
When he walked into the elevator, Lu Sheng smiled silently.
At least Yang Yan didn’t have him never to appear again.
Not doing this was enough.

Lu Sheng still understood one rule, that a person shouldn’t have a too greedy heart. 

The room only has Yang Yan left, however he also didn’t stay too long.

He stood by the floor-to-ceiling window for a while.
He usually came to the hotel to sleep people.
After sleeping he’ll return.

Obviously since he called away the person, he naturally wouldn’t take much longer.

The car stopped by the KTV.
Yang Yan walked over to drive it.
When he was walking through the road, a car in a hurry drove over.
There weren’t any traffic lights nearby, causing the car to almost scrape Yang Yan’s clothes.
The diver reaches out his head to curse, but he hasn’t even scolded a few sentences when he met Yang Yan’s dark and stern eyes.
The driver suddenly couldn’t make a sound. 

Sitting in the car, Yang Yan started the engine, ready to toss the hospital matter to the back of his head and no longer think about it.

Just like Xu Ze said, he indeed didn’t have any interest in that child.

And if Xu Ze wasn’t satisfied with that one hundred thousand yuan and still wanted to use the child problem to make some sort of article, then don’t blame him if he forgets about their old feelings.

Xu Ze didn’t know what Yang Yan was thinking about. 

Originally when he told the matter about the child to Yang Yan, he only wanted Yang Yan to provide a few thousand yuan.

Not to mention Xu Ze thought it through.
Even if Yang Yan didn’t want to provide those few thousand yuan, it was fine.
The money in his hands was enough to abort the child.

Telling Yang Yan the matter about the child was only because he wanted to say it.

However the result was completely unexpected.
Yang Yan was quite generous, straight up transferring 100,000. 

Tomorrow he will go to the hospital and get rid of the child. He'd never go back on his words.

After calling a taxi to return to school, other than his roommate Zhou Xing, the other two were also here.
The three of them were on their computers, currently teaming up to play a game.

When Xu Ze opened the door and walked in, his roommates were so concentrated on playing that no one noticed Xu Ze returning.

Afterwards it was only when the game ended, when Xu Ze already washed well and was ready to climb up to the made bed, that Zhou Xing who took off his earbuds to drink water finally saw Xu Ze. 

“Finished doing it and came back? Thought that you weren’t returning to the dorms tonight.
Hurry up and start the computer.
Let’s play two rounds together.” Zhou Xing enthusiastically invited.

With two-three steps, he climbed onto the bed.
Xu Ze lifted open the blanket and went in.


He lowered his head to look at Zhou Xing who’s below and apologized: “Can’t tonight.
I have to sleep early.
Tomorrow I have to go to the hospital to do a surgery.”

Zhou Xing suddenly jumped from fright.
He subsequently remembered Xu Ze telling him that his stomach was growing something. 

He just never thought that Xu Ze was going to do the surgery tomorrow.

“Why is it in such a hurry? Is it serious?” Zhou Xing put down the cup of water in his hand.
His eyebrows were full of concern.

“It’s not.
It’s because it’s not serious that I want to remove it ahead of time.”

“Then that’s good.
You really scared me there for a bit.
Tomorrow there’s not many classes, so do you want me to come with you?” Zhou Xing, this roommate, can be said to be quite qualified. 

Yet Xu Ze rejected once again: “No need.
It’s just a little surgery, no need to waste your time.”

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“What are you saying? What relationship do you think we have?” Zhou Xing insisted on accompanying Xu Ze.

Xu Ze didn’t want to let even more people know about him being pregnant.
Although Zhou Xing really did care about him, this type of matter was still the best if the fewer people know, the better.

“There’s really no need.
It’s especially small surgery.” 

Zhou Xing’s pupils miniaturized and tried to guess: “It can’t be cutting off hemorrhoids right?” This way it would explain why Xu Ze refused to clarify.

Xu Ze was dumbfounded, then answered with a smile: “Close enough.
Anyway it’s my body growing a thing inside that it shouldn’t have.”

“Fine, fine.
Then you be more careful and find a good hospital.
If the money isn’t enough, give me a phone call.” Zhou Xing, seeing that Xu Ze was talking like this, didn’t continue to insist any more.

“Okay.” Xu Ze accepted Zhou Xing’s goodwill. 

The three roommates were all playing games.
The sound in the bedroom wasn’t small.
Xu Ze plugged in earplugs into his ears.
Wearing the earplugs, those sounds were basically isolated outside.

Before falling asleep, Xu Ze unconsciously placed his hands on top of his stomach.

If it was before, the matter of him being pregnant was only a concept to him.

But when he went to the hospital and saw the color doppler ultrasound image, Xu Ze only then had a sense of realism.
That his stomach really had a little life inside, sense of realism. 

“Sorry, can’t let you come to this world.”

“There’s no way.
This world doesn’t quite welcome you.
Hope your reincarnation could meet parents that would love you full-heartedly.”


Xu Ze apologized to this baby that couldn’t be born in his heart.

After pregnancy, Xu Ze’s sleep quality was still okay, sleeping till daybreak. 

There was a major class in the morning, where the teacher liked to take roll calls.
Adding Xu Ze’s face that would grab people’s attention wherever he walked, if he didn’t go to class, the teacher doesn’t need to count the number of people to know that he didn’t come.

Thus, it was only after Xu Ze attended two classes, did he walk out of the school.

He let Zhou Xing help bring his books back to the dormitory, so he didn’t return, saving time.

Walking out the school gate, Xu Ze took a right turn, walked a few steps, and right beside was a bus station. 

Xu Ze felt that there was still a lot of time left and it was daytime.
The daytime traffic on the street was very busy.
It’s reckoned that the time to arrive at the hospital by bus, then by subway, might be even faster than calling for an online taxi.

Therefore Xu Ze waited on the platform for the bus.

The bus didn’t come yet, when an unfamiliar phone number called in.

At the first moment Xu Ze thought it was an advertising harassment phone call.
However seeing there wasn’t really a hint of that, he picked up the call to answer. 

Yet the person on the opposing side called out Xu Ze’s name in an instant.

“Xu Ze!”

Hearing the slightly familiar voice, Xu Ze contemplated who the other side was, when that person on the phone reported their name first.

“I am Xie Chengzhou, I got your phone number from Yang Yan.
Are you still at school or are you on the way to the hospital?” As for why Xie Chengzhou was asking like this, it was because he just gave a call to the hospital.
His Xie family invested in this hospital, so he could easily get whatever information he wanted to know. 

He contacted the doctor who gave Xu Ze the examination yesterday.
The doctor replied that Xu Ze wasn’t at the hospital.

He saw Xu Ze’s manner from last night, which was simple and neat after grabbing Yang Yan’s 100,000 yuan.
Xie Chengzhou then believed that if there’s no accidents, Xu Ze today should, according to the agreement, go to the hospital and do in the child in his stomach.

His interest in Xu Ze was unprecedentedly big, even if Xu Ze wasn’t bearing his child and was his friend’s.
But driven by his big interest in Xu Ze, he was very willing to do some good and accompany Xu Ze, this pregnant husband, to the hospital.

Xie Chengzhou calling was quite out of Xu Ze’s expectations.
This person very clearly expressed that he had interest in Xu Ze. 

Say, he was bearing his buddy’s seed, though he doesn’t know whether Xie Chengzhou has some sort of unordinary fetish or not, yet when he’s doing good he had to do it to him.

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“En, waiting outside of school for the bus.” Xu Ze didn’t answer too coldly.


He knew well the reason of dredging and not blocking.
Not to mention Xie Chengzhou’s status was still there.
He doesn’t need to be against Xie Chengzhou.

As for whether to worry if Xie Chengzhou would really do something to him, Xu Ze didn’t really care about that point. 

Just based on Yang Yan’s generous action last night, Xu Ze had reasons to believe that if he had some trouble in the future, maybe Yang Yan would help a little.

After all, no matter what one says, he did bear a child for him and aborted the fetus.

Of course these are all after talks.
If it was possible, Xu Ze obviously didn’t hope for any of those things to happen.

“Wait for the bus? Waiting for the bus would waste so much time.
You go and wait at the school gate, I still have a few minutes to get there.” Xie Chengzhou didn’t do any roundabouts and straight up had Xu Ze wait for him by the school gate. 

Xu Ze’s side was silent for a moment.
After a few seconds he spoke out, asking Xie Chengzhou: “Did Yang Yan let you come?” Actually Xu Ze’s heart would rather guess that Xie Chengzhou was full of interest towards him, wanting to see with his own eyes how a man aborts, but his mouth couldn’t ask like this.
If he asks too obviously, it might make Xie Chengzhou’s interest in him even bigger.

Yang Yan temporarily had some things to do and couldn’t leave.
As his friend, I’m helping him with this.”

When this sentence was spoken, Xie Chengzhou himself didn’t believe it.
Xu Ze was the same there, also not believing it.

Not trusting was not trusting.
Both people had their own thoughts, and both did not push it out in the open. 

Regardless, it was still the opposing side’s goodwill.
Xu Ze understood that even if he rejected this, after he rides a taxi to the hospital, Xie Chengzhou might already be at the hospital waiting.

The hospital was invested in by Xie Chengzhou’s family.
Xu Ze still wanted to abort the child at that hospital.
If Xie Chengzhou came out to obstruct, that meant Xu Ze had to switch hospitals.
Which in turn meant the number of people that knew Xu Ze was a pregnant man would increase again.

He upheld the principle of one less problem the better, so Xu Ze collected this goodwill of Xie Chengzhou.

“So it’s like this.
That’s fine then, I’ll wait for you to come over.
Oh right, it’s the west gate.
Don’t go the wrong way.” The school occupied a vast area.
Just the gates to go out had several of them.
Xu Ze worried that Xie Chengzhou would get it wrong, so he reminded him with a sentence. 

Xie Chengzhou came to this school before, even though he wasn’t a student here.
He didn’t say this matter to Xu Ze though, letting Xu Ze rest assured.
He very quickly came over.

After waiting for almost five minutes, a luxurious SUV stopped in front of Xu Ze.
Xu Ze was standing by the road, under a telephone pole.
With a tall body and long legs, his body wore a simple style of casual clothes.
Seeing the clothes’ material, one would know that the cost wouldn’t be too high.

However, he had a handsome and beautiful face, his skin was white and clean, his five senses were pretty and perfectly positioned, and his eyebrows were black as ink.
There were a lot of people walking beside him, and when their sight landed on his body, they all stopped for a couple seconds.

There was even a girl, who already walked past, turning her head back. 

When Xie Chengzhou’s car hadn’t driven there yet, he saw from far away a single slender, upright body standing not far away.

Beside Xu Ze was the telephone pole, while behind him was the sidewalk and the school’s high wall.
However, because of his outstanding exterior, just by standing there it seemed to be a wide, beautiful landscape painting.


Xie Chengzhou bent the corner of his lips.
His heart sighed slightly inside that he was a step too late.
If he knew Xu Ze earlier, before Yang Yan knew Xu Ze, the child in Xu Ze’s stomach might have been his.

In that case, he would then really want to see what the seed in this person’s stomach given birth would be like. 

His Xie family has never lacked money.
Raising some illegitimate children was still affordable.

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